Friday, December 28, 2018

twitter: c my fb timeline 4 more: I have nothing but contempt for this stupid monkey brain President. He is totally oblivious to everything and everyone in the world. He is just a retarded clown parading his ignorance and contempt for the whole world. And you know what, there are millions of Republicans who voted for this miscreant and millions who are still too ignorant to have a clue as to how much damage this baboon has done to America. In this picture, he looks like a Jackass eating briars. Not a single candidate for president has commented on this Fool except me. Just another reason you don't put a non-Vet, much less a draft dodger in the White House. Dr John WorldPeace JD for President USA 2020. 181228. Support my Crowd Funding for my campaign for President:

If you don't fund me, then you are not serious about getting rid of this stinking blight on America!

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Trump Exposed Location, Faces Of Navy Seals Team In Iraq Tweet
Critics say deployments of special operation forces — including Navy Seals — are almost always classified events.

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