Saturday, December 15, 2018

Friends, there is no way to know what Netanyahu is doing turning on the Holocaust survivors by agreeing to revisionist' views of how many Jews were killed under the Nazi's. My belief is that Netanyahu sees the writing on the wall that Israel is about to be forever returned to the 1967 lines as the border of Israel. Netanyahu and the Zionists will not agree to a nation for the Palestinians, noR abandon its apartheid state nor end its Gaza concentration camp and extermination of Palestinians there.
I believe that once Brexit is resolved and I believe the the UK will not leave the EU, then the EU is going to focus on Palestine. Trump is in too much trouble politically to push any kind of agreement between Israel and Palestine. Netanyahu can bring all the embassies he wants to Jerusalem but in the end, they will all have to be moved out.
It is not God's will that Isreal will ever possess the Temple Mount and without the Temple Mount the nation of Israel will never have a heart.
The Christians through Jesus became the heirs of the ancient archaic cult of Judaism which crucified Jesus. America is the New Jerusalem and Christians are the Chosen people of God. Yet the Jews have hoodwinked the Fundamental and Evangelical Christians into trying to reestablish the old Nation of Israel based on the False Christian book of Revelation.
So many lies have been foisted on Christians by False preachers pushing the Book of Revelation and the Second coming of Jesus when those same Christians proclaim every Sunday that Jesus is present at their services and in their lives as he promised. The False preachers have done an incredible job of distorting Christianity and manipulating unsuspecting Christians.
God is about to issue a severe judgment on Israel and the Zionists because God's Chosen people are the Christians since the Jews crucified Jesus and God favors the progeny of Ismael the first born of Abraham who the Zionist are ethnically cleansing from Palestine.
The Zionists are in the role of Cain in the old story of Cain and Abel. They are killing their Semitic brothers and again asking God if they are their brothers' keepers as has happened before. God is about to place the mark of Cain on Israel and all Zionists.
The Jews will keep their postage stamp nation of Isreal but only within the 1967 borders and maybe just the original borders set by the UN. If Trump tries to prevent any of this, his troubles will multiply like locust and will dog him until his dying days. Trump moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem is against God's will. But Trump is a False Christian and cannot hear God's warnings.
Trump will leave office in 2020, and and the United States will bring justice to Palestine as God's agent. The rotten core of Zionism will be cut out of Israel and cast aside. The orthodox Jews will be marginalized and there will be peace in the Middle East.
The Fundamental and Evangelical Christians will merge back into a more sane and just and true Christianity. A Second Reform of Christianity is at the door right now. But Trumpism must run it course first.
Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.
Zionism will be rebuked by God and will die out and the ancient and archiac cult of Judaism that crucified Jesus will see Christianity as the heir of ancient Judiasm and will convert in mass to Christianity which is actually Jewish Christianity. God has cursed the archaic Jewish cult since the crucifixion of Jesus. The Temple of Solomon was raised, the Jews disbursed, Israel given to the Muslim progeny of Ishmael, the Temple Mount has been turned over to the Muslims where the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque has set for 1500 years. God is about to pass final judgment on the ancient Jews such that they will embrace Christianity.
This article I am commenting on is about the increasing resurrection of hatred for the Jews in Europe. Netanyahu has one choice, quit persecuting and committing genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. Netanyahu is trying to negotiate with the growing fascism in Europe. No matter what Netanyahu does, the fascist will sooner rather than later put the Zionists in their place with their most effective weapon a total Boycot of Israel.
The United States, and the Christian Americans who are the Chosen People of God cannot afford to give their inheritance back to the Jews who God has cursed based on factual history of God's action in Palestine since the crucifixion of Jesus.
The Catholics have committed three significant abominations: 1) Include the false Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible, 2) support the subordination of women in the Catholic Church and support their second-class citizenship globally and 3) They have created a class of pedophiles in the priesthood which includes the Cardinals.
A blind man can see the Catholic Church is withering. Protestantism is also withering. Only a Second Reformation of Christianity will reverse this undeniable reality.
The way the resurrected Jesus has been working with Christians for the last 2000 years since his resurrection is the way he will continue to work. Those who have received miracles have no need for a grand entrance of Jesus from the sky to verify the miracles they have experienced.
That being said, there is an Apocalypse at the door in the form of Global Warming which is man made. If humanity does not wake up and stop burning fossil fuels the earth will convulse and the Four Horsemen will bring death, sickness, wars, and starvation for one-forth of the world human society. This will not be a judgment by God on man but a man made judgment of the world human society by its own acts of making war on the earth.
Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.
Dr John WorldPeace JD
The Advocate of Jesus Christ
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To the consternation of Diaspora Jews who feel increasingly threatened, Israel’s prime minister is making nice with Europe’s far-right leaders and compromising history.

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