Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Shareholder suit accuses Sen. Richard Burr of securities fraud
The lawsuit alleges Burr had confidential information about the effects of coronavirus when he sold up to $1.7 million in stocks.
03/23/2020 10:26 PM EDT

Friends Senator Richard Burr is typical of Trump's Republican Party. No corrupt act, no lie, no dirty deed, no traitorous act is beneath them.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R–Georgia), Sens. Jim Inhofe (R–Oklahoma) and Diane Feinstein (D–Calif.) also sold stocks around the same time period.

Their only metric is money. The agenda is to continue to economically enslave the average American and always bailout the rich with taxpayer dollars. They are the consumate scammers.

75% of the Republican Party are natural Democrats brainwashed by big Republican Ad Money.

Everytime an American buys something on credit, they send money to the money changers at the top of the economic pyramid. And then there are the higher effective tax rates on the not rich to send more money to the top of the economic pyramid.

Sell them a car on credit, house on credit, finance education and you have a money monkey pinned to the distorted Trump Republican American Way for life.

Throw the bums out.

Dr John WorldPeace JD


Israel on brink of constitutional crisis as parliament speaker blocks vote that could replace him
Steve Hendrix
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Jerusalem Bureau Chief Steve Hendrix
March 24, 2020 at 5:59 a.m. MDT

Friends I am a "Since I saw him and heard a few words out of his mouth" Netanyahu adversary in the media."

A refusal to abide by the law is what the elected Adolph Hitler used to gain power.

The Zionist are super aware of the Holocaust
but the right wing is a radical admirer of the tactics of Adolph Hitler. No one can deny this. I refer you to the Palestinians.

Anybody but Netanyahu. Anybody but Trump.

Dr John WorldPeace JD


Fox News hosts eye shutdown end as Trump says 'cure' can't be worse than 'problem'
By Oliver Darcy, CNN Business
Updated 7:43 AM ET, Tue March 24, 2020

Friends all these people are insane and think they are invincible and not subject to a Coronavirus death.

1) We do not have the hospital backup to allow the Coronavirus to run its course. We do not have the back up because the President did not and still has not used the War Power Acts to immediately deal with the shortage.

2) A shut down seems to be the global experience of how to deal with the Coronavirus as regards to reducing deaths and pain and suffering.

3) If Trump ends the shut down and people refuse to go to work, they will be terminated under circumstances that will not let them collect unemployment due to voluntary refusal to work.

This is a ruthless reality.

4) Trump and the Republicans have one metric: money. There is no metric for pain and suffering or needless death of American Citizens.

5) Never forget that this shut down impacts on Trump and family's businesses.

Dr John WorldPeace JD


Sunday, March 22, 2020

            THE AWAKENING

             God has appeared
                        and made his presence known
                        the Coronavirus

                        The global hatred
                                    and divisions
                                                in the world
                                                            human society
                                    have reached
                                                their critical point
                                    and manifested the Coronavirus

God, The Ineffable Source, The Infinite Potential
            has stepped in with
                        an enforced

                        No one human being
 could have manifested this

            Human beings have been forced
                        into their homes
                                    to interact
                                                with their
                                                and to consider
                                    human life on
                                                planet earth
            In ancient times
                        God directed
                                    his prophets
                                                to appoint kings

                        God took ownership
                                    of those appointments

            Then came secular democracy
                        and the popular elections
                                    of kings

            and the citizens
                        now have taken ownership
                                    of those elections

            The world human societies
                        have tried to isolate
                                    and divide into
                                                pre-war antagonism
                                    and condemned

            Then the Coronavirus
                        began to strike
                                    and kill
                                                and made obvious
                                    the common fate
                                                of the world human society

            Yet foolish
                        nations do not even now
                                    gather at the United Nations
                        to pool their global

            The world’s economy
                        is crashing
                                    - the human
                                                outpost on
                                    planet earth is

                        Money will no longer
                                    be the earth god
                                                the human idol
            8 billion
                        infinite immortal
                                    souls have incarnated
                                                into finite mortal
                                                            human bodies
                                                and have reached
                                                            a critical crossroads

                        The great secular
                                    world human society
                                                is crashing

                                    The time for the
                                                ascension to a higher
                                                            spiritual awakening
                                                                        has come

                        No world leader
                                    political or religious
                                                has a workable solution
                                    all have elitist exclusionary mindsets
all are unworthy
                                                - none up to the
                                                            task of
                                                redefining a workable
                                                            world human society
                                                that is all-inclusive

            The world human society
                        will either come together
                                    as one
                                                or else

                        Do you love
                                    your children
                                                more than you
                                                            hate your neighbor?

                        Jesus said,

            Ask and Receive
                        Seek and Find
                                    Knock and Enter

            If you have the
                        faith the size
                                    of a mustard seed
                                                you can move

            If you believe in my Way
                        you will do
                                    greater works than
                                                I do

            What does this mean?
                        It means the future
                                    is not set in stone
                        It means we have
                                    always written

                        the scripts of our
                                    lives individually
                                                and together
            Our current troubles
                        are the culmination
                                    of our past choices

            Our future
                        is now going to be
                                    consciously re-scripted
            and we are going
                        to wither and fade away
                                    in our refusal
                                                to Love
                                    or flourish
                        in our embracing
                                    of Loving one-another
                                                and if not loving
                                                            tolerating and
                                                refusing to judge others

            The world human society
                        was viciously turning
                                    in on itself

                        There has been
                                    an awakening
                                                a time-out called
                                                            to rescript the future
                                                of the world human society
                                                            and live in peace
                                                or die in arrogance
                                                            and prejudice

            We are proceeding
                        to the total collapse
                                    of the world human society
                        - anyone who looks
                                    can see it coming
                                                it cannot be denied

                        The Source
                                    has called a timeout for
                                                the world human society

                                    the message
                                                is to pray and  
                                                on your spiritual

                        or perish
                                    in your determination
                                                to prey upon
                                    other human beings

            Has any corporate religionist bureaucrat
                        come up with a solution
                                    - and emerged as a messiah?
                                                NO !!!

                        Has any political head of state
                                    proposed a
                                                credible visible path
                                    to the future
                                                NO !!!

            Where is the light
                        to stop the darkening
                                    of the World Human Society ???

            Where is the message
                        of hope and leadership
                                    to sanity?

            Jesus said,

                        I am with you

                        He never left !!!

            Do you love your life
                        do you love your
                                                do you embrace
                                    a global path
                                                to peace ???

                        or do you insist
                                    on dominating
                                                everyone who
                                    is not of your race,
                                                your religion your nation
                                                            your gender

            How can we increase
                        the level of peace in
                                    the world human society
                        if we do not
                                    include EVERYONE
                                                in our vision
                                    of peace ???

            All human bodies
                        manifest from the same earth
                                    and in time die
                                                and disintegrate
                                                            back into it

            All human bodies
                        are incarnate
                                    with an infinite immortal
                                                spirit that was
                                                            never born
                                                and will never die

                        Through our bodies
                                    and our souls
                                                we are all connected

                        We have begun
                                    to move to a point
                                                in time
                                    when a critical mass
                                                of human beings
                                                            will transfer
                                                their sanity to the
                                                            world human society
                        at that point
                                    the Cornavirus
                                                will stop

                        and when that happens
                                    there will be a
                                                global spiritual

                                    and there will then be the beginning of
                                                peace on earth

Dr John WorldPeace JD
            The Advocate for Jesus Christ
200322  0531

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