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Friends, I am the Advocate for Jesus Christ. I am the only global WorldPeace Advocate. I am the Independent Maverick write-in Candidate for President USA 2020. I have no peers. I am not Jesus. I am not a Messiah. I am not David Koresh. I am not Jim Jones. I have no organization and no followers or members but I do have people that are paying attention to what I have been saying for 30 years. I am not a born again Christian. I came in with Jesus and God and never lost my faith.

I have 8 books on Christianity that are being edited and will be available on in January prior to the time the first primaries are held for President in February.

What I say below is a very shorthand rendition of what will be published this January.

1) Donald Trump is a person who makes the way of the Lord crooked as defined by John the Baptist. You make the way of the Lord crooked by ignoring the Ten Commandments. Donald Trump has broken 9 of the 10 commandments. He is an abomination to Jesus and God. No one can explain to me why Evangelicals, Born Again and Baptists support him.

2) It is gross ignorance to say God and Jesus ordained Trump. Rick Perry is no intellectual. He is just another Dubya Bush. Trump’s God is money and his father is Satan. How did Jesus define Satan? “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because “there is no truth in him’. Whenever he speaks a lie he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of all lies.” John 8: 44.  Tell me friends if Is Donald Trump not known throughout the world for being a pathological liar. He has told over 10,000 lies in his 3 years as president. He cannot open his mouth without lying. Jesus’ metric is don’t lie.

What Jesus said was “A house divided cannot stand.” Matt 12: 22-28. Jesus said this when he was accused of healing in the name of Satan by the corrupt Jewish priests. Jesus said he was not aligned with Satan that he was Satan’s number one adversary in Heaven and on Earth. And if you believe Jesus said this, then it must follow that Jesus would not ordain Trump as President.

3) Let me affirm what everyone knows, God ordained kings through prophets. And when God ordained a king then God took ownership of that king’s evil. There are no more prophets of the Zionists because they crucified Jesus, God’s messiah and God walked away from them.

What we have in America, the New Jerusalem, is a democracy where Presidents are elected by the votes of the citizens. And therefore, all the evil that Trump does is owned not by God but by all the citizens of the United States of America. Very few people connect this up. You and your fellow Americans ordained Trump.

Jesus said “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers or sisters of mine, even the least of them, you did it to me.”  Matt 25:40   Friends what this means is that by electing Trump you own his evil. You own his lies. You own his denial of health care for American citizens. Yes you will be called to account for the evil that Trump does because you elected him your President. In legal terms, you elected Trump to be your agent and therefore you are liable for his bad acts. This should scare the hell out of most of you.

4) God allowed Americans to elect Trump president (God did not ordain Trump in any way) in order to show Americans just how far they have strayed from the path of America, the New Jerusalem.  America is the only country in the world that is a melting pot of all religions, all nations, all races, all genders. It is the only nation in the world where disharmonies among these nationalities, races, religions, genders is against the secular laws. America is the light of the world and the global example internally of peace and WorldPeace and has a covenant with God to spread this light throughout the world. Under Trump, America has begun to give up its place as a light to the world and begun to isolate itself and designate its citizens as exclusionary elitist citizens of the world human society. Trump is working against God and Jesus. Trump is an evil anarchist, traitor to American Democracy. There is no good in him. He has no intent to spread the word of God and Jesus. He has one goal in life and that is to make Trump a god.

5) With regards to Abortion, when you force an unwanted child to be born, then you have stepped into ownership of that child as if it was yours. And what that means is if you demand that someone bring an unwanted child into the world you then become the surrogate parent. And what this means is if you demand the child to be born through Abortion laws, then you either adopt these children as your own or you pass an entitlement bill to support these children until adulthood. God is bringing this to your attention with the election of Trump. He is focusing the evil of denying birth control and denying abortion and refusing to support these children that you by electing Donald Trump have demanded be born. The birth of a child is between the mother and God and that spirit and no one else. You who support Trump own the pain and suffering he as you agent imposed on these children.

Christians are ignorant and arrogant with regards to souls and human bodies. Human bodies are finite and mortal and souls are infinite and immortal. Human beings  can make a human body but they cannot make a soul. Only God can make a soul. Human beings cannot force God to make a soul by having sex. That is ignorant and arrogant.  Trump’s election is an affront to God on the issue of Abortion and those who elected him will pay for their demanding these children be born and will therefore suffer. Best Christians stay out of the conversations with an expecting mother and God.

6) In England there has been a dramatic disconnect from Prince Andrew. The Queen has been a light to the world on this issue. She did not for a minute spare her son. Yet Trump who had a close association with his pedophile buddy Jeff Epstein is still in office. The false preachers have supported and endorsed Trump even though Trump was associated with Epstein. Pedophiles are so hated that even in jail, a pedophile has to be segregated or he will be murdered. No prison in America puts a pedophile in the general population because all wardens know it is a death sentence. That is why Epstein did not commit suicide. Guards looked the other way and a chosen convict killed him.

7) What is a false preacher? There is no doubt that many Christians want to associate in a common organization with a preacher as a leader. On the issue of money, regarding how to reconcile Jesus’ teaching against wealth, I will relate to you that any preacher that makes a larger salary than the average of all the members in his church is a false preacher. The billion dollar Jesus shows where False Preachers make millions from their members by preaching about Jesus who had nothing. It is a total farce. Those preachers can talk the Jesus talk but they cannot walk the Jesus walk. All these false preachers know is how to beg for money, for themselves just like Trump.

8) With regards to the chosen people, they are the Christians.  Jesus was born a Jew, grew up a Jew, taught as a Jew was crucified a Jew. When the Zionists crucified Jesus the veil in front of the Holy of Holies was rent in two as a sign that God had abandoned the Zionist. 40 years later Jerusalem and the Temple was razed such that no stone was on top of another. At that time the disciples established a sect of Christian Jews with Jesus the Messiah as the head. At that point Zionism became the dead branch of Judaism and the Christian-Jews (later known as just Christians) became the main branch of Judaism. As the Christian branch of Judaism, these Christians became the main branch and the Chosen people of God and in time Jerusalem was established by Christians in America through the Jewish lineage of Jesus Christ.

Absolutely no one can deny that God has blessed America and forsaken the Jews. God has blessed America over all the nations of the world. Israel was given to the first born of Abraham, Ishmael, and Jews have been persecuted since the crucifixion of Jesus right up to the Nazi holocaust of the 1930s and 1940’s. God’s anger with the archaic Jews has not cooled.

American Christians through false preachers keep paying homage to the Zionists who God has abandoned. The Christians keep trying to give their legacy from God back to the Zionist. Why? because of the false book of Revelation and the False teachers who preach it: for money.

9) First, Jesus said that where two or more are gathered he would be present. Jesus after the crucifixion did not leave. Jesus said I will be with you always. Every Sunday Christians gather and every single one believes Jesus is present. And he is. And if he is present, what is the logic behind False Preacher preaching the false doctrine of a Second Coming.  Jesus cannot return if he never left.

The prophecy that Jesus would come and reign on earth is False. Jesus told all his enemies that his kingdom was not of this earth. He never said he would be king of the earth. This is contrary to the Book of Revelation.

The Book of Revelation is a book of Prophesy. No one knows who wrote that book. Martin Luther wanted to delete it from the Bible. The Catholic Bible which preceded the Protestant Bible says in the introduction to Revelation that no one knows who wrote it. One thing for sure Jesus did not write it. So the actual words of Jesus in the 4 gospels is superior to the Book of Revelation.

None of that matters. Why? The answer is as always with what Jesus said.

Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter…Matt 7: 7 If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains, nothing will be impossible for you….Matt 17: 20  Truly I say to you if you believe in me you will do the works I do and greater works than I do because I go to the Father. Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it.  John 14: 12 

Well friends what that means is very simple. THE FUTURE IS NOT SET IN STONE.  What Christians program, write the script for, that is what the future will be. If they program the evil of Donald Trump and the Book of Revelation that is what they reap. And if they program the truth of Jesus, that is what will be. Per the teaching of Jesus we script out lives as individuals and as groups of individuals.

So the Book of Revelation is a doom and gloom book preached by false preachers for the sake of money and power and creating fear in the world human society. This is the plan of Satan fear in human beings.

10) With regards to the Book of Revelation it says that: “Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man and his number is 666.” Folks 99% of the Book of Revelation is unclear but this one sentence is absolutely clear. False Preachers have intensely spoken about The Beast 666 for over a hundred years and more intensely since the 1970’s when they realized they could make money selling doom and gloom. Well friends, Donald Trump’s son-in-law is Jared Kushner and his flagship property of his empire is 666 5th Avenue New York.

Friends how many of those False Preachers do you know have been preaching the 666 prophecy and when the beast 666 sure looks like the son-in-law of Donald Trump they became silent. That is pretty much more than a coincidence.

11) Friends I have no church no organization nothing to join. I am one man with one message: WorldPeace. I changed my name in 1988 to John WorldPeace as a commitment to my WorldPeace Advocacy. I have no significant assets. I live a minimalist life. I do not place any value in money in any form. God takes care of my needs. I have the education and experience to make all the money I want. But my job in this life is to be the Advocate for Jesus Christ.

Friends, I am the Advocate for Jesus Christ. I am the global WorldPeace Advocate. I am the Independent Maverick write-in Candidate for President USA 2020. I have no peers.

12) What I advise is that you read and memorize Hebrews 8:10.  “Thus said the Lord, for this is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel ( I have shown you above the House of Israel is Christianity and its center is in America a melting pot of all nations. and not the dead branch of Judaism the Zionist in Israel) I will put my laws into their minds and I will write them on their hearts and I will be their God and they shall be my people AND THEY SHALL NOT TEACH EVERYONE HIS FELLOW CITIZEN, AND EVERYONE HIS BROTHER SAYING ‘KNOW THE LORD’ For all will know me, from the least to the greatest of them. For I will be merciful to their iniquities and I will remember their sins no more.”

Friends God’s truth is in your heart and you have to be careful who you follow. In spiritual matters you should follow no one but talk directly to God. You can associate with other Christians, no problem, but when you begin to look to others instead of your heart, then you are turning away from God.

13) 2020 will be a watershed moment for Christianity, America and the World. Trump is president so that you can see how very far off the path of God Americans have strayed. Trump is darkness. Trump denies 9 of the 10 commandments. Trump is an abomination to God and Jesus. Christians must reintegrate their spiritual beliefs with their secular American democracy.

14) In the Old Testament Elijah announced himself as the only prophet of God left. He challenged the 400 priests of Baal and he won. 1 Kings 18. Well friends I am WorldPeace and I am challenging all the preachers to bring their false view of Jesus. I give them until November 2, 2020, to bring on their vision of Jesus coming out of the clouds with a million angels. If their message of the Book of Revelation is true and if they are truly called by God to preach the word, then together they should be able to make a reality of their vision of the Second Coming.  I know they cannot do it because they are sons of the Father of Lies, Satan.

Here is the true vision of what is coming. The church that Paul built degenerated into the same bureaucratic form as the ancient priests of Judaism 2000 years ago. Everything Jesus preached against 2000 years ago with regards to the Jewish priests applies to Christian preachers now. Jesus never said a good word about Religious bureaucrats. So Paul’s church had a defect in organization. He did the best he could.

500 years ago Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Church and broke away and started the Protestant Reformation. It was a cleansing of the darkness the Catholic Church had become. But Martin Luther did not fully purge the Christian Religion of its evil. I have therefore written a book which I am editing called The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity. It will be available in January 2020. It is a plan by which Christianity gets back on track to create a more sane and just world human society. It requires Christian to look inside themselves for God and not to False Preachers. There is no movie magic with Jesus coming from heaven. And let me tell you about that vision, it is the same wrong vision the Jews had 2000 years ago. Jesus did not come to bring war but to bring peace. What was not true 2000 years ago is not true now.

2000 years ago the Book of John at the end says, “And there are also many other thing which Jesus did which if they were written in detail, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written.” John21: 25.

And let me tell you the rest of that. Jesus went to the cross alone. With a handful of women who had supported his life and mission. Just like the evil the Jews did when Moses was up on the mountain getting the 10 commandments from God, all those who were healed and forgiven by Jesus did not go to the cross much less try to prevent Jesus crucifixion. The bottom line is human beings have always been evil. In the book of Genesis there is the story of Noah and God destroyed mankind due to their evil. So there are three examples of the evil in human beings.

Jesus is not going to come out of the sky with an army of Angels. Jesus already knows the hearts of men and such an event in this day and time would not be believe. The Second Coming will not be televised. It is a lie.

Friends, you cannot get to heaven with good works. You cannot get there by doing evil. It is a lie that once you are saved you have a free pass to heaven. Friends if you do evil after claiming to be saved you were not saved. Being saved is a moment to moment following of Jesus, loving you neighbor, not judging. Next year there with be a transformation of the world human society. But the Trump scenario must play out a bit longer.

People must see how they were tricked by Trump the way the Germans were tricked by Hitler. That is the reason Trump is President. He was not ordained by God. He was elected by human beings who love darkness. And God allowed the election of Trump to try once again to teach human beings their true nature.

Rick Perry is a naïve fool. Just because he understood politics enough to be governor does not mean he understood St Francis.

I will fill in the above with a lot more details in January. Books I have been working on for 30 years will be published in January. I came into this life to do this work and I have stayed on my path and I have had a very productive and successful life but my WorldPeace Advocacy was always my destiny.

Let those who have eyes see and those with ears hear.

If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.

ARTICLE: Rick Perry says Trump (and Obama) were 'ordained by God' to be president
By Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor
Updated 12:47 PM ET, Mon November 25, 2019

Dr John WorldPeace JD 191122
The Independent Write-in Maverick Candidate for President 2020  (my flagship site)

Friends, I am truly astounded at the anti-American words and actions of Donald Trump and I am standing in non-belief that there is not a united voice to get rid of this POS immediately.
These uneducated White men (I am a White guy with a significant education) and these False and Fake Christians voted for Trump to clear the swamp. That to me meant get rid of the corruptor politicians and put America back on track.
I never thought it would be interpreted and supported that Trump would lie about everything, insult everyone, spit in the face of our global allies, take the smallest of issues that he considers a challenge to his ego and blow them up into impossible non-sense.
Trump has broken 9 of the 10 Commandments and the Fake and False Christians actually believe that they have God behind them in their support of Trump. What a twisted view of Christianity and a totally denouncing of everything that Jesus taught.
Does anyone really think that Jesus would support Donald Trump in anything?
I dont know anyone that would want their children to grow up to be like Donald Trump. I cannot imagine it.
Trump has a gang of politicians who are as worthless and unAmerican as he is. Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, Lindsay Graham, Kelly Anne "the witch" Conway, Brett Kavanaugh, the Trump cabinet bar none, 666 Jared Kusher who the Fake and False Christians who refuse to connect with the Book of Revelation that specifically says the Beast will be known by the number 666, which is the number of Kusher's flagship property 666 Fifth Avenue.
Trump has demeaned and humiliated American Generals and soldiers and veterans like John McCain whose commitment to the United States is solid as a rock. Trump has total contempt for women. He has contempt for people of color, he has contempt for the poor. He has contempt for farmers. He has contempt for the State Department professionals. There is nothing within American government that Trump has not attacked. He has corrupt attack dogs like Googliani and pedophile friends like Jeff Epstein.
Trump painted a target on the Whistleblower's back. No one can deny that. Trump turned his back on the brutal murder of Khashoggi by Mohammed bin Salman. Trump sucks up to Putin and Kim Jong Un. He put Iran on the path to a nuclear bomb when Iran was being held in check.
He has denied millions of Americans health care and replaced it with nothing. He denies Climate Change.
AND LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR, not a single word from any of the Democratic Candidates for President. None. They are running for President and by remaining silent enable and endorse the above acts of Donald Trump.
That is one of the reasons I am running for President as an Independent Maverick write-in Candidate. I am disgusted with the gutless Democratic Candidates and most especially that liar and ex-Republican and Trump meme Elizabeth Warren. A plan for everything and details for nothing. And contempt for billionaires who have contributed jobs and untold wealth to the American economy. She is a left wing - wingnut.
I am not an anarchist. I am not a traitor. I am a veteran and I am the most qualified candidate for President of the United States. If Trump is re-elected everything the Founding Fathers created is going to degenerate into a Banana Republic.
If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191122
The Independent Write-in Maverick Candidate for President 2020
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“The president said the whistleblower and others should be treated as a traitor and a spy and we ought to use the penalty and that’s the death penalty,” the lawmaker said.

Sunday, November 24, 2019


Schiff pushes Bolton to testify but will not go to court to force him
By Chandelis Duster and Kristen Holmes, CNN
Updated 12:02 PM ET, Sun November 24, 2019

Friends, as I said in a posting a few days ago, the Democrats need to take all the document requests and individual subpoena request to Supreme Court and get a ruling that will force The Supreme Court to make a ruling that will apply to all future impeachment hearings. The law needs to be set in place so future delays in impeachment hearings will not be thwarted by delays.

In addition, it is obvious to see that the walls are closing in on Trump. The courts are ruling against him. Googliani says he has insurance and that Trump will not “throw him under the bus”. Bolton wants to testify. Indirectly this Prince Andrew and Epstein matter will tie Trump to Epstein. Ghistain Maxwell will be found and she will sink Trump’s boat by naming names and testifying about Trump at the Epstein pedophile parties.

Further, it is stupid for Schiff to wait until the trial in the Senate, over which he has no control, to see what Bolton has to say. Schiff needs to hold off writing Articles of Impeachment until he has all the documents and all the witness in hearings. It will take the Supreme Court until June to get that done.  Then there is only 5 months until the election. The Republicans are going to be dead meat if the evidence is such that the Senate will have no choice but to convict Trump.

Schiff has no idea what Bolton will say. He is crazy to wait until the Senate trial to find out. And as I said, Schiff needs to unload how the Republicans are going to present Bolton, if at all in the Senate Trial.

Schiff does not have enough information out to the public. The documents and witnesses will do that. There is no hurry to get the impeachment done. Every day the impeachment inquiry makes Trump more and more crazy.

Trump must be removed from office. Schiff needs to know everything before he throws some half baked impeachment to the Senate.

By June the writing is going to be on the wall as to which way various elections are going to go.

Right now Schiff is in total control. When he sends the impeachment to the Senate, he will have no control. Schiff needs to bring in the Bidens. He needs to deflate that conspiracy lie. He cannot let that play out in the Senate. Schiff needs to empty the Senate arguments and put them in a place where they have not choice but to convict.

Trump is not going to play by any rules. Schiff needs to remember that Trump has no honor at all. He is an Anarchist and Traitor and only cares about Trump. He is nothing like Nixon and Clinton who are not anarchist or traitors.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 191122
The Independent Write-in Maverick Candidate for President 2020

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Friends, have no doubt that the Democrats are as vicious and unDemocratic as the Republicans. I am speaking from experience in the 2002 Texas Governor's race. The Democrats did all they could to keep me out of site and marginalized. They were trying to run Tony Sanchez a crook who was throwing down $65 million to try to buy the Governorship. The Democrats on all levels were eager to suck up as much money as they could. Sanchez made money on the S&L bailout and was being investigated for laundering $25 million of Mexican Mafia money through his S&L. Sanchez was a Bush Pioneer in that he had contributed $500,000 to George Bush's governor campaigns. On the last day of registration, the Democrats pushed Dan Morales to run for governor. Dan Morales had been successful as Attorney General in suing the tobacco companies and got a billion dollar settlement of which he tried to steal $250 million. He went to jail for 5 years, should have been 25 years. In addition, Morales had married a stripper and there was no way Texans were going to make an ex Stripper First Lady in Texas.
The idea was to have an all Hispanic ticket for governor. It was a nasty battle between me and the Democratic Party. I told them if they tried to cram a Hispanic governor down the throats of Texans it would kill the Democratic Party in Texas.
Of the $65 million, 8 times what had been spent in a governor's race, Sanchez only got 40% of the vote and Rick Perry became governor and the Democratic died in Texas. I always believed that the mastermind behind that fiasco was Karl Rove.
I picked up 20,000 votes in the Primary using only robo-calls and attending about 20 rallies. Telemundo had an all Hispanic debate which barred me and Bill Lyon, who died in 2003, from participating in the debate because we were White. I sued and lost due to a corrupt Judge Lynn Huges who did the bidding of Vinson Elkins the largest law firm in Texas. Lynn Hughes did not like the way I talked to him in that corrupt hearing and got himself illegally put on my contempt case and gave me a year in jail. I had a plea deal which he tried to void and give me about 10 years in jails. God was not going to let that happen.
After the election the Democratic Party pushed the State Bar to take my license and eventually put me in jail for a year as a political prisoner. The suit for disbarment did not plead for disbarment. So it is a void judgment and when the time is right I will have it overturned. Since the judge had no jurisdiction the judgment is void on its face. I had been practicing law for 20 years and was not going back to practicing law. So overturning my disbarrment just has not been a priority.
I am 100% with the Democrats to get rid of Trump but I am an Independent candidate for president and have a platform that is both Republican and Democrat. Only an Independent President is going to end the hatred and gridlock in Washington.
You know friends you grow up learning the theory of American Democracy in school but when you make a run for office, especially high office you see just how corrupt the system really is.
My experience and research have given me the firm belief that no matter what political system you look at the same kind of person goes to the top.
I am the most qualified candidate to run for President.
Andrew Yang is experiencing the reality of politics. 37% of Americans are now independents. 7% are true Independents and the other 30% lean to the Democrats or Republicans.
My take on the debates was MSN abused Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer and Bernie Sanders with the blessing of the Democratic party. Biden, Warren and Buttigieg have the blessing of the Democratic party and everyone else is being patronized and marginalized.
The Democrats are going to try to keep me out of the mix. And Trump has already been told not to tweak me at all. He did one time back in January 2017 and his tweet was removed before I could copy it. The Republicans know when I get traction Trump is gone. The Democrats know the same from experience. I am the only candidate who could go head to head in a debate with Trump and end his push for a second term. I know all Trump's tricks and I am fearless: not stupid.
all the players in both parties are hoping they can keep me off the grid. They cannot.
I can assure you I will be a factor in the presidential election. I think one possibility is that all the candidates who do not win the nomination will support me when they take the time to evaluate who I am and what I am doing and how they were screwed by the Democratic Party.
Stay Tuned.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191122
The Independent Write-in Maverick Candidate for President 2020

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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said Saturday he refuses to appear on MSNBC, unless the cable news network issues an apology for leaving him off several on-air graphics, and only givi…

Friends the talk seems to be that the Democrats have moved to drafting the Articles of Impeachment and are essentially finished with the hearings. This is a gigantic mistake.
Pelosi and Schiff do not understand Trump. He is a total wildcard and he has the Republican party behind him due to a no limits intimidate strategy. I said two days ago that all the Democratic candidates for President are weak sisters. Now I am saying Pelosi and Schiff are naive.
And let me remind you I am not a Democratic Candidate for President but an Independent Candidate but I am more in line the Democrats than the Republicans. I am absolutely with and ahead of the Democrats in my belief that Trump must not win a second term.
The Democrats have an almost perfect case against Trump but they have not moved any Republican Senators to dump Trump. Here is what must be done. My plan for the Democrats is the only plan that stands a chance of Impeaching and Convicting Trump.
1) The Democrats must stop the Impeachment process and go to the Supreme Court to force Pompeo, Googliani (yes I know I am spelling his name wrong), Pence, Bolton, Mulvaney, and others to appear for questioning in the Impeachment hearings. The Supreme Court must rule that Congress has the power under the Constitution to subpoena anyone and any documents it wants.
2) The Democrats must get all the documents Trump is blocking. They must get a Supreme Court Ruling otherwise the Republicans are going to justify their refusal to give up the documents in the Impeachment trial and at the same time say the Democrats did not allow witnesses.
3) Waiting on the Supreme Court will put the Impeachment hearing on hold until June when the Supreme Court will rule on subpoenas of documents and people. They are locked in to preserving the House's right to both. The Constitution leaves no doubt about this.
4) This allows the Democrats to proceed with their nomination process and does not allow the Senate to take several Democratic Candidates off the campaign trail.
5) With a Supreme Court ruling in their pocket, it will blow the entire Republican dialogue that the hearings are frivolous and a sham. The Supreme Court will certify the Impeachment hearings are valid.
6) What is more important than the Supreme Court ruling is to allow the witnesses the Republicans want AFTER they produce the documents and witnesses. The Republicans are saying they are going to have a kangaroo court and trial and they have told the Democrats exactly how they are going to attack the Impeachment. Number One they are going after the Bidens. Well, the House needs to bring in the Bidens and control the questioning of the Biden's and take all the control away from the Republicans. The House brings in the witnesses that the Republicans want and neutralize their testimony and give the Republicans nothing to talk about in their trial. The public will have heard it all. They will not be able to repeat it again in the Senate because it will be old news.
What I am talking about here is functionally the Democrats take the trial away from the Senate.
7) By going to the Supreme Court, the Democrats will deny the Republicans a Convention. Think about this, the House will get the documents and testimony they want from Pompeo, Pence, Mulvaney, Rick Perry, Googliani, and others and the Republicans are going to realize that Trump is dead meat. They will have to impeach him. And they will not have an alternate candidate except Pence who cannot beat any of the Democratic Candidates.
8) Now here is the best game plan of all. After the Democrats give the Republicans their documents and witness they can recess until after the election at any point they want. In other words they can add some more testimony and then shut down until after the election in November. If the Democrats take the Senate and keep the House, it will be perfect insurance to enable them to impeach and convict Trump if he wins the November election. In other words, my plan allows the Democrats full control of the Impeachment game from now forward. They will shut out the Republicans and beat Trump in the election or lose to him and Impeach and convict him within a week after the inauguration.
Friends let me tell you to beat Trump and drive him from office you cannot play politics as usual because Trump is an anarchist and traitor whose primary desire is being a dictator. You cannot proceed with politics as usual and you cannot play Trump's game. The Democrats must take charge and push the edges of the law and beat Trump at his own game of chaos and anarchy and Lies, lies, lies all of which his Republican base believe because they do not have the brain pans to realize that Trump is about to significantly deconstruct American Democracy.
9) There is one more aspect of this game and that is the Christians, Veterans and farmers. I intend to shame with logic the Christians out of backing Trump with 3 books I will have published in January on Christianity I am a vet and Trump has slandered every General and patriot like John McCain and for a veteran to vote for Trump is to spit on the graves and wounds of every American patriot.
Without the Christians and Vets, or even 10% of them, Trump cannot win. This reduction will overcome whatever Trump has already cooked up with the Russians and Chinese and the North Koreans and who knows who else to manipulate the 2020 election.
If the Democrats send the Impeachment to the Senate before the above is accomplished the Democrats will be dead meat and I Dr John WorldPeace JD the Independent Maverick Write-in Candidate and only true follower of Jesus will be the last line of defense against another term for Trump who will by his win declare himself dictator and as he has already said, serve 3 or 4 terms. It is hard to believe he said that. It was not a joke. One thing Trump does not do is joke.
So there it is. I have been the Trump Nemesis for 3 years and I am the only Trump Antidote. It is time for all Americans to wake up to the Anarchy and Traitorism of Donald Trump.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191123
The Independent Write-in Maverick Candidate for President 2020
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A group of senators and White House officials met privately Thursday to begin mapping out a potential strategy for a Senate trial if Democrats in the House vote to impeach Trump.

Friday, November 22, 2019

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Friends none of the present Democratic candidates can beat Trump.

1) Corey Booker – all he talks about is his Black experience in New Jersey. No military background

2) Tulsi Gabbard – Not enough depth. Over emphasize military experience. Talking to Assad is a waste.

3) Amy Klobuchar – Shakey, sounds strong but limited experience; not confident.

4) Pete Buttigieg – He is super refined in appearance and communications. He reminds me of a puppet that was on TV in the 1950s: Howdy Doody. He is getting a lot of traction with white voters, little with Blacks without which no one can win. People are not ready for a Gay President.

5) Elizabeth Warren – Needs to shut up about billionaires. Without their support she can’t win. With their overt opposition she is finished. Also, taxing the billionaires for all her programs as if they have unlimited wealth is stupid. She is a little Trump clone who used to be a Republican and lied about her Native American blood and why she quit teaching. She talks about her brothers in the military but was not in the military. Her adult children have not been in the military.
So I don’t trust her to support veterans like me.

6) Joe Biden – Just cant make an appearance without a gaff. Looks good, right age to challenge Trump, incredible experience, no passion. Thanks for the memories and Goodbye Joe.

7) Bernie Sanders – strong candidate. Decades of service to America. Too too liberal; full of energy but too old.

8) Kamala Harris – a prosecutor who put plenty of innocent people in jail as do all prosecutors. Just not a deep enough resume.

9) Andrew Yang – Smart computer guy. Down to earth. Has not been in politics on any level. We don’t need another amateur president.

10) Tom Steyer – A good activist. Successful. Another Amateur.

NONE OF THESE CANDIDATES CAN BEAT TRUMP. Trump is the most crooked and worst president America has every had but he is going to do ANYTHING AS IN ANYTHING TO WIN. Trump calling on China, Russia and the Ukraine to help him win his run for President is a traitorous act. None of the above have the do or die determination that Trump has. And none of these candidates will to do whatever it takes to beat Trump.

I am the most qualified candidate for President. I am an Independent candidate. See my qualifications at

Dr John WorldPeace JD 191122
The Independent Write-in Maverick Candidate for President 2020