Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Freinds a solution to end Trump has been conceived and is being chatted up by the Senators. The solution is a secret vote in the Senate.
This is what we know. If the Senate does not terminate Trump, Trump a traitor who cannot be controlled, then he will yell out to the world he was found innocent and no one on earth will be able to control him. Trump has to go. I really think all the Republicans understand that and the majority of Republicans want that.
There needs to be a secret vote but everyone is thinking secret from the public. A vote secret from the public will not remain a secret. The vote will be leaked.
So I suggest a double-blind vote. 1) The vote is secret from the public and 2) the Masonic Lodge voting procedure is used. In the Masonic Lodge each mason reaches into a box and picks up a Black or White Ball and drops it into a slot. No one can see how anyone votes. In the Masonic lodge it only takes one black ball and you are out or never get in.
Doing it this way, no one knows how anyone else voted. Trump can rage all he wants but neither he nor anyone else will know how anyone voted. A Senator will only know how he or she voted.
The Republican Senators will be free from being attacked by Trump, Pence will be President, so the Republicans still own the Presidency for a year and Trump will be history and everyone wins.
There has been nothing but chaos ever since Trump took office starting with the argument on how big the turnout was at the inauguration.
With a double-blind vote everyone wins except those Senators who are so misguided as to think Trump has been doing a good job. Some of the citizens may not like Trump being convicted but they will be OK with the process being fair. No Senator was being forced to chose between Trump and America in public. The public elected their Senator to use their best judgement. There will be no vote wrath foisted on any Senator with a double-blind vote.
Again, everyone knows Trump cannot be controlled and not convicting him will turn a wild man loose to declare himself dictator and literally put an end to American Democracy. Enough is enough. Dump Trump.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191112
Dr John WorldPeace JD the Independent Maverick Write-in candidate for president 2020.
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Joe Scarborough says GOP senators prefer to "talk about policy" and not the president's attempts to "loot the federal treasury to make hundreds of thousands of dollars" at his resorts.

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