Sunday, November 3, 2019


Friends I said years ago that if Trump actually became president he would end up being hated by his base like Mussolini became hated by his. This booing of Trump was a much bigger event than people realize. We now have an example of what to do when Trump shows up at any event. Start Chanting LOCK HIM UP. You can bet that Trump was shocked at being booed by thousands of people. Now here is the interesting thing. Trump taught his base to chant "Lock her Up!" but he did not teach them what to say when the chant was directed at him. What should have happened at the ball gave was the Trump base should have kicked in to try to out yell the anti-Trump LOCK HIM UP. But they had not been taught a counter chant by the LIAR IN CHIEF.
Those who said that it was a disrespectful of the office of President. BS. Trump has set the rules of the game. LIE LIE LIE. DISRESPECT EVERYONE. ATTACK EVERYONE. DEMEAN EVERYONE. When you are interacting with anyone the rules of engagement develop very quickly.. When someone takes the conversation to a new level you are justified to follow if you want. LOCK HER UP is a Trump brand. So folks LOCK HIM UP has become that anti-Trump brand use it often and loudly.
And if you want,use my mantra THROW THE BUM OUT. or IMPEACH NOW.
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"I was the one who thought the president should go to the game," Fox News' Dana Perino said. "I never thought he would get booed. I thought Americans won't do that, Americans would cheer."

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