Monday, November 11, 2019

TRUMP IN CHECKMATE - THE END IS NEAR - For Trump or for American Democracy
Friends, here is the 1 2 3 process that must end Trump.
1) The Republicans are not challenging the facts of the Ukraine call. In a court of law, and in the Impeachment process, facts that are not rebutted or challenged are deemed TRUE.
In a court of law that means the jury is dismissed. The jury can only determine facts, not the law. The Judge determines how the law applies to the facts.
2) The Impeachment hearings will go forward with live testimony. I believe that live testimony is going to make it clear to Trump's base that he was up to no good along with Googliani. But the Trump base is not made up of lawyers.
So the media and others will have to make it clear that what Trump did, trying to use the Ukraine to investigate Biden for the political benefit of Trump is against the Constitution. It does not matter what Trump accomplished it only matters that he tried. He set up a back channel with Googliani to undermine the State Department and cut a deal with Zelensky.
Trump has a history of using Russia and China and now the Ukraine for Trump's political and probably financial advantage.
He was trying to use Zelensky to influence the 2020 election against Biden. This should be obviously an unconstitutional, anti-american, Traitorous act by Trump but the Trump base is dense if not just plain ignorant.
So the Republicans are trying to float this nonsense that does not work in the criminal law - "Well yes your Honor my client tried to rob the bank but he was not successful, so let him go (to try it again.)" That is what the Republicans want is to let Trump walk on his unconstitutional acts so he will tell everyone he was innocent and then there will be no brakes on Trump. If he is found innocent he becomes dictator in his mind and does whatever he wants, shoots people on main street, and whatever else.
WE CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE ELECTIONS to get rid of Trump or he will just keep on asking help from Russian, China the Ukraine and others to help him get elected. TRUMP HAS TO GO NOW.
And as I said above, the facts are not contested so the decision in this case does not go to the judge but goes to the Senate. The Senate becomes the judge. The Republicans control the Senate and they can refuse to convict Trump. If they do that, I honestly do not think anyone knows what will happen. I think this is when the guns come out and the American government collapses.
So if the hearings this week and until Christmas do not convince the Republican Senators that they much convict Trump, then we have chaos and maybe we degenerate into a Banana Republic.
All lawyers fully understand what is going on here. All lawyers know that the Republican Senators are going to preserve American Democracy or end it.
I am thinking positive and McConnell and others have told Trump he is finished and the advice is that he resign and not put the country through a trial in the Senate. That the Democrats have the evidence and any judge, and certainly Chief Justice Roberts who will preside in the Senate trial will understand the ramifications of the Senate acquitting Trump.
Nixon was a corrupt American and resigned. Trump is all about Trump and he could care less about America. I have been saying it for over 3 years and I was right. No one else has said that Trump is a little Hitler almost every day on the internet for 3+ years. The Republicans all saw it in the primary. But Trump beat them all down. Now the question is whether Trump can beat the American out of the Republican Senators.
From this moment on, no real American can trust Trump to have anything to do with foreign policy. Really no one can trust him with the office of the Presidency on any level.
In a week the Book Anonymous will be on sale. And I think that book is going to tie all the loose ends up. The fact that this book has been written and the fact that the Whistleblower raised the flag means there are good loyal Americans throughout the American government. And outside Trump's ring of traitors there are loyal Americans.
All scenarios are on the table. Trump could have a fatal heart attack as soon as it becomes obvious that he is not going to resign and thereby makes it is known that Trump is more important than America.
What can be said is that the American Democracy is in jeopardy. Party politics have degenerated and brought us to this place. Republicans identified Trump as corrupt and anti-American early in 2016 and they let Trump beat them down. Now the Republicans are going to be forced to do what they should have done in 2016, terminate the Trump cancer.
I think one way or the other, America will be done with Trump before the end of the year.
Regardless, of what happens, America must have an independent - not Democrat or Republican - as president to arbitrate from now on. I am Dr John WorldPeace JD the Maverick Independent write-in candidate for President USA 2020.
Read my website and Contribute to my Independent of any party campaign.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191111
God help us all. The light of the world that has been America for 240 years is in jeopardy.
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