Friday, November 22, 2019

Friends there is no way in my opinion that there has been a significant shift by Independents against impeachment. Here is the reality. Trump is the minority president; he lost by 3 million votes. There has been nothing in the national news that has changed that metric. In fact, there has really been nothing good about the Trump presidency to increase his support and the 2018 elections show a decrease in his support.
Independent voters are less educated, 25% have degrees, and they are 60% negative on Trump. Less education moves them for Trump, but overall negative views of Trump are reinforced by the hearing in my opinion and that would move them away from Trump.
Further only 7% of the voters are true independents. The rest lean Democratic or Republican.
So the question is what is motivating Independents to move away from impeachment?
And this is important, the two polls listed do not say WHY there has been a shift.
The bottom line for me is that there has not been a shift. The polls are manipulated toward Trump.
There is another metric that I have seen no statistic on: The Baby Boomers are dying off at an increasing pace. In the last three years the number of Democrats should have increased and the Republicans decreased. This is another reason these polls seem manipulated to me.
I believe that the impeachment hearings have verified that Trump is a crook and anarchist and traitor to American Democracies. So there should be an overall shift for impeachment even if only 1 percent.
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A new national survey finds independent voters leading a sharp swing in opposition to impeachment, the second major poll to produce those findings this week.

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