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Friends from a personal legal damages perspective, Slavery Reparations is pure nonsense. We are 154 years beyond the end of slavery after a horrible Civil War. That is 7 generations. That means that there is no one presently living on the planet whose parent was a slave in America. Let me begin with an immediate push back against these Reparations.
Any Reparations for Slavery must be directed to the families of the Union soldiers who died and were wounded in the freeing of the slaves. So if you want to give a trillion dollars for Slavery Reparations, that money must go to the Union solidiers who died and were wounded committed to ending slavery.
My Second major demand is that the Native Americans be also given 10 times whatever Reparations given to the Blacks related to slavery. Slaves were property and had value. They were not as a matter of course killed. Native Americans were murdered and their land stolen. And what is also true is that Buffalo soldiers murdered Native Americans. So there is a legacy among Blacks from Buffalo soldiers of committing genocide against Native Americans. So another part of any Reparations related to Blacks for Slavery must be allocated to Native Americans. This would leave ALL the Black's Reparations to be given to Union Soldiers who fought to end slavery and to Native Americans.
Genocide is the most heinous of all crimes against humanity and therefore in line with Reparations we need to deed over all reservation land to the Native Americans and bring them into full citizenship in America. The reservation land that belongs to the Native Americans is held in Trust and they are not allowed to reap the benefits that come from land ownership.
Additionally, while we are on the subject we need to add in Reparations for Japanese Americans who were unconstitutionally interned in concentration camps in WWII.
But even more importantly we need to set aside Reparation money for American women of all colors who were denied the vote until the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920 and who have therefore undeniably been second class American citizens since the founding of America.
What I am saying in this shorthand rendition of the Reparation issue is that any Candidate who promotes Reparations is a moron and ignorant of American injustice. To even suggest spending one red cent to even consider the problem is nonsense. Let Reparations be discussed in the universities and let politicians stay with current issues and not waste time trying to re-litigate four hundred year old history about the sins of our fathers and mothers.
In addition, let me speak directly to Candidate Elizabeth Warren. You have reaped the benefits of touting your infinitesimal Native American heritage yet you have given the most incremental effort to actually promoting Native American rights even before you endorsed Slavery Reparations.
Any Blacks, politicians or otherwise, who do not cobble Native American Reparation with Slavery Reparations and the other crimes of the past I have mentioned above need to be ignored as insincere beggars looking for a government handout with no provable damages and Democratic politicians looking to buy votes..
This issue shows the mindless stupidity of all the Candidates for President 2020 who endorse Reparations. If we are going to discuss Reparations let's get all the issues out on the table and resolved together.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 190406
The Independent Maverick Candidate for President 2020

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., called Friday for “examining and pursuing an agenda of reparations” as part of a lengthy list of proposals delivered before an Al Sharpton-sponsored conference in New York -- touting a controversial policy that's increasingly gained support from the 2020 fi...


Freinds, anyone who was looking at my overall social political orientation would no doubt classify me as the most liberal person on the planet even though I support the absolute right to own any kind of gun. I am more concerned about a Fascist government than the unavoidable existence in society of crazy people who would murder human beings. I 100% support LGBTQ rights. But I would never vote for an LBQTQ for President of the United States but
may vote for them as a candidate for any other political office.
Let me give my list of other people who I fully support as members of a secular American Democracy with equal rights but who I would not vote for in a Presidential election.
I would not vote for any candidate for President who falls into even one of these categories.
Who did not have a law degree;
Who does not have an economics or accounting degree:
Never served in the military;
Did not pay child support;
Used recreational drugs (I have never used drugs but I have been told often Marijuana is not considered a drug like heroin and cocaine)
Ever sold drugs;
Is an alcoholic or ever worked in a liquor store;
Aborted a fetus over 4.5 months old except when it was done to save the mother's life. And that would include the father of the fetus;
A billionaire who does not give 10% of his annual adjusted net income to charity;
Someone who worshiped Satan;
An atheist;
Someone who had committed of a felony;
A big game hunter;
Someone who denied climate change;
Someone who supported Zionist Israel: an undeniable apartheid state, which ethnically cleanses Palestine of Palestinians and has caused the creation of 58 refugee camps in the Middle East ever since it became a state, maintains a concentration camp in Gaza for Palestinians, exterminates Palestinians who live in Gaza, illegally annexes the Occupied Territories against international law;
A communist;
A child molester;
A male who supports in any way the second class citizenship of women;
A tele-evangelist who makes millions promoting Jesus who had nothing;
A person who believes in the false book of Revelation;
A member of any religion that shuns ex-members;
A cop killer;
A racist;
Anyone against universal health care;
Anyone against free State University education;
A person who does not regularly attended worship service once a week;
Owns or owns stock in a gambling establishment;
Owns fossil fuel stock;
A person who does not support globalism;
A person who does not believe that the President should make an American admission of slavery against the Blacks and the genocide of Native Americans and;
A person who has ever been convicted of a felony Driving Under the influence (DUI);
Anyone who does not support the end of the Electoral College;
Does not believe in science;
There are other issues but this list shows that I am an absolute supporter of American secular democracy and equal rights for all citizens but I would not personally vote for or encourage anyone else voting for anyone on the above list.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 190408
The Independent Maverick Candidate for President USA 2020
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“If you could have offered me a pill that could make me straight, I would have swallowed it before you could give me a swig of water,” Buttigieg said.

Saturday, April 6, 2019


Friends here we have Candidate Buttigieg another unqualified candidate for President 2020 compared to myself Dr John WorldPeace JD. If we do not want to have another Clown President totally lost in the Presidency, then the 2020 election has to be about the Qualifications of President and not PAC influence or Party loyalty. I am the Independent Maverick Candidate for President 2020 not affiliated with any party nor PAC, especially not any Zionist apartheid state slush fund. American Democracy is in crisis and we need to put American Democracy back on track. Here is my take on Candidate Buttigieg. 1) He has no law degree. So another Trump. The Presidency is all about the law. Everything the president does has legal implication and we have seen how much chaos a nonlawyer creates as President. 2) Further not having worked as a lawyer he has no clue how to solve the political corruption of judges problem. Not a single comment. The solution is that judges not be allowed to affiliate with any political party and must complete two extra years of legal training with regards to being a Federal Judge. 3) I see nothing about Candidate Buttigieg being religious or spiritual. Nothing about his going to some kind of worship service once a week as I do. I do not see any religious books on his resume. America is a melting pot of religions. What knowledge does Candidate Buttigieg have about other religions? I have interpreted almost all of the sacred texts of the major religions. I have written 5 books on Christianity. I am prepared to guarantee the religious freedom of the First Amendment of the Constitution. I am a follower of Jesus but I am not a corporate religionist of any stripe. 4) Further, Candidate Buttigieg has no credentials in insurance nor 8 years of working in that industry. I have a CLU and a CPCU. He has no qualification in regards to the problems of health insurance, one of the top issues in American politics. 5) He does not have a Mensa certificate that his IQ is in the top 2%. There are a lot of people who have college degrees but no credentials on being smart. A college degree and being smart are not the same thing. All he has to do is go down and take the Mensa test. If he does not take the test, it is because he cannot pass it. I dont want to deal with another stupid moron president claiming to be smart. 6) Where is Candidate Buttigieg's commentary on Trump over the last 30 months. I have commented almost daily on specifics acts of Trump. Candidate Buttigieg has not. He has no real solutions to much of anything that we can verify. 7) I am anti-Zionist not anti-Semitic. Palestinians are a Semitic people just like the Jews. Zionist are rabid anit-Semitics. Zionists Israel has a) Ethically cleansed Palestine of Palestinians for the last 70 years. There are 58 refugee camps that are full of over 2 million Palestinians in the MIddle East. Americans are against ethnic cleansing. b) Zionist have created a Nazi concentration camp in Gaza for over 2 million Palestinians and they exterminate Palestinians within that camp regularly. America is against concentration camps and genocide. c) Zionist have annexed occupied Palestinian lands which is against international law. Americans support international law. WorldPeace through World Law d) Zionist Israel is a non-democratic apartheid state where only Jews are first class citizens. American Democracy is again apartheid states like South Africa was and the American South was. We have no statement from Candidate Buttigieg about any of these Zionist Israel realities. e) And we have no comment from Candidate Buttigieg about how much money he has taken from the Zionist lobby and whether he supports the BDS boycott movement against Zionist Isreal. 8) I have been an advocate for WorldPeace for the last 31years. I even changed my name to John WorldPece in 1988 to show my commitment to WorldPeace. Candidate Buttigieg has no credentials or bona fides in this area. I have begun to develop and create a Teach Peach degree curriculum in all the Universities in the world and I am in the process of becoming the first world citizen by applying for dual citizenship in all the nations of the world. Again in a global society Candidate, Buttigieg has no commentary about globalism as opposed to elitist exclusive isolationism. Many Zionist have dual citizenship with Zionist Israel and America. I believe that all Zionists with dual citizenship must formally swear a priority allegiance to America and American Democracy. 9) Education. Candidate Buttigieg's parents are college professors and he has an elitist education. I am for free State-supported university education. Candidate Buttigieg has not made any statements about his position on free education that would allow less wealthy high school graduates access to a university degree. 10) I am a minimalist who does not own a car, any property or other assets other than my modest web-design business that I started in 1998. I have seen no statement on the wealth of Candidate Buttigieg. 11) Everyone wants to tout their sexual orientation these days. I am celibate. No other candidate is celibate. I have been in 5 significant relationships with the opposite sex, two of which were 19-year official marriages, the first of which produced 4 children now in their 40's. I was heterosexual before becoming celibate. 12) Lastly, I am 71 years old. I relate to Candidate Buttigieg what my 90-year-old grandmother often said about and to my 70-year-old mother: "What does anyone 70 know?" 13) I am also a Vet (US Army Sgt 70-72) but my military lineage goes back to the American Revolution 1776. No other candidate has these bona fides for President. 13) If we are going to have an end to the deadlock in the House and Senate we need an Independent president who can best force compromise not the best stooge with a Republican or Democratic stripe. Donald Trump being a stooge of the Republicans, the best they have to offer. What an unfunny joke Trump is. An independent President is out of the box thinking that no other Candidate for President has been able to formulate. It is time for a return to American Democracy as outlined in the American Constitution.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 190406
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