Monday, April 8, 2019


Friends from a personal legal damages perspective, Slavery Reparations is pure nonsense. We are 154 years beyond the end of slavery after a horrible Civil War. That is 7 generations. That means that there is no one presently living on the planet whose parent was a slave in America. Let me begin with an immediate push back against these Reparations.
Any Reparations for Slavery must be directed to the families of the Union soldiers who died and were wounded in the freeing of the slaves. So if you want to give a trillion dollars for Slavery Reparations, that money must go to the Union solidiers who died and were wounded committed to ending slavery.
My Second major demand is that the Native Americans be also given 10 times whatever Reparations given to the Blacks related to slavery. Slaves were property and had value. They were not as a matter of course killed. Native Americans were murdered and their land stolen. And what is also true is that Buffalo soldiers murdered Native Americans. So there is a legacy among Blacks from Buffalo soldiers of committing genocide against Native Americans. So another part of any Reparations related to Blacks for Slavery must be allocated to Native Americans. This would leave ALL the Black's Reparations to be given to Union Soldiers who fought to end slavery and to Native Americans.
Genocide is the most heinous of all crimes against humanity and therefore in line with Reparations we need to deed over all reservation land to the Native Americans and bring them into full citizenship in America. The reservation land that belongs to the Native Americans is held in Trust and they are not allowed to reap the benefits that come from land ownership.
Additionally, while we are on the subject we need to add in Reparations for Japanese Americans who were unconstitutionally interned in concentration camps in WWII.
But even more importantly we need to set aside Reparation money for American women of all colors who were denied the vote until the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920 and who have therefore undeniably been second class American citizens since the founding of America.
What I am saying in this shorthand rendition of the Reparation issue is that any Candidate who promotes Reparations is a moron and ignorant of American injustice. To even suggest spending one red cent to even consider the problem is nonsense. Let Reparations be discussed in the universities and let politicians stay with current issues and not waste time trying to re-litigate four hundred year old history about the sins of our fathers and mothers.
In addition, let me speak directly to Candidate Elizabeth Warren. You have reaped the benefits of touting your infinitesimal Native American heritage yet you have given the most incremental effort to actually promoting Native American rights even before you endorsed Slavery Reparations.
Any Blacks, politicians or otherwise, who do not cobble Native American Reparation with Slavery Reparations and the other crimes of the past I have mentioned above need to be ignored as insincere beggars looking for a government handout with no provable damages and Democratic politicians looking to buy votes..
This issue shows the mindless stupidity of all the Candidates for President 2020 who endorse Reparations. If we are going to discuss Reparations let's get all the issues out on the table and resolved together.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 190406
The Independent Maverick Candidate for President 2020

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