Thursday, November 26, 2020

 America at the end of 2020

The big American holidays
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years
will define the four-year presidency
of Donald Trump
And that
definition will be
summed up in
one word repeated
At The end of his term
massive death over these holidays
from the coronavirus that
Trump refused to
as more than the flu
Trump and the coronavirus
are a God event
A Judgment of Trump
and Christian Americans
I thank God
that Trump was
not re-elected
~ there is hope
But we have not
turned the corner
with President Biden
The ripple effect
of Trump will cast
a long shadow
into the future
of America
and the Christian religionists
will suffer much
for their support
for the prince of lies
the anti-Christ
Donald Trump
A house divided cannot stand
There was never support for Trump
by God or Jesus
Trump was and is an abomination to both
Dr John WorldPeace JD
The only global peace advocate
The only Advocate for Jesus Christ

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

 The End of Donald Trump has come. God has cut him down

This video is directed at Christians. I am not a corporate Christians. I am a Spiritual Christian. I am the only Advocate for Jesus Christ.
At the end of this tape I misstated that we must elect two Republican Senators in Georgia when I meant Democratic Senators.
Trump has been cut down by God by way of the Coronavirus. Anyone who does not see the hand of God in Trump's demise is BLIND.
There are relevant links in the description below the video.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 201111
The only global advocate for Peace
The only Advocate for Jesus Christ

Tuesday, November 3, 2020


If Trump is re-elected President it will be because the Christians supported him. He cannot win without theChristian vote. Trump represents everything that Jesus

and the 10 Commandments reject and condemn. Jesus said, “A house divided cannot stand.” If the Christians vote for Trump, they are hypocrites and condemn America and elevate Trump over Jesus. Christians cannot justify voting for Donald Trump. Christians could rightly claim they were fooled in 2016. They cannot say that now. They have seen Trump in action for 4 year. For Christians to vote for Donald Trump is an undeniable slap in Jesus’ face. When Pilate gave the Jews a choice to crucify Jesus or Barabbas, a criminal, the Jews set Barabbas free. In a choice between Jesus and Trump, we will see if the Christians chose Trump. Only a false Christian would vote for Trump. Only a traitor to everything America stands for would vote for Trump.
Election Day America
Election Day America
November 3, 2020
by Dr John WorldPeace JD
Albuquerque, New Mexico
It was 4 years ago
that Donald Trump
was elected president
Donald Trump is the
Twenty-First Century’s
Adolph Hitler
That being said,
the United States
of America in 2020
is not Germany
post WWI
America is the richest
nation in the world
and is democratic
Adolph Hitler was elected Chancellor
in 1933 when Germany
was a new Republic.
When President Hindenburg
died in 1934,
Hitler became the
Nazi dictator.
Germany owed $33 billion in today’s dollar
in war reparation
to Europe after WWI
Germany was bankrupt.
America has a strong and stable government
government with little chance of Trump becoming dictator.
but that does not mean that Trump
cannot continue to rip apart America.
The population of America
in 2020 is 323 million
253 million are Christians
Christians own the bad acts
of Donald Trump
due to the election in 2016.
Without the Christian vote
Trump had no chance
of being elected
Since the Jews
crucified Jesus in 33 CE
God has not
designated / anointed
a prophet for the Jews
~ prophets anointed kings
before the crucifixion
Consequently, God owned
the bad acts of the kings of Israel
In a democracy like
in America
whose citizens
elect a president (king)
it is the citizens who
own the acts of
the President.
Jesus said that whatever you do to
the least of you, you do to me
and off to hell you go.
Through Trump, Christians own
all the pain and suffering that
Trump creates in the
name of all Americans.
In a word, all American Christians will
have to answer for the dark acts of
Trump as president.
Let those who have eyes and ears
hear and see.
253 million of 328 million Americans
are Christians
Therefore, the election
of Donald Trump in 2016
was a result of Christian support
After 4 years we all know
that Donald Trump is a
dark soul who is
ego centric
and concerned only with
his welfare
above the needs
of the United States of America
He has broken 9 of the 10 Commandments
he makes the way of the Lord crooked
and above all else
he is a narcissist and
pathological liar
Donald Trump cares nothing
about Christian values
except that he
recognizes that
without the
Christian votes he
cannot be elected
Jesus said “A House divided
cannot stand.” Mat 12: 22
Donald Trump is the
religious, moral, ethical
opposite of Jesus
All the above being said
on this election day
November 3, 2020.
No one denies
Joe Biden
is a traditional
God fearing
who believes in
the teaching of Jesus Christ
and his path to heaven.
Donald Trump
has been quoted by his
closest advisor Michael Cohen
as saying after meeting evangelical Christians: “Can you believe people believe that bullshit?'
The acts of Donald Trump
are undeniably tailored
to manipulate the
Christian vote
most especially with regards
to the abortion issue.
Christians believe
that they are the premier
religion on earth
and the most powerful and
prosperous nation.
And that is true
Now the question on this day
is whether American Christians
knowing none of them
would accept Trump
to be the preacher of
their church
because of his
breaking of the 10 commandments
will re-elect
Donald Trump as president
of the United States of America
To do so will be an affront
to everything Jesus stands for
and an Abomination
to God.
A Christian nation
divided on the issue
of whether
Donald Trump is
a Christian
is up for a vote
this day.
Jesus said “A nation divided against
itself cannot stand”
A Christian nation
that supports Donald Trump
on this day
and re-elects him
will bring on the darkest
unrepentant period in American history
~ beyond Slavery and
Native American genocide
Such a democratic vote
will be owned by all Americans
and will bring on
the wrath of God
and as God walked out
on the Jews after they
crucified Jesus
God will turn his back
on America
at a time when
America is being challenged
by China and Russia
in the world human society
Over the last 5 months I have Emailed over a 100,000 emails to Christians in America. They cannot plead ignorance of the above.
Dr John WorldPeace JD
The only global peace advocate
The only Advocate for Jesus Christ
November 3, 2020
America has a strong and stable government with little chance of Trump becoming dictator.