Thursday, November 26, 2020

 America at the end of 2020

The big American holidays
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years
will define the four-year presidency
of Donald Trump
And that
definition will be
summed up in
one word repeated
At The end of his term
massive death over these holidays
from the coronavirus that
Trump refused to
as more than the flu
Trump and the coronavirus
are a God event
A Judgment of Trump
and Christian Americans
I thank God
that Trump was
not re-elected
~ there is hope
But we have not
turned the corner
with President Biden
The ripple effect
of Trump will cast
a long shadow
into the future
of America
and the Christian religionists
will suffer much
for their support
for the prince of lies
the anti-Christ
Donald Trump
A house divided cannot stand
There was never support for Trump
by God or Jesus
Trump was and is an abomination to both
Dr John WorldPeace JD
The only global peace advocate
The only Advocate for Jesus Christ

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