Friday, December 25, 2020



                by Dr John WorldPeace JD


This is Christmas Day

                but it is not merry.


                Americans followed the

                                false messiah Trump

                                                the Pied Piper

                                                                into great darkness


                and who was prepared

                                to take America deeper

                                                into darkness

                                                                if re-elected


                until God

                                passed Judgment

                                                and shut Trump down

                                                                with the coronavirus


                                                                Mene Mene Tekel Eupharsin


                                “ An evil man can run on

                                                for a long time

                                                                but sooner or later

                                                                                God will shut him down.”


                The Pope and his church

was shut down

                                                on Easter 2020

                                                                and now on Christmas Day 2020


                Only the blind

                                cannot see

                                                the Pope has no

                                                                favor with God

                                                                                to end the coronavirus

                                                                He promotes and enables

                                                                                pedophile priests

                                                                                                and subordinates women


                                                                                                which is an abomination to God

                                                                                                                and Jesus


Jesus said

                “Love One Another”

                                Trump says

                                                “Love White, American

                                                                Christian and male born



                Trump defines

                                all others as

                                                loathsome liberals

                                                                or human trash


                                                                and by so doing

                                                                                rejects the most

                                                                                                liberal of humans

                                                                                                                who ever lived: Jesus Christ.


                                Love one another

                                                is the Ultra Liberal

                                                                message of Jesus


                                                upon which

                                                                Trump wipes

                                                                                his lying feet


                                Democracy,  not God

                                                owns the darkness

                                                                that is Donald Trump


                                                The world human society:

                                                                One God, one government,

                                                                                with liberty and justice

                                                                                                and equal opportunity for all


where no one

                                                                                                is the prey

                                                                                                                of human predators


                                Until we come together

                                                as a world human society

                                                                we will continue

                                                                                to fall apart.


                                                America the Light of the World

                                                                went dark

                                                                                under Trump

                                                                and even now

                                                                                he sows anger

                                                                                                and revenge

                                                                                and apathy toward

                                                                                                the coronavirus

                                                                                                                supported by his

                                                                                                                                Republican goats


                                No true Christian can reconcile

                                                the teachings of Jesus

                                                                and the vicious unsympathetic acts of

                                                                                of Trumpian Republicans


                                Let those who have eyes see

                                                and those with ears hear



                                If I am a minority of one,

                                                the truth is still the truth.


                Dr John WorldPeace JD

                                The only Advocate for Jesus Christ

                Christmas Day, 2020

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