Monday, September 28, 2020


Dr John WorldPeace JD, the only Advocate for Jesus Christ speaks about Revelation.

This video is about the Book of Revelation, and Donald Trump and Christians who are tempted to vote for him on November 3, 2020. In this video I misspoke and referred to the Prophet Elijah as the Prophet Ezekiel. This video is about my book The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity which for sale on books Dr John WorldPeace JD. https://TheThirdMillenniumSecondRefor... This is the first of many videos between now and the election and many videos after as the world human society ascends away from religion to spirituality. Away from the Christian religion and to Christian Spirituality. This global scenario began with the burning down of Notre Dame in April 2019, In November 2019 God shut down Donald Trump. Nothing Trump has done since then has worked out for him. He is a Jonah. No preacher of any stripe has challenged me and I have sent out over 500,000 emails in the last several months. Like Elijah saying he was the only prophet of God and challenging the priests of Baal I am the only advocate for Jesus Christ challenging the false preachers of Christianity.