Friday, December 25, 2020


Dr John WorldPeace’ Christmas message to the world 2020.


Friends, this is Dr John WorldPeace JD, the only global advocate for peace and WorldPeace and the only Advocate for Jesus Christ. 

This year is 2020. Twenty-Twenty is a metaphor for perfect vision. We all have a clear vision of Donald Trump. He is an anti-Christ. He is an anti-American, a chaos creator, and a traitor. Even now, in his last 25 days, he is trying to subvert the foundation of American Democracy. 

Everything I have said about him on my Blog, Facebook, and my website to Impeach him has been true. My prayer was that he be removed from office but not in a violent way. The coronavirus was the answer to that prayer. One year ago, the coronavirus shut down Donald Trump. Nothing he did in 2020 has worked for him. 

Trump is a Jonah. He had to be thrown overboard. And he was. We now only have to deal with 25 more days of his corruption. He is in the process of freeing all the criminal henchmen who supported him and who were sentenced to jail. He has freed them, knowing they they are his last and only chance to not be literally removed from the White House by whatever traitorous acts they cook up. 

Incredibly Michael Flynn has suggested, and Trump is entertaining, declaring martial law to stop his removal from office. The veterans of WWII, were they still young and alive would have no doubt assassinated him. After seeing him follow Hitler’s playbook for taking over a country, those veterans would have stopped at nothing to end his traitorous administration. 

But the Baby Boomers, and most especially the false and fake Christians, have spit into the faces and onto the graves of their parents in their support of Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump tried to turn America into a dictatorship with the support of racist and Fundamental and Evangelical Christians waving the banner of Trump’s Supreme Court Fascist judges and his support of the Anti-abortion banner where Christians demand that fetuses be forced to grow to full term and be born. And at the same time, these Christians refuse to provide support for these unwanted fetuses. The Christians are anti-contraceptive and so, in their own sick way, want to inflame the abortion issue. These fake and false Christians are an abomination to God and Jesus. 

Jesus said, “A house divided cannot stand.” God would never support Donald Trump, whose position on just about everything is contrary to the teachings of Jesus. Fake and False preachers, through their support of Trump, turned their back on Jesus. 

The fake and false Christians who support Trump even now do not know what the word liberal means. It is an incredible ignorance. Jesus Christ was the most liberal of all liberals who ever walked the earth. His core ultra-liberal message is “Love one another.”  But somehow the false preachers have created millions of false Christians who believe that the teachings of an ultra-liberal Jesus do not carry over to Republican politics where the word liberal has been twisted into ultra racism. 

America is a democracy. We no longer live in the age of kings appointed and anointed by God through his prophets to rule the land. When God did that, until the Zionists crucified Jesus, God owned the evil acts of these kings. But all democracies have assumed control of who is president (king). And that means Americans everyone own the evil and dark acts of Donald Trump. 

Jesus said whatever you do to the least of you; you do to me. For those who understand this message they understand to do evil is to spend time in hell on judgment day. 

God knew that without his intervention, Americans would have re-elected Donald Trump, a man who by breaking 9 of the 10 Commandments, makes the way of the Lord crooked. And God knew that if this came to pass, God would be forced to abandon America as he abandoned Israel when they crucified Jesus. So God poured the coronavirus upon the earth, which stopped Donald Trump. Anyone who does not see the coronavirus as a God event is blind. 

I am the only Advocate for Jesus Christ, and I ask the question: 

How can we increase the level of peace in the world human society if we do not include everyone in our vision of peace? The answer is we cannot. A White peace will not increase the peace. An American peace will not increase the peace. A Christian peace will not increase the peace. A male peace will not increase the peace. 

The Christian Bible says in Jeremiah 31: 33-34 in the Old Testament and in Hebrews 8: 10-12 that God has put his laws in every human heart and mind and that NO MAN NEEDS TO TEACH HIS NEIGHBOR, “Know the Lord.” False and fake preachers refuse to teach these truths because to do so would cut off their power to do evil in the world. 

Everything that was condemned by God regarding the Jews applies to Corporate Christianity. 

I am a spiritual human being. I follow no one. I have accepted many sayings of Jesus as true. But I do not follow a human Jesus but I follow the Jesus and God in my heart and mind. 

If you follow anyone in life, you are lost in some degree of darkness. And when the blind follow the blind, both fall into the ditch. 

Corporate Christianity is presently transcending into Spritual Christianity where true Christians meditate, pray  and study the teaching of Jesus and then determine what is true as opposed to eating from the table of the false fake preachers, priests and other corporate holy men that infest ever religion of man, 

In April 2019, the Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris burned almost to the ground. That was the beginning of the transition from corporate Christianity to the spiritual Christianity of Jesus. 

The purging began with the coronavirus. 

Not one of the pathetic corrupt false and fake preachers have come forth with a solution to the coronavirus. The Pope is the most pathetic of all holy men as evidenced by his lack of a solution to the coronavirus and has been given absolutely no power to end it. He is also condemned by his support of a pedophile culture in the Catholic Church and his absolute support for the subordination of women worldwide. 

Let those who have eyes and ears see and hear the following truth. 

Jesus said, “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. Nothing will be impossible for you. If you believe in me, you will do the works that I do and greater works will you do.” 

These are the red-letter words spoken by Jesus and to not believe them is to call Jesus a liar. 

What do the words mean? They mean we script our future individually, as groups of individuals, as citizens of American, as citizens of the world human society. 

Every individual is the product of every decision they have made in their life. The future will be the future we script—nothing new here except the awakening to it. 

More on point, if we as a global world human society script an end to the coronavirus it will immediately end. It does not take every global citizen to believe this. It only takes a critical mass of believers. I do not know the percentage of the world human society is a critical mass. When the miracle begins, then we will know the critical mass necessary to change the world. 

None of the preachers or holy men have dared to make this statement because to do so would be to gamble their power and wealth they have accumulated with their false and fake Christianity. 

I am not money-oriented and never have been. So I have no reservations about speaking the truth. And I will tell you this truth is why the Book of Revelation is false and all who have ever preached it are false and fake Christians. 

The Book of Revelation says that the future is set in stone. Jesus says we script the future. The Book of Revelation is false because it contradicts the red letter teachings of Jesus. There is your truth. 

In these dire times, how many Christians who have supported their churches with their money now look to those churches for help and find a empty bag. Sell the church properties and assets and give it to those who built it and now need help.

The only thing these false preachers and holy men ever learned in seminary was how to beg and how to increase their personal wealth by teaching a false doctrine of corporate Christianity about a Jesus who had nothing. 

I have told you how to end the coronavirus. And I am also telling you to turn out of office all the Republicans who have supported Donald Trump and in these dire times refuse to provide money and help for millions of Americans who cannot pay their bills and fill their stomachs. There are no Republican Christians since Donald Trump. 

I have given you the solution to the coronavirus because I have no assets to protect by telling the truth. That is why I say I am the only Global Advocate for peace and the only Advocate for Jesus Christ, as mentioned in the New Testament. 

There are vaccines now but there are no shots for immunity. And there are two new strains of the coronavirus in the UK and Africa. 

Let me point out the there have been over three hundred thousand deaths under the apathetic leadership of Donald Trump and the support of traitors who refuse to wear masks, refuse to social distance, refuse to do what is necessary to retard the growth of the virus until a cure is found. 

And let me give you this wake-up call. To date after a year of the coronavirus, 80 million have been infected and the world human population is 7.5 billion. The virus is an awakening virus. There is no way to determine what the final death toll will be. Also, the global death toll of the virus is 1.7 million of which the USA has 320,000. America, the premier nation of the world, has experienced 18% of the deaths when we are 313 million of a world population of 7.5 billion which is 4%.  The truth of this reality is Donald Trump's refusal to fully acknowledge the coronavirus from the beginning and now a total disregard for it as he shows his traitorous bent toward martial law to reverse the November 2020 election. 

The coronavirus has claimed, for the most part, the Baby Boomers. As Moses led the Israelites around the desert for 40 years on the way to Canaan to kill off those who remembered Egypt, so the coronavirus is killing mostly the Baby Boomers who have in the election of Donald Trump enabled the deconstruction of American Democracy. 

The fake and false corporate Christians and their fake and false preachers have offered nothing with regards to the coronavirus. They have not come together worldwide to call upon God for understanding and mercy. What the fake and false preachers have done is to bow down to local goverments in hopes that they will be allowed to restart their income flow. 

Dr John WorldPeace JD

Christmas day 2020

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                by Dr John WorldPeace JD


This is Christmas Day

                but it is not merry.


                Americans followed the

                                false messiah Trump

                                                the Pied Piper

                                                                into great darkness


                and who was prepared

                                to take America deeper

                                                into darkness

                                                                if re-elected


                until God

                                passed Judgment

                                                and shut Trump down

                                                                with the coronavirus


                                                                Mene Mene Tekel Eupharsin


                                “ An evil man can run on

                                                for a long time

                                                                but sooner or later

                                                                                God will shut him down.”


                The Pope and his church

was shut down

                                                on Easter 2020

                                                                and now on Christmas Day 2020


                Only the blind

                                cannot see

                                                the Pope has no

                                                                favor with God

                                                                                to end the coronavirus

                                                                He promotes and enables

                                                                                pedophile priests

                                                                                                and subordinates women


                                                                                                which is an abomination to God

                                                                                                                and Jesus


Jesus said

                “Love One Another”

                                Trump says

                                                “Love White, American

                                                                Christian and male born



                Trump defines

                                all others as

                                                loathsome liberals

                                                                or human trash


                                                                and by so doing

                                                                                rejects the most

                                                                                                liberal of humans

                                                                                                                who ever lived: Jesus Christ.


                                Love one another

                                                is the Ultra Liberal

                                                                message of Jesus


                                                upon which

                                                                Trump wipes

                                                                                his lying feet


                                Democracy,  not God

                                                owns the darkness

                                                                that is Donald Trump


                                                The world human society:

                                                                One God, one government,

                                                                                with liberty and justice

                                                                                                and equal opportunity for all


where no one

                                                                                                is the prey

                                                                                                                of human predators


                                Until we come together

                                                as a world human society

                                                                we will continue

                                                                                to fall apart.


                                                America the Light of the World

                                                                went dark

                                                                                under Trump

                                                                and even now

                                                                                he sows anger

                                                                                                and revenge

                                                                                and apathy toward

                                                                                                the coronavirus

                                                                                                                supported by his

                                                                                                                                Republican goats


                                No true Christian can reconcile

                                                the teachings of Jesus

                                                                and the vicious unsympathetic acts of

                                                                                of Trumpian Republicans


                                Let those who have eyes see

                                                and those with ears hear



                                If I am a minority of one,

                                                the truth is still the truth.


                Dr John WorldPeace JD

                                The only Advocate for Jesus Christ

                Christmas Day, 2020