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My path for the next 23 months to the Presidential elections is going to be like my WorldPeace Advocacy has been for the last 30 years. Total commitment. There will be huge apathy from those who talk change but do nothing. There will be huge negativity that what I am doing won't work. 30 years as Dr Jwp has shown me that people hate peace and moreso hate those who advocate it. Know this, I will vanquish your projection that I will fail as an excuse for your lack of doing nothing. What after 23 months? More of the last 30 years. That is what ! Dr.John WorldPeace JD

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Jesus said. Only God is good. All of humanity comes up short of good. Don't Judge. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. You do not have to be a Christian to follow Jesus. And being a Christian does not guarantee you heaven. You are not saved if you don't act saved.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 181231
The Advocate for Jesus Christ.



Friends the Zionist concentration camp they maintain in Gaza for 2 million plus Palestinians is nothing less than the Nazi concentration camps for Jews in WWII. What has been happening in the Gaza concentration camp in Gaza is nothing short of a slow plan of extermination of Palestinians. ANY CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IN 2020 WHO DOES NOT CONDEMN AND ACTIVELY MOVE TO PERMANENTLY END IT, IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT. Any American politician who is not outraged at this extermination by Zionists and not acting to stop it owns the murders that have been going on for 70 years. THE JEWS ARE NOT THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD. HOW BRAIN DEAD IS SUCH A CONCEPT. What the Zionist are is Cain murdering his brother Able, and I have no doubt that God will judge the Zionist as he judged Cain and as God has judged the Zionist for the crucifixion of Jesus. Any Fundamentalist or Evangelical or other Christian who is not outraged and speaking out again the Zionist owns this intentional extermination and are an Abomination to God. 
Dr John WorldPeace JD 181231. 
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Friends this article makes me laugh. I already have 60 books written and 4 in progress and another 4 projected to begin in January. In addition, I have 8000 pages attached to my Flagship website And what I have written makes anything that comes out by any 2020 presidential candidate except Bernie Sanders' book look like political fluff. Also, if you look at my website you will see that I have a habit of annotating and responding to other significant books. In a word, I will be shredding all the candidate books and put them on the defensive to respond to my critique to their books. I can rip through a 300 page book in about 3 days with comments and annotation. The bottom line is that before these books are on the shelves for a week, I will probably have a response. Most of these candidates have politician jobs in the daytime and they are not going to have the time to respond to my comments on their books. So I expect their books are going to be a handicap to them.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 181231 

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Great literature? Not exactly. But that's not the goal for Harris, Sanders or Castro, to name a few of the politician-authors.

Sunday, December 30, 2018



Friends there is no word yet to say what has caused this epidemic but there is only one thing that has significantly changed in the last 50 years. Global Warming. I have no doubt this disease is going to be eventually traced back to that. And let me give you a hot flash. This kind of thing has already happened in other species under the radar. The only reason this will not happen to humans is because when sick they report to a hospital. Not so with animals. And let me add you will see global crop failure due to global warming as well. It has happened before as in the potato famine in Ireland. GMO seed stocks are just a disaster waiting to happen. 

Dr John WorldPeace JD 181230 
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CATHOLICS USE BANKRUPTCY TO AVOID PAYING FOR SUPPORTING A CULTURE OF PEDOPHILES. Friends criminal sexual acts enabled by the Catholic Church are not going to skate away from damages under the bankruptcy laws until after the churches are sold along with all contents. Separation of Church and State. The Federal Government is not going to enable any church to use bankruptcy to avoid paying civil damages to those abused. If I had it my way, any church that subordinated women would not be allowed property tax exemptions. Jesus said pay to Caesar what is Ceasars. And Ceasar says the Equal Rights Amendment will be passed and then gender bias within a church bureaucracy means no property tax exemption. The church is not going to be a safe haven in which to avoid the civil secular law of the land during my term in office and beyond if I can pull that off. Dr John WorldPeace JD, 181230, CROWD FUNDING: Dr John WorldPeace JD for President 2020
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Using a system pioneered by the Roman Catholic Church, other large organizations are using bankruptcy as a way to handle the legal and financial fallout of sexual-abuse claims.


SENATOR WARREN IS FLIP FLOPPING ON RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. Looks like Senator Warren flip-flopped on running for President when I sent her an email yesterday telling her she was not as qualified as me to be president. Not even close. I am the Maverick Independent Candidate for President. All these Damnacrats are going to be ripping each other apart in the primaries and I am going to be harassing them from outside their primary cluster fluster. Most of them are about as appealing as day old bread. Bernie Sanders is my pick of the Democrat litter. He is not a qualified as me to be president but he is the best the Democrats have to offer as of today. Dr John Worldpeace JD 181231 CROWD FUNDING: Dr John WorldPeace JD for President 2020
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., made a subtle change to her Twitter account Saturday that has some thinking it was a clue into her plans for 2020.



Friends we all own this. And I am going to repeat my same mantra over and over and over. In a Democracy, the president is voted for. He is not appointed by God. God does not own the cruelty to these children. Agents of Donald Trump abused these children. Those who voted for Trump did this, own this. No church reached out. No politician made a visit to check on these children. They were ripped from their families. Some will never be reunited with their families. Jesus said, whatever you do the the least of these, you do to me. Where were the Evangelicals, the Fundamental Christrians? Where were the Catholics? And the Evangelicals and Fundamental Christians demand unwanted children to be born and refuse to allow free birth control to at least reduce the problem. This hurts my heart. A lot. As President, I will not be a part of creating this kind of misery to children whose only reason to be locked up was the cruelty of a non caring non Christian, un American President and the Republicans who support him. I have already asked God for forgiveness for my part. But you know what, those children are still out there somewhere, being treated worse than mongrel dogs in a city pound. God help America. Trump is the best Republican that money could buy. The only redeeming fact is that the majority of Americans voted against Donald Trump. There is hope. As President, I will not tolerate this.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 181231.
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The Hacienda Del Sol shelter, run by the embattled Southwest Key Programs, was shut down by the federal government in October.



Christian Evangelicals and Fundamentalist believe in the Book of Revelation and the Apocalypse and the Return of Jesus. But most of them believe what they have been told about these things. Only a few have actually studied the basis of what preachers tell them. Very few Christians have actually read the Christian Bible.

So let me give you some things you can easily verify having to do with false teaching by false preachers about the Bible and especially and particularly about the Book of Revelation.

Jesus said that only God knows about the end times. Not the angels and not Jesus himself. The Book of Revelation was written it seems by a disciple of John the Apostle, named John the Elder. But no one really knows who wrote it. The Catholic Bible says they are not sure who wrote it. But there is agreement that it was written on the Isle of Patmos around 100. The Isle of Patmos was famous for its oracle. People would go there and have visions with the aid of the sacred mushroom Amanita Muscaria. Drug-induced visions are like crazy dreams with all kinds of symbols and abstractions and little logical or linear times or places. I think we all know this about night dreams and drug-induced visions that are associated with drug use.

When you read the prophetic parts of The Book of Revelation you get the sense that the writer was on drugs. Few people would deny that. Educated people have been trying to decipher the Book of Revelation for almost 2000 years. And absolutely no one has come up with a coherent logical linear interpretation. There are lots of opinions but making the whole Book of Revelation make sense has never been accomplished.

There are some parts that are pretty clear and seem straightforward and the Evangelical and Fundamentalist swear to the truth of these parts of Revelation.

But before I get into a few details, let me relate that the Bible as a whole is pretty contradictory from front to back.

I believe in the red letter words of Jesus. After that, I may believe in what the Apostles wrote, and what Luke and Paul wrote. We are not sure who wrote the Book of John and Matthew. I think John was written by Mary Magdelene. Mark was written by Mark whose mother was a significant person in the original Christian movement. Mark’s Gospel was the first one written. But the red letter words of Jesus that are quoted are controlling. In the Old Testament, the words of Moses carry the most weight.

Now here is the main problem with The Book of Revelation. Jesus said he did not know about the end times but only God knew that. He did not know about the time of the end times. OK. Only God knows. But the Evangelical and Fundamental preachers say that John the Elder knew what Jesus did not know and he wrote the Book of Revelation about what he knew. Friends on its face, the Book of Revelation is contrary to what Jesus said about only God knows so it would be OK to rip the Book of Revelation out of the Bible and burn it. Jesus, the ultimate authority in the Bible denies anyone but God knows about the end times.

Yet we know how many false preachers there are like Kenneth Copeland and John Hagge both of San Antonio, Texas who make a lot of money talking about the Book of Revelation. Jesus condemned the rich to hell. He made no exceptions. Heaven was hard to achieve by the rich. I would say that for those who make millions selling Jesus who had no assets would be condemning.

Now I have spent a few years around psychics and fortune tellers researching their validity. And this is what I know for sure. If a psychic tells you 20 things. Some will come true in time. In fact, anyone who stops right now and writes 20 things about the future will find that some of those things will come true. But you have to wait to see. No way to tell right after these things are written whether they will come true or not.

The Book of Revelation is Prophesy. It was written after Jesus died; 70 years after. So Jesus never had a chance to read it but he already before it was written said it was false. Anything about the end times if not written by God which The Book of Revelations wasn’t, is false.

So my point is that some things in the 2000-year-old Book of Revelation probably look like they came true or will come true.

There is a part in the Book of Revelation that talks about the beast, the false prophet, who pumps up the Anti-Christ. And virtually all Evangelicals and Fundamental Christians believe what the Book of Revelation says about the False Prophet, He will be known by his number. And that number is clear. It is 666. Revelation 13:18 And he is going to be deeply involved in the events in the Middle East, particularly, Israel and Jerusalem.

Now if we look around in the world human society do we have someone who is related to the number 666? Well, as a matter of fact, we do. That person is none other than Jared Kushner, the Zionists, son-in-law of Donald Trump. Jared Kushner’s family have been big in New York Real Estate like Trump. Jared sort of runs the family business, and about a decade ago he bought a piece of property: 666 5th Avenue, New York. And now that property is the flagship of the Kushner business. Their business is now known 666 5th Avenue. Jared Kushner’s Brand is 666. Let me say symbolically 5 is the number of man metaphysically speaking. So right next to 666 is the number 5. This would be interpreted that 666 has something to do with 5 or mankind. The Book of Revelation states that the False Prophet 666 will economically enslave people. So you see 666 controlling people (5) makes sense. And The Book of Revelation stated directly that the man associated with the number 666 would be connected to the Anti-Christ and would promote the Anti-Christ to the world as the Returned Messiah.

Now you see this 666 as an identity for the false prophet is very logical linear and clear. But you know what friends, none of these False Preachers are sounding the alarm about Jared Kushner being 666 of the Book of Revelation. Interesting, it is just like the Book of Revelation says, no one crosses the false prophet. If the false preachers were true followers of Christ they would be sounding the alarm to the 2 billion Christians that we need to deal with 666 Jared Kushner because he is the false prophet of the Book of Revelation; that these false preachers believe in and sell every week from their pulpits.

I am personally saying the Book of Revelation is false. But those who believe in it are not talking about 666 Jared Kushner being the False Prophet. How do false preachers talk about the danger of the False Prophet all their life and when confronted with him, say nothing???

Another aside, Moses said in the Book of Genesis when talking about Noah and the flood that God promised to never destroy mankind again. Genesis 9: 8-17 But in the Book of Revelation, it says Jesus is going to wipe out the earth and everyone on it that is not saved. Revelation 21:1 So which is true, God promising he would never wipe out the earth and mankind again and even put the rainbow in the sky as evidence of his covenant, or John the Elder saying Jesus was going to do just that. Of course, there are no red letter words by Jesus saying he was going to wipe out mankind and the earth.

Now here is what make sense, if you know who 666 is, you can pretty easily figure out who he supports as the Anti-Christ. One of the candidates would be Donald Trump. If we have identified the 666 False Prophet (Jared Kushner) we should be confident that we can figure that Donald Trump is a good candidate to be the Anti-Christ.

Let me just point out briefly why I would say Donald Trump is the Anit-Christ. 1) He has broken and breaks 9 of the 10 Commandments. John the Baptist said make the way of the Lord straight. You make the way of the Lord straight by obeying the 10 commandments. Donald Trump is not in line with God. 2) Jesus, called Satan, who is referred to as the dragon in the Book of Revelation “The Father of Lies” because there is no truth in him. John 8: 44. Well, Friends don’t you think that applies to Donald Trump. Do you know anyone who lies as much as Donald Trump? Now I am not saying Donald Trump is Satan. But I am saying that it sure looks true that Donald Trump is designated by Satan as the Anti-Christ. Like father like son as they say.

Now let me just repeat here Friends, I am telling you what the Evangelicals and Fundamental Christians believe and the False Preachers talk about all the time. But none of them have dared to say what I have just said about 666 Jared Kushner and Donald Trump. Very Interesting. Why is that?

What do you believe? That the Evangelicals and Fundamentals and their preachers are full of bull just making a buck off The Book of Revelation and don’t really believe it, or do they believe it and they are afraid of the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet if they speak against them?

Now let me remind you that 666 Jared Kushner has been assigned to bring a plan of peace to the Middle East, Israel and Jerusalem. So he fits the mold of the False Prophet in the Book of Revelation.

With that in mind let me give you another candidate for the Anti-Christ. And let me guarantee that you have never read this before today December 30, 2018, when I posted it on the internet.

Many people are familiar with another well known Psychic, Nostradamus.

Well, Nostradamus predicted 3 Anti-Christs would appear. 1) NAY POL LORON – Napoleon. 2) HiSter – Hitler. 3) MABUS (Century 2 Quatrain 62).
Well, no one has ever been able to decipher who MABUS is. Let me go ahead and tell you who is another candidate for the Anti-Christ in the Book of Revelation.

In dreams and visions, you have to think abstractly. You cannot think logically and linearly. MABUS is an abstract name the same as an abstract painting, a Hieronymus Bosch painting for example.

So you have to break MABUS down into M-B-S and A-U. AU in astronomy stands for an Astronomical Unit which is the distance from the sun to the earth; 93 million miles. The Sun represents God and Jesus and the earth represents the earth, the domain of Satan.

MBS stands for Mohammad Bin Salman the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. So the third Anti-Christ may be MBS as opposed to Donald Trump. According to the news, Jared Kushner is great friends with MBS and helped Donald Trump excuse MBS for the brutal murder of the reporter Jamal Khashoggi.

Now people will say that Saudi Arabia which is ruled by MBS is not great military power. But the Anti-Christ is to lead a great Army against Jesus. So even though Saudi Arabia is not a great military power, MBS rising to the leader of a United Muslim Army with a Jihad agenda is certainly possible.

But again you do not hear about any False Preachers talking about this. One, because it has not been revealed to them until I revealed it today. And two, my bet is they will not preach about this because they are afraid of Donald Trump and 666 Jared Kushner and certainly MBS. And because they do not believe what they are preaching about the Book of Revelation.

Now let us consider two other events that just happened in the last few days. Trump is withdrawing our troops out of Syria and Afghanistan. Two hotbeds of radical Muslims. He is basically handing those States over to the Russian sphere of influence. Why??? Is it because he wants to push the Book of Revelation agenda???

Donald Trump also moved the United States Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem. Donald Trump has also assigned 666 Jared Kushner to write up a Middle East Peace Plan which he has not had the guts to reveal after 23 months as president.

Friends tell me, does this not look like the Book of Revelation scenario? Yet all the False Preachers are really quiet about these connections. WHY???

The Evangelicals and Fundamental Christians are a significant part of Donald Trump’s base.

What I am doing here is calling out the Evangelical and Fundamental Preachers to go forward with their Book of Revelation narrative or admit they are liars and False Preachers like their boy Donald Trump.

Now there are two other aspects of this Book of Revelation I need to mention: the Second Coming of Jesus and the Apocalypse.

The Book of Revelation is False because Jesus died and was resurrected. Jesus said “I am with you always” and “where two are more are gathered I am there”. Therefore, the Book of Revelation is False because Jesus cannot return if he never left.
And these sayings of Jesus put an end to all the Book of Revelation Falsehoods and Lies.
Jesus said “Ask and Receive, Seek and Find, Knock and Enter. Everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds and he who knocks it will be opened to him. ALSO If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. AND Truly, Truly if you believe in me you will do the works I do and greater works will you do.”

So the bottom line, according to Jesus, is that we script our own realities, both individually and as a group and as a nation and as a world human society.

ALL PROPHESY IS A POTENTIAL FUTURE. BUT THE ACTUAL FUTURE IS WHAT WE SCRIPT IT TO BE. Prophesy is useless because all prophecy is just one potential future of infinite potential futures.

The False Preachers are hateful and in denial of Christ. They believe in a Book of Prophesy (Revelation) about the end times that Jesus rejected before it was even written. (No one knows about the end times but God) These False Preachers are by promoting the Book of Revelation scripting a dark and evil future for mankind. Preaching the False Book of Revelation is an Abomination to Jesus and God.

The future Jesus has promised is a positive one of peace and harmony and a more sane and just world human society which Jesus promises us we can have if we project it, script it and believe his teaching: “Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter / If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains / Truly truly if you believe in me you can do the works I do and greater works can and will you do.”


1. After the New Testament was made official about 400 CE the order went out by the Catholic Church to burn everything that did not conform. The truth of the source of the official Bible was hidden. Until the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hamadi Library were discovered in the 1940s. And the scholars have also made a connection between the religion of Mythras and the story of Jesus. Mythras was the religion of the Roman soldiers. Its center was in Tarsus, where Paul was raised. Interesting right?
2. Jesus core message survived. We script our reality and to love God and love one another. This is the universal message of Jesus.
3. There are thousands if not millions of Near-Death Experiences on the internet. They all verify a spiritual life after the body dies. And those stories verify a Heaven and a Hell. And they verify that even those sent to hell can be redeemed. There is no place God is not. I have had a Near Death Experience. But it was not as dramatic or as dynamic as most.
4. Extra Terrestrials are real. They have been involved with planet earth for millions of years. I know they are real because I was abducted when I was 8. There are 22 plus ET species working on planet earth all well known to the U S Shadow Government. As much as 25% of the human population is ET hybrids to some degree. The reason they began to appear in the late 1940s was due to the atomic bombs dropped on Japan to end WWII. Those bombs reverberated throughout the universe and put some dimensions of the universe in jeopardy. Quantum Physics is proving the linking of photons across the universe.
5. Christianity that is being preached by the Evangelicals and Fundamentalists are not preparing their members for the ET revelation that will come within the next 2 to 10 years. The redemption of Jesus is a universal teaching. It applies to all human races and all ETs as well.
6. The Cabal of a few hundred families control the global news, the global banking, and the fossil fuel industry that is destroying the Garden of Eden that is earth for money and power. The US has back engineered the ET technology and have the ability to destroy their spaceships. There is a stargate around the earth to keep out the ETs we do not want here. But some of the ETs are multidimensional. The Cabal and Shadow Government has weaponized the ET technology that is a million years beyond ours. We are children playing with fire that can vaporize parts of the universe as collateral damage. President Eisenhower said beware of the military industrial complex. President Reagan talked about the unifying effect of ETs presence. President George H W Bush talked about a new world order. But that world order is fascist and not democratic. It is run by the fascist Cabal.
7. The time has arrived where the world human population has to take back control from the Cabal in order for the world human society to survive. The technology for free energy exists but is withheld by the Cabal in order to create economic slaves of the world human society.
8. The Apocalypse arrived 105 years ago. But not the Apocalypse of the Book of Revelation. The problem is that the Evangelicals and Fundamentalist have created this fairy tale Second Coming which makes their members apathetic about what is happening in the world. A war is going on for the survival of the human race and the Evangelicals and Fundamentalists are not engaged or prepared to engage. And that is the problem. The Evangelicals and Fundamentalists are scripting a future that eradicates the earth and does not replace it.
9. Let those who have eyes see. And those who have ears hear.

Dr John WorldPeace JD
The Advocate for Jesus Christ