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THE CAMPAIGN FINANCE SHIFT; BUT NEWS SHOULD DOMINATE ADS FOR TRUTH. Friends, there does seem to be agreement that the general public, average voters, feel their combined campaign contributions can counter balance the PAC and Party funding and hae an impact on a political campaign.

Friends, just about everything you buy, you buy because you have been influence by slick advertising. That has been going on since the 1920's when people were sold on the idea that they should go into debt to have more than they can afford to buy.

I have asked since college, do I eat Cheerios because I like them or because I have been sold that they are the best cereal. Do I eat Cheerios because subconsciously my mind locks on the big yellow box on the grocery store isle?

College students acquire degrees in advertising. It is a career to understand the psychology of selling. Josef Goebells the propaganda minister in Nazi Germany was the first master manipulator of advertising.

Now what we have is the average person countering the ads of the big PAC's (Political Action Committees) and it is making people think more about the truth and what they really believe in by comparing ads.

But this does not mean a better candidate selection and better politicians. Why? Because all advertising is just puffing. It is a matter of puffing up the better points of your products and ignoring the weaknesses as you focus on the weakness of your competitor's products and attack his strengths. This is where psychology and sociology and such come into play. They are the nuances of advertising manipulation. What words not to use. What words to use. Putting words and images in that are positive. As one super salesman, Zig Ziggler said, "Sell the sizzle not the steak."

So right now politics for the average person, for those who spend a lot of time in front of the TV or "boob tube", is about selling candidates the way you sell fast food.

The battle of the advertising firms causes people to think. But the news makes people think more deeply. Yes, newspapers are biased as well. But not as fine tuned biased as Advertising. The News tries to present some semblance of the truth. Advertising at the end of the day does not care about truth and credibility but it cares about sales or in politics, votes.

The news, especially if you listen and watch both conservative and liberal media outlets, is going to give you more facts and more comments on the facts which will better help you to decide on a candidate that just paid advertising will not. A gross statement is that you get 10% truth from advertising and 50% truth from the news.

Maybe now that people feel an increased sense of empowerment knowing their small contributions can fight the big PAC's and Party propaganda, they will feel drawn to actually go to the news for a little more information.

I have been selling my whole career. I started selling life insurance in 1972 after my discharge from the army and then moved to other forms of insurance and then to accounting, tax, law and web design.  I was self-employed in all these businesses. And selling was also important in the trial lawyer business and in writing pleadings. So one aspect of my career is that of a professional salesman. And that is why I have been sounding the alarm against Trump since he was designated the Republican candidate for president. His constant lying made me nauseated and angry because he was lying about and twisting American Democracy. Being a professional salesman I was looking at everything he said as a professional salesman.

That being said, there is a new development in the selling of a candidate that none of the news outlets or reporters or anyone else has really thought about. It is the nature of my Independent candidacy for President. The foundation of why I believe I can and will win the Presidency in 2020.

That new political ingredient will outperform advertising and bias reporting. That ingredient is the candidate being in some kind of daily podcast discussing the issues. A format where voters can do what they do best, evaluate a candidate in an unstructured one on one conversation. Nothing is more powerful than seeing a candidate personally presenting his message.

Just consider the impact of a candidate on Social Media every single day, live. A candidate that can day to day attack another candidates position and take all the time the candidate feels necessary to get his message across. And this is what is going to seriously impair advertising and the news, Social Media broadcasting is basically free. And that reality significantly discounts slick media ads. Professional ads are sanitized high-resolution images and sound bytes. FANTASY. A live broadcast for a candidate is REALITY.

So I have a plan for getting myself out in front of the nation.

But in my particular case, I have something the other candidates do not have. I have the credentials necessary to function in the role of President. All the right stuff for the Presidency that Trump does not have. Trump is a Carnival Huckster Facade of a Clown for President. A liar. A lazy mentally challenged apathetic loser as the President of the United States.

Can you imagine Trump or any other candidate writing something like you see above. NO WAY. They dont have the right stuff. And they have to lie because their PAC and their party demands it and is paying for a certain result.

Lastly, Friends, Beto O"Rouke is a great money raiser but he very much has a very weak resume' for the office of President. The nice side of a corrupt Trump who is totally unqualified to be President and an anarchist focused on American Democracy.

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