Thursday, December 13, 2018

Friends there are way too many people in jail. 15% of those incarcerated are innocent. There should be mandatory public defenders for everyone. All contract prisons should be closed because they are allowed to circumvent the laws on prisoner rights. It is all about making a profit off incarcerated prisoners and rewarding political donors of politicians with these contracts. The major change should be in the legalization of drugs. Put drugs in the liquor stores. It was impossible to control alcohol and it is impossible to control drug use. It is time to get smart and quit using the criminal justice system to create jobs in the form of more prosecutors and prison guards. It is also undeniable that due to Racism, which Donald Trump promotes, that there are more Blacks in prison proportionally than Whites and the length of sentences are longer. Also, criminals need to be given an opportunity to work on government infrastructure if not forced to work on government infrastructure in certain cases. Corporations need to have the opportunity to set up manufacturing operations next to prisons in order to reduce recidivism and to reduce the cost of maintaining prisons. Also, sentence reductions need to be available for those prisoners who get a GED or acquire college credits while incarcerated. I also believe that sterilization needs to be offered as a way to reduce a prisoner's sentence after he or she arrives to serve his or her sentences. I believe that certain classes of violent crimes should mandate sterilization. I believe there should be a central government clearing house in the justice department to make sure that sentencing remains consistent throughout the United States. Computers can significantly streamline this process and no sentence can be imposed until it has been cleared. Judges need to be provided with the parameters of sentencing such that they know they will be overruled by the clearing house if they get outside those parameters. The ruing of the clearing house will not be subject to appeal. Detailed statistics from the clearing house will be submitted to a Congressional oversight committee every year and then published.
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