Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Friends here is the reality. Mueller has not even begun to show what he has on the substantive issues of collusion and such regarding Donald Trump. It is stupid to speculate. But I will say this, it is not going to end up with just a bunch of convictions for lying.
What Mueller has done is set a new standard of prosecuting Presidents. He has written a template for future investigations. Don't lie to the Feds.
The Hillary matter is dead. Those emails are not going to show back up. Bill and Hillary are off the grid. Their marks on the American Politic is now a closed book. Hillary needs to wipe out any thoughts she has about getting involved in Presidential politics. She had great potential. She should have taken more credit for Obamacare because she started the ball rolling when Bill was president. She should have kept campaigning after Trump was elected. She should have attacked the Electoral College as having robbed her of the Presidency. She should have hammered Trump as the minority President. She should have been critical of Bill and Monica. She should not have enabled his bad acts against women. She should have taken charge of the #MeToomovement. None of this was done because she was a 20th Century politician. Now she needs to go quietly into that good night. She needs to disappear. She has nothing more to offer but chaos in the America Politic. Good night Hillary.

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