Friday, December 7, 2018


TRUMPEE ZERO is such an airhead. He is like a hot air balloon venting air all the time. And what is leaking is just hot air. He loves to hear the sound of his own ignorant mouth. It does not matter to him how stupid he sounds only that he makes sounds. Trump does not have a 50% approval rating. No one with a cockroach brain believes that he had a 50 approval rating after the beating the Republicans took in the 2018 elections less than a month ago. He is basically shunned by all the past presidents. He should have been seated alone at Daddy Bush's funeral. You know like a kid in school that acted up and was put in the corner. He now says he would have a 75% rating were it not for the Mueller investigation. How totally stupid. If he were not a crook, clown, moron, idiot, loose cannon, all around Zero value person I might agree that he should be given a 10% approval rating for playing golf and eating hamburgers. Elect a Clown. Expect a Circus. Nothing has changed with this fool. Mueller is going to slowly week by week now bring out more and more information, indictments and pleas. He will string it out until the end of January. He knows the Republicans, who own Trump, want to hide the investigation report so Mueller is going to get as much out as he can week by week. The first of January the Democratic House is going to kick in and Mueller and the House are going to grind Trump down until there is nothing left of him but a skinny man with Fake hair. What an absolute joke the Trump Presidency has been. President Wooden Head, there is his 75% agreement rating. Elect a Clown, expect a Circus.

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