Friday, December 28, 2018


Friends there is no way the Democrats are going to back down on the Wall. Trump has not come to that conclusion yet. The reality is that TRUMPEE ZERO's refusal to back down and keep the government shut down is a strong Indication that he no longer has the ability to govern. 25th Amendment Section 4. He would be considered insane to try to keep the government shut down indefinitely. So the most serious Constitutional Crisis is on the doorstep of America.
Our enemies are going to be emboldened to try very incredible things if it looks like a standoff is going to linger much longer. The best time for Russia to attack is if the government is impossibly deadlocked for even a short period of time. The Republicans know there is a point of no return in which the public puts the shutdown on Trump and the Republicans. Then no more Republican Party.
The legal challenges to Article 4 of the 25th Amendment will take too long to resolve because the law is not clear.
So I think the unthinkable will emerge as an alternative. That would be the Julius Ceasar solution but with a needle as opposed to swords. A heart attack of a 71 year old fat man becomes a viable solution of as few as one conspirator.
Let us all hope that the Republicans go to Trump and tell him in no uncertain terms that he either backs down or they align with the Democrats and Impeach him and close down his financial empire as well. That should get his attention. The Republicans are the Illuminati and they are not going to take a chance of losing their power of money over America. The power that came into play and brought Trump into the White House.
This is all beyond Trump's imagination. He is trying to establish himself as a dictator and he thinks this Wall Issue may be his vehicle.
The problem I see is that if and when it becomes obvious that Trump is not going to back down even if it destroys America, there will not be time for a long drawn out response to his insanity under the 25th Amendment. When it becomes obvious that he is insane enough to irreparably handicap America, there will only be days or a week at the most to react.
The reality is that the Republicans at the top of the political pyramid will have to make it happen. They need to have a serious talk with Trump now. Serious as in deadly serious. And if he does not back down, they will know what has to be done.
And I want everyone to remember that it was two women at Fox News who pushed Trump's insanity button and brought America to this edge of the cliff scenario over the stupid wall.
And I want to further point out, that no other candidate for President has been willing to speak out any solution to this problem. Meaning no candidate has seen the reality of this situation. Meaning no present candidate is qualified to be President except Dr John WorldPeace JD
Everyone thinks this is going to blow over. It is not going to blow over. Trump is the immovable object challenging the Democratic unstoppable force. Only very few people understand what is going on here. The military understands and you can bet the Joint Chiefs of Staff are drawing up plans for MARTIAL LAW even as I write this.
I have been saying for over two years, TRUMP is a really bad person. An insane person. The truth is coming more into the light every day now. The craziness of the last two weeks tops everything that Trump has displayed before.
Dr John WorldPeace JD for President USA 2020. 181228.
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Trump threatens to close 'Southern Border entirely' if Dems don't fund wall
President Trump on Friday threatened to "close the Southern Border entirely" if Democrats do not agree to provide money to "finish" building a wall on the Mexican border.

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