Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Comment on my post: Dianne Sherman "Clearsight: a Gift from my Near-Death Experience"

I understood and agree with every single word. I am putting it on my FB timeline. The world human society is transitioning very fast and we can do down or up as one. It is a critical moment in time. Too much work, not enough workers. I am running as fast as I can using the limits of my faith and understanding of what you are teaching. The way you presented this material is very effective in connecting with me and I know there are others like me who will be glad to know they are not alone in their understanding. This is the miracle of YouTube and the internet. If we ask, we will receive, seek find, knock and enter. We must ask and then browse the internet and our guides, angels and helpers will bring the videos, books, websites to us. Without those helpers we could never logically linearly find what we are looking for. I have known this since high school when I would go to the library or bookstore and the book I needed would appear/ stand out. It is so very hard to keep down the chatter in life to be able to hear and see and find what we are looking for, asking for. Like Jesus said, pray to God to send more workers. God Bless you. Dr John WorldPeace JD

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