Saturday, December 15, 2018

Friends this is the most incredible article that I have read in two years. Maybe in the last 50 as a lawyer and political scientist. Manafort is a master criminal and well qualified to destablize governments globally. He had Trump eating out of his hand, following every deceptive lying command. And it is obvious that Manafort went to trial because he had been caught by Mueller and he felt his only way out was a pardon from Trump.
And I can understand why he would expect Trump to give him a pardon because it has been at the direction of Manafort that there has been so much chaos from the White House for two years. It amazes me that Manafort was reporting back to Trump and the White House about the nature of Mueller's investigation into Manafort to give Trump a heads up when Manafort was under a plea agreement to help Mueller. There could not have been any Ok from Mueller for Manafort to keep advising and working with Trump against Mueller every minute.
There can be no doubt that Manafort could disappear into Russia and never be seen again and yet continue to work in his lying spycraft to destabilize governments including the USA. I think this article is so complex in its implications that few people can follow just how traitorous the team of Manafort and Trump really is.
There is no doubt that Trump will find ways to get Manaforts advice and probably use his contacts to continue to cover the White House and create even more chaos. Manafort was working for the Russians. And it seems obvious that Putin and Trump were using Manafort to communicate with each other. Manafort is such a master spy I have no doubt he has money hidden and deep cover contacts all over the world but for the most part Russian based.
This guy needs to rot in jail for the rest of his life. America is not safe with Manafort out of jail and free to move around. It is obvious that if released from jail he is going to go right back to doing evil. I am amazed at how much control he had over Trump and the White House. It seems to me that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I think Mueller has now set Manafort in the center of all the action and he is now going to start connecting other people in and out of the White House to Manafort as well as Russians like an average person would hang ornaments onto a Christmas Tree.
My opinion after reading this is that Manafort must never get out of jail and if he does I would think the chances will be good that he will be terminated probably by Russia. Putin kills whoever he needs to kill. Even though we have to admit that Mueller did not even slow Manafort down from plying his spycraft and chaos.
Another thing that I see in this article is that Trump is as stupid in these matters as he is about everything else. I thought this was Trump's nature and how he conducted business. I see now that most of what has been going on came from Manafort. And that makes me wonder just how really deeply Trump is connected to the Mafia his whole career where guys like Manafort operate like Manafort as a matter of course.
Something else is how many people voted for Trump and saw him as a credible super successful businessman. How they could be swayed so easily by Trump's lies.
I knew Trump was bad from day one. I always thought he was just a super huckster. Now I feel confident that Trump is capable of ordering a killing. I think it is obvious that he admires all the rogue bad heads of state in the world. I think Trump wishes that he could have a reporter viciously murdered like MBS did Khashoggi.
I have always said that Trump would lose everything if he became president. And I think Mueller has enough right now to make that happen. I think Mueller is going slow until January 3 when the new Democratic House takes a seat and can provide him with protection and can extend his investigation in many different ways. I think come February Trump is going to look like a bug caught in a spider's web who is being slowly wrapped up for future disposal.
And I feel certain at the back of everything Trump has done there is a financial aspect. I think the Democrats are going to get into all of them.
I feel certain the Senate will not indict Trump and the power to pardon is critical to Trump to be able to use in the last few days of his office. I think Trump will not resign. I believe that as soon as Trump exits the Presidency who knows how many suits will be filed against him as a citizen.
I do not want to see Trump assassinated. The conspiracy theories would make those about JFK look childish.
Nixon had a rather normal life after his resignation. I don't think that will be the case for Trump. I think Americans are going to call for blood and I think all three of Trump's children and especially 666 Jared Kushner are going down as well.
I think this whole Trump mess is going to play out as the darkest spot ever in American politics bar none. I think it will shake Americans to the core. But I also think it will wake Americans up as to just how ripped apart American Democracy has become after WWII.
After 240 years the worst politicians, more Republicans than Democrats have learned a lot as to how to destroy the greatest nation that has ever been. My Independent campaign is the only future for Ameican politics where the President must come into the presidency as an independent force not connected to either party, big donors or PACs. The packing of the courts has been McConnell's masterpiece of traitorism.
My cautious expectation is that the Democrats will take back American Democracy and the Republican party be severely set back. From NIxon to Trump, America has been on a steady slide down. And listen to me clearly, I see the Clintons now in a whole different much more negative light.
I believe that the two party system is a good thing with competing interests neutralizing each other. But the Presidency has to be independent, a mix of the two platforms and a compromising check and balance. Having the House and Senate and White House of the same political party is dangerous. We can see that now. And dont forget Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam.
We now know America does not have enough checks and balances. The Republicans with their money have crafted American Politics such that they can buy what the want by advertising to manipulate the ignorant and naive. 2020 is going to be a clear indication of the potential future of American Democracy. Democracy has to be defended against corruption on all fronts and that takes an informed electorate with determination.
America Politics have exited its virginity era over the last 70 years. Now everything must change. Everyone must wake up. With all the political corruption we still have a president who is intent on promoting global warming that is well advanced to killing off a whole lot of the world human society. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are mounted. The Apocalypse that is coming is purely politically based. NOT RELIGIOUS. But yes, to a minor degree religious supported.

VOX: Exclusive: Paul Manafort advised White House on how to attack and discredit investigation of President Trump
We now have details as to how the indicted former campaign manager worked with the president to undermine federal law enforcement.
By Murray Waas Dec 14, 2018, 11:15am EST

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