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Friends let me give you my upfront bias. I worked full time and went to school full time to acquire a BA in Political Science 1970. I got $283 from my parents total for 4 years of college, I took out no student loans. I was then drafted in 1971-2. During that time I had a wife and one child as I served my country, I accumulated about $65,000 in educational benefits from the VA that came out to roughly $550 a month, I had 4 children, from July 1977 to August 1984. I earned a Bachelor of Accountancy and a Doctor of Jurisprudence. Throughout 10 years of college I maintained a C average because I had to allocate the minimum time to college necessary to graduate. I worked full time, went to school full time, and from 1981 my wife worked full time with me in my bookkeeping biz that I started in 1981 as we raised 4 children. We took no help from anyone. So my bias: I will not listen to what cannot be done to acquire an education. I have not checked but I do not believe that Senators Brown, Harris or Booker, can say they the same. From my research, none served in military, all were born to educated and financially well off families. No one on my father or mother's side has any college. I was the oldest grandchild on my fathers side and second oldest on my mother's side. As far as I know one one of my first cousins has any college. In a word, as far as college I was given no financing and had no family members who could mentor me in college. It is obvious that none of these Senators knows what the average person lives like. Money, Mentoring, Connections is what all three Senators had.
Now to the issues. I absolutely believe in a balanced budget and my accounting and legal background tells me that the USA is way too far in debt. It will take at least 3 generations to clean up that deficit. I am not going to pile on another 2 trillion dollars. I am going to undo as much as half of the Trump tax cuts to the upper 5% of Americans. I am going to increase the minimun wage but over 8 years and I am going to adjust that Federal minimum wage based on the standard of living in the particular states. In other words no set minimum wage from coast to coast. The cost of living in California and New York is outrageous compared to Mississippi and Alabama. I am going to increase the minimun wage with an eye to replacing the money paid out.
I am going to bring back pro-union legislation because only unions can negotiate higher wages. Politicians are owned by the big corporations and they are not going to be fair in increasing the minimum wages. If politicians were any good at making sure all Americans have a fair wage, the minimum wage would not be as low as it is right now.
Next, no entitlements to anyone without a high school education or GED. This will not be applied retroactively. Giving money to individuals who cannot or will not improve their ability to earn more money is throwing money away.
Next, any female who refuses or cannot identify the father of her child receives no entitlements. This will be applied retroactively with benefits decreasing over 10 years. The cost of entitlements can be offset by child support from the fathers. If a father does not have a job, he will be employed on government infrastructure work and his wages will be deducted to pay for the child support including back child support. Failure to work means jail time. And that jail time will require other more manual work programs and if the delinquent parent does not work, he or she will not be allowed commissary. Believe me, this will get the convicts in the fields.
I believe in free birth control but I am willing to begin by only giving free birth control to all women who recieve entitlements for their children. I will give some monetary benefit to fathers and mothers who agree to be sterilized. Vasectomies and Tubal Ligations. We have to stop the problem from expanding with additional children. I feel completely justified to limit entitlements to one child per parent. If they have three children, no benefits for the third child.
This being said know that I intent to make Obamacare for everyone real. So medical bills will not be something that entitlements beneficiaries are going to have to be concerned about.
Further on my agenda is waiving 75% of all student debts. And I expect to move toward 100% financed state college education. I am a believer in determining if children at the end of the 9th grade should be directed to vocation education for two years or allowed to proceed toward a college education. Students knowing that without a high school diploma or GED means no entitlement in their lifetime, should get their attention.
I intend to examine every state that promised that gambling money would be used for education if the legislation was passed and did not do that. They will be subject to immediately rerouting, not retro actively, those gambling funds to state education or have their federal gambling licenses revoked.
I intend to make drugs and pot legal and tax it like cigarettes and alcohol and funnel all the drug and pot taxes to education.
America to remain competitive in the world must invest heavily in education. Period. Higher education will mean a lower birth rate and more reduction to government entitlements.
Further, a collateral issue is that I will not allow a single anti-abortion bill that does not have a funding bill attached. If Religionists want no abortion then they can support funding bills for the unwanted children. Abortion will be provided for free. And to cut down the number of unwanted children, the Federal government will provide coast to coast free birth control. I believe that it is a matter of economics and any religious consideration in legislation on birth control and abortion is a violation of the First Amendment dictate of Separation of Church and State.
So unlike the Socialist Senators Brown, Booker and Harris no free lunches. You want to hand out benefits, IN TRUTH BUY THE POOR VOTERS, then you have to make the math work, Money out after money in.
Folks this is why I am running an Independent write-in candidacy for Presidency where I am not selling my influence to big donors, PAC's or the Republican or Democratic parties.
Dr John WorldPeace JD
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