Saturday, December 15, 2018


Friends stem cell research is a good vehicle for medical research for potential cures within the human body. In a word, the world human society benefits. Legally fetuses have no legal rights. The rights of a fetus to live rests with the mother. I believe that allowing a religious based morality to be enforced on a secular issue of curing disease and defects of the human body and reducing the cost of medical care to the government violates the US First Amendment concerning separation of church and state. I believe that the refusal by the religious community to allow universal free birth control is a primary cause driving the majority of abortions. The religious community cannot have it both ways: deny birth control and deny abortions This position results in religions imposing a financial burden on society. I am against any anti-abortion bill that does not have an entitlement provision attached to pay for these unwanted children. Secular society cannot endure a stranglehold on its medical research by religious beliefs under the First Amendment. If religious faith healing is criminal when a child is denied medical care based on religious beliefs and the child dies, then the government has the right to deny religious beliefs to be applied to the abortion issue. A fetus is not alive until it takes a breath and survives outside the womb. A legal right of a fetus to be born is not within the secular law. With regards to the Christian Bible the human body is nothing but dust. A fetus is less than a human body and therefore less than dust. The line between religion and secular society is very bright for me in the areas related to the abortion of fetuses. In capitalism and in religion the primary demand that fetus be allowed to be born has to do with power. The power of the religion to increase the numbers within it faith and the power of capitalism to create an ongoing incoming supply of human beings to be potentially economically enslaved for increasing the wealth of the rich. Provide free birth control, legalize abortion, and legalize stem cell research is my position. Religious beliefs of part of society cannot be allowed to increase the cost to all of society with regards to the issues related to abortions. Abortion is not murder because a fetus cannot be murdered. Only a human being can be murdered. From a global perspective, abortions contribute to reducing over population which degrades earth (our Garden of Eden) in many ways.
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