Monday, April 8, 2019


Freinds, anyone who was looking at my overall social political orientation would no doubt classify me as the most liberal person on the planet even though I support the absolute right to own any kind of gun. I am more concerned about a Fascist government than the unavoidable existence in society of crazy people who would murder human beings. I 100% support LGBTQ rights. But I would never vote for an LBQTQ for President of the United States but
may vote for them as a candidate for any other political office.
Let me give my list of other people who I fully support as members of a secular American Democracy with equal rights but who I would not vote for in a Presidential election.
I would not vote for any candidate for President who falls into even one of these categories.
Who did not have a law degree;
Who does not have an economics or accounting degree:
Never served in the military;
Did not pay child support;
Used recreational drugs (I have never used drugs but I have been told often Marijuana is not considered a drug like heroin and cocaine)
Ever sold drugs;
Is an alcoholic or ever worked in a liquor store;
Aborted a fetus over 4.5 months old except when it was done to save the mother's life. And that would include the father of the fetus;
A billionaire who does not give 10% of his annual adjusted net income to charity;
Someone who worshiped Satan;
An atheist;
Someone who had committed of a felony;
A big game hunter;
Someone who denied climate change;
Someone who supported Zionist Israel: an undeniable apartheid state, which ethnically cleanses Palestine of Palestinians and has caused the creation of 58 refugee camps in the Middle East ever since it became a state, maintains a concentration camp in Gaza for Palestinians, exterminates Palestinians who live in Gaza, illegally annexes the Occupied Territories against international law;
A communist;
A child molester;
A male who supports in any way the second class citizenship of women;
A tele-evangelist who makes millions promoting Jesus who had nothing;
A person who believes in the false book of Revelation;
A member of any religion that shuns ex-members;
A cop killer;
A racist;
Anyone against universal health care;
Anyone against free State University education;
A person who does not regularly attended worship service once a week;
Owns or owns stock in a gambling establishment;
Owns fossil fuel stock;
A person who does not support globalism;
A person who does not believe that the President should make an American admission of slavery against the Blacks and the genocide of Native Americans and;
A person who has ever been convicted of a felony Driving Under the influence (DUI);
Anyone who does not support the end of the Electoral College;
Does not believe in science;
There are other issues but this list shows that I am an absolute supporter of American secular democracy and equal rights for all citizens but I would not personally vote for or encourage anyone else voting for anyone on the above list.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 190408
The Independent Maverick Candidate for President USA 2020
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