Wednesday, November 20, 2019

This opinion I am responding to is a very shallow TRUMP UBER ALLES skewing of the greater issues regarding Impeachment of Trumpee Zero..
1) Trump was elected by the corrupt and unAmerican Electoral College. It is for the highest office in the land the only voting in America where a person can lose the majority vote and become President anyway. 90% of what Trump has done in 3 years could have been done with little legitimate push back were he the majority president. What he does now that causes so much conflict and tension is because he has openly ignored the majority of Americans to serve a minority of radical White Racists Conservatives.
2) Using Googliani in a back channel undermines the entire Department of State. Trump could have done all that he did with the Ukraine with the State Department. But he had personal motives, corrupt motives, traitorous motives and so he hired another traitor and that traitor and his henchmen conspired with Trump to carry out his bribery and traitorism in darkness.
3) Then there was Trump's need to attack loyal Americans in the State Department and continue to demean and attack decorated Americans like John McCain and Lt Col Vindman. How exactly is that necessary in the new world order of the yellow belly Draft Dodger Donald Trump. Whose father and none of his children have entered the military. No honest Republican would put up with such attacks on those who have served our country with honor and sacrifice. And there are other non military Trump corruptors: Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan who enabled the Pedophile Ohio State team doctor. Jordan is just the other side of Epstein.
4) And here is an eye opener. Trump would make it legal for the President of the United States to take the Presidental elections to any and all nations of the world to keep him in power by offering up the United States to them. He did it with Russia and China. Is that the new World Order of Trump to rely on foreign countries to win elections? Only a very mentally defective traitorous American would support such a ridiculous notion. Anyone who voted for Trump voted for the destruction of American democracy, anarchism, lying, chaos and selling off anything and everything to the highest world bidder for personal agrandizement.
5) Now here is the real kicker. Devin Nunes had Chairman Schiff's job for the first two years of the Trump presidency. He could have immediately gone into the Biden matter 3 years ago. He did not do it. Now that he is out of power he is trying to control Chairman Schiff. Think about it. This is absolute proof that the Bidens were not an issue until Joe challenged Trump for the Presidency. That is when the bribery and corruption began.
6) In closing, I would like to say that if Trump dies while I am in office he will not have any military involved in his burial. No parades. Definitely no burial in Arlington. And all his pictures in the captiol will be turned to face the wall as long as I am president and draped with Yellow ribbons.
7) There is one way to end Trumps reign and that is to shame every Chistian who supported or voted for Trump as being the last man on earth Jesus would have supported. Trump the man who has broken 9 of the 10 Commandments and has Made the Way of the Lord crooked. I will not shame the Veterans because they do not deserve that but I will remind my veteran brothers that Trump has contempt for every soldier who has ever served. My military bona fides go all the way back to 1776 through my family. As far as I am concerned the office of President should be denied to anyone who has not served his country. Trump's motto is how can America serve Donald Trump. What can America do for me is the Trump question to all Americans.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191120
Dr John WorldPeace JD the Independent Maverick write-in candidate for President 2020
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Don’t impeach him. His actions have all been within the scope of the presidency.

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