Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Impeachment bombshells highlight Trump's power grabs
Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN
Updated 3:36 AM ET, Tue November 5, 2019

Well friends, I have been saying it for 3 years since Trump won the election that he was an Anarchist, anti-American, Traitor, Hitler wannabe. No one as in no one was in sync with me.  Since I was in high school I kept asking myself the same question, how did the Nazis take over Germany and make everyone insane and create one of the most demonic anti-social fascist societies in the last 2000 years.

I will be honest with you, I never understood the how of Hitler until I saw the actions of Donald Trump. Trump through his mentor Roy Cohn learned everything that Hitler had to teach. America is not living that Nazi reality yet. But the Republicans have been the first to fully embrace Trump Nazism.

And here is the reality. So went Germany so will go America if Donald Trump is not removed from office. I mean American Democracy will crash and burn but America has no America to set us back on course as did America with Germany. My hope is that Trump will be removed legally but I have little doubt that if not, he will be dealt with like JFK who I believed was terminate because there was a perception that he was weak on Communism.

Go to my website http://impeachpresidenttrumpusa.com and read the hundreds of articles I have written about Trump over the last 3 years. NO ONE has challenged Trump more viciously than me. And I am still doing it. I have been the Lone Ranger for 3 years and now it seems that America is waking up and waking up fast. Thanks God.

At this moment, I feel Trump is on the backside of his Presidency. If he is not removed from office, he will feel vindicated and his bad acts with be 10 times worse if he is re-elected.

The average American citizen has not concept of what Trumpski has been doing. But the impeachment hearings will make that clear with with luck all of America will turn negative on Trump.

It is too early to discuss this, but once Trump is removed from office, America can quickly reverse all his bad acts and put up barriers to stopping any future Trump wannabe.

I am on record friends. No one else understood much less shouted from the rooftops that Donald Trump was and is a traitor than me.

And based on that truth, you need to look at my Presidential website to see what I have to say about the post Trump American Democracy. The 2020 Presidential election must be about the most qualified 

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