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Greta Thunberg, on Tour in America, Offers an Unvarnished View
NY Times By Somini Sengupta
• Published Sept. 18, 2019Updated Sept. 20, 2019
Greta Thunberg has become the unofficial leader/face of the Climate Change Wake-up call.
For me the most important thing about this movement is that these Millennials are involved in something that normally would not have their attention until they graduated college and begin to turn their attention to family, career, and politics.
What I am not sure of is whether these young adults understand that their parents are in essence their enemies in the discussion of global warming. They have a legitimate right to confront their parents as perpetrators of the degradation of the earth.
The adult citizens of all the countries in the world are first and foremost not demanding action on part of their representatives in government regarding global warming. Nothing is being done of any true significance in any capital of any nation in the world. There is lip service given but there is no action.
We are in crisis mode with regards to global warming. No one can deny what is happening. The ice is melting for the first time in historical memory. Think about that. The North Pole is becoming more and more ice-free in its ocean. And that dark sea, as opposed to white snow, is absorbing sunlight and causing the ice to melt faster still. The more the ice melts the faster the ice melts.
Greta is pushing the governing bodies of the world to make some meaningful efforts to stop global warming. She gets media attention and then everyone goes back to business as usual. So she is bringing awareness but more importantly she is giving notice to the adults that she and other young adults are watching and demanding action.
Well Greta, so far so good, but now the time has come to get more active and more combative. You have gotten your pat on the head from the governments and media who have already moved on to the next news cycle. Here is your next move; the move that will actually bring on change.
It is called shaming. Yes calling out adults globally as apathetic destructors of earth’s environment. The truth is that for thousands of years the earth changed so little in the lifetime of a human being that it was really not noticeable. Now we have for the last 5 years experienced record heat on the planet. That means that elementary school children are understanding that something is going on with the earth. Something that is not good for their future. Something that is getting worse globally not just a local change that can be classified as an anomaly.
1) People must stop buying gasoline cars. That is a choice that can be made immediately. The reduction in the buying of gas and diesel vehicles will cause an immediate loss of profits to automakers and cause them to step up the pace to move to electric cars.
2) Anyone who owns stock in a fossil fuel company definitely needs to be shamed. If you own stock in a not-clean, not renewable energy company you are contributing to the problem. As people begin to sell off their stock, the corporations will move to green energy. It is really that simple. People want to know what they can do to deal with climate change and this is a major one. Sell your fossil fuel stock and buy green energy stock.
3) You can begin to picket auto dealers who do not offer non-fossil fuel cars. You can let them know that you and your peers will not buy from that dealership locally and globally will not buy that brand of automobile when you become an adult. Greta you and your peers are a market the auto industry is depending on for future profits. You need to threaten an ongoing future boycott.
4) Back to a close to home solution. If any in your family is working for any company that is part of the fossil fuel industry, you need to encourage them to find another career in a different industry.
5) You can picket the corporate headquarters of the fossil fuel companies. Believe me no ongoing business wants negative publicity.
Greta your cause is essential to the future of the earth. You and your peers either protest or you are going to inherit a desert planet. What was green and moist will become brown and dry.
I cannot emphasize enough that the earth is your legacy you right. It is your inheritance. You have a right to speak as an adult on this issue. The truth of global warming is one that no one can deny. The pre-millennials, especially the Baby-Boomers represent the biggest impediment to reversing global warming. For the most part that is your grandparents.
If the planet earth is degraded such that it will not support life, there is no other planet to migrate to. That is the reality.
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