Thursday, November 14, 2019

Friends I posted yesterday that Trump would be gone by the weekend. I now think it may be next weekend. Here are the new considerations.
1) Pelosi and Shift have an air tight game plan. And day one went very well. Day one was putting the strongest witnesses with the strongest argument for impeachment up first. Up until yesterday the charge was Trump demanding the Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. That is weak because it is not on point with the law. And Pelosi and Shift who know they cannot screw this impeachment up have a drip drip drip poison for Trump all laid out.
2) A huge drip was released today by Pelosi. She connected the word BRIBERY to the impeachment. Bribery is in the impeachment section of the Constitution. So for the first time the acts of Trump have been tied to a specific word in the law. The evidence is no longer weak but super strong because Pelosi and Shift are now saying we are calling Trump's actions a Bribe, a specific word in the Constitution regarding impeachment.
3) Bribe - persuade (someone) to act in one's favor, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift of money or other inducement.
The $400 million in aid had to be given to the Ukraine by Sept 30 or it would have to be reauthorized by congress. Trump was trying to bribe Zelensky with the aid, which Trump put a hold on. So in fact he had taken it away and only he could put in back in play. So he was telling Zelensky to either announce the investigation or risk the $400 million. That is absolutely a bribe.
It does not matter that the deal did not come down because Pelosi and Shift announced the impeachment and 2 days later Trump was forced to release the money and without the money he could no longer hold a gun to Zelensky's head. So the only reason Trump released the aid was because the Democrats forced his hand with the impeachment.
4) So this impeachment may draw out for a few more weeks, which I doubt, but the writing is on the wall. Trump is finished.
5) Let me call attention to a few other matters. 1) McConnell said that everyone should prepared for a long trial a few days ago. That means his talk of a quick kill is gone. 2) Today we find out there were two witnesses to the phone call between Sondland and Trump. That drip could have come out yesterday but Pelosi waited until today. That call verified the Bribe. 3) Deval Patrick announced he is definitely running for President and will file today. He has been told that Trump is leaving and we all know all the Democratic candidates are all flawed and "weak sisters". Warren is a joke, Bernie too old and with Warren too far left. Bloomberg is another billionaire if he files. Pence cannot win he stinks of Trump. 4) Trump did not watch the hearing yesterday. The ultimate news junky did not watch the hearings. Why? Because he has already been told the game is over. 5) The Appeals court ruled the Trump tax returns have to be turned over to congress. No chance the Supreme Court is going to overrule the Appeals court. Those returns are going to be a stake in the heart of Trump. They are going to pull his pants down to his ankles. 6) And there is that little side show where MBS of Saudi Arabia has been saying that 666 Kushner is in his pocket. That means MBS does not fear 666 Kushner or Trump. If you own Kushner, you own Trump. But MBS is not stupid enough to say he owns Trump. and lastly 7) the great diversion maker Trump brought in Erdogen of Turkey to try to push the impeachment hearing back in the news. Did not work. That was his best shot. It did not have an affect.
6) So what is happening now. Trump is trying to find an excuse to resign that makes some sense to him. He has to resign because each day these hearing go on, the greater jeopardy the Trump Empire is in. Trump must very quickly figure out how to leave the Presidency and save his Empire. It is going to take 150% of all he knows to save his Empire. Trump knows as does everyone else except the most ignorant that Trump is finished. Devin and that muscle head Jim Jordan tried to step in front of the Impeachment train yesterday and make a splash but did not affect the train coming down the track. They took their best shot and it was worthless.
Trump cannot lose his empire. He may commit suicide as opposed to resigning. Suicide is real if he has already calculated that he is going to be forced to resign and he will lose his empire. Without both, he has no reason to live. When you make promises like TRump has to the ignorant and then you walk away they are going to turn on you like the Italians on Mussolini. I have been saying this for 3 years.
Folks things are moving real fast behind the scenes. I think there is still a chance for Trump to resign within the next few days as opposed to before next weekend. Things behind the scenes are moving very fast.
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