Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Friends, the Impeachment is moving very fast now and I believe that Trump could resign by this weekend, November 16, 2019. Here are the factors.

1) I have not been able to understand why Trump fears Impeachment until yesterday when it began to look like the Senate may not give Trump a pass on the Impeachment. But yesterday the idea of a secret vote in the Senate began to grow serious legs. A secret vote, a double-blind vote, lets every Republican off the hook. By double-blind vote I mean 1) The vote is shielded from the public (as suggest by Jeff Flake)and 2) with the use of what I call a Masonic vote (suggested by me, Dr John WorldPeace JD) where the Senators reach into a wooden box and select a black or white ball and drop it into a slot. It hides the way the Senators vote. So no backlash for any Senator. And if they end Trump’s cancerous reign, they can reverse the great American travesty of the Republican Convention of 2016 that made Trump the Republican Candidate.

2) What is it that Trump fears? Trump is over leveraged in his Empire. In other words, he owes more than he has in assets. Right now he has the bankers trapped in that if he goes broke they all have to write off a lot of monster size loans. But Trumps impeachment will key those bankers to get off the Trump loans immediately by forcing him into bankruptcy and Trumps vermin kids will be pulled into this as well.

3) Trump’s tax returns are going to get released and then his precarious finances are going to be public knowledge. What you are going to see is that he has been under valuing his properties for tax purposes and over valuing his properties for loan purposes; a typical rich man game. (I have the credentials to make this observation, see my campaign site.) The true value is going to be closer to the tax value and when that becomes public, when the bankers see this truth, they will force Trump into bankruptcy. The only thing that is keeping Trump out of bankruptcy now is that he is President. I have been saying for 3+ years that if Trump actually became president he would lose everything. I have well documented my position over the years.

4) The Republicans have stated they have no rebuttal witnesses to all the State Department and other government witnesses’ testimony. People with gilt-edged government credentials, who will begin to speak directly to the American people giving specific reasons why Trump is a traitor. As each witness takes the stand the Republican Senators are going to realize they will have to convict Trump. With the double-blind vote they can do that without jeopardizing their jobs.

5) It is going to take a day or two of the hearings to make it clear what is coming. And what is coming is the truth that Trump is a rotten cancerous crook, liar, Traitor to American Democracy. What is going to become obvious is that if Trump is not removed from office he will be impossible to control in the future. (as if he can be controlled now) He will declare he was innocent all along and then double-down with his Hitler dictatorship and will have successfully high-jacked the USA for personal gain.

6) Today will be the last sunny day for the Republicans. They are going to see testimony that is going to smear Trump and the truth is going to come out more and more and more with each witness. It will become obvious to the voters that the Republicans put a bigger crook than Nixon into the White House. The Republicans have no rebuttal to the Trump anarchy, chaos, corruptions, anti-American, traitorous acts from day one of his presidency.

7) Impeachment is a done deal. The Senate conviction will become more and more real as the Impeachment hearings continue. The idea of the secret vote which seems to have been given birth by Jeff Flake and given real power with my Masonic vote suggestion, is the get out of the killing fields of the 2020 elections for the Republicans. It is a win win scenario.

8) These complicated matters in big government and big business require time to cook and time to become obvious as to what is going on and how to proceed. It is a natural process. There is a game plan now with the secret vote. It is the Republicans’ golden parachute.

9) A couple of other things. I did not realize until last week that Rep. Jim Jordan (the Trump cheerleader)  is a bigger scumbag than Jeffrey Epstein and his child molestations. TRUMP LOVES HIS SEXUAL PREDATORS.
“Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, has dismissed as "ridiculous" a claim by a professional referee that he told the congressman directly that Dr. Richard Strauss had masturbated in front of him in a shower at Ohio State University.
Jordan addressed the allegation in an interview with his hometown newspaper Monday, just days after NBC News reported that the referee claimed in a lawsuit that the congressman, who was then an assistant wrestling coach, barely blinked when he described his encounter with the sexual predator.
Yeah, that’s Strauss,” Jordan and the head wrestling coach replied dismissively, according to the lawsuit, which does not name Jordan as a defendant.”
NBC News
Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio during a news conference on Capitol Hill on Oct. 31, 2019.Al Drago / Bloomberg via Getty Images file
Nov. 12, 2019, 11:44 AM MST / Updated Nov. 12, 2019, 11:48 AM MST
By Corky Siemaszko

10) Also, in the news yesterday was an article that said MBS the murderous ruler of Saudi Arabia is saying that he has 666 Jared Kushner in his pocket. WOW. Jared Kushner the President’s son-in-law is in the pocket of MBS. I have said for over a year that 666 Kushner is the 666 of the Book of Revelation that the billionaire preachers refuse to talk about and MBS is the MaBuS that Nostradamus identified as the 3rd anti-Christ. Just making a few connections for you that you are not going to read about in the mainstream news.

11) Now with regards to the 2020 elections for president. Trump will make 3 impeachment investigations since 1972. 3 in 47 years. WOW something is very wrong with American Politics. Two were Republican crooks. (And I will remind you of George W. Bush as another failed Republican presidency) And the other sexual predator Bill Clinton. So Trump has something in common with Clinton and Nixon.

Party politics have brought Washington into a gridlock. There is only one solution. An Independent president. One not affiliated with either party. A President who is the most qualified for the job. And I am talking about myself, Dr John WorlPeace JD. Take a look at my Campaign Website at . I can take America back to the 1950’s and put America back on track.

I have several books to be finished by January and then my campaign will begin in earnest. It will be me against everyone running for President in 2020.

Dr John WorldPeace JD  191113
Dr John WorldPeace JD the Independent Maverick write-in candidate for President USA 2020

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