Sunday, November 24, 2019


Schiff pushes Bolton to testify but will not go to court to force him
By Chandelis Duster and Kristen Holmes, CNN
Updated 12:02 PM ET, Sun November 24, 2019

Friends, as I said in a posting a few days ago, the Democrats need to take all the document requests and individual subpoena request to Supreme Court and get a ruling that will force The Supreme Court to make a ruling that will apply to all future impeachment hearings. The law needs to be set in place so future delays in impeachment hearings will not be thwarted by delays.

In addition, it is obvious to see that the walls are closing in on Trump. The courts are ruling against him. Googliani says he has insurance and that Trump will not “throw him under the bus”. Bolton wants to testify. Indirectly this Prince Andrew and Epstein matter will tie Trump to Epstein. Ghistain Maxwell will be found and she will sink Trump’s boat by naming names and testifying about Trump at the Epstein pedophile parties.

Further, it is stupid for Schiff to wait until the trial in the Senate, over which he has no control, to see what Bolton has to say. Schiff needs to hold off writing Articles of Impeachment until he has all the documents and all the witness in hearings. It will take the Supreme Court until June to get that done.  Then there is only 5 months until the election. The Republicans are going to be dead meat if the evidence is such that the Senate will have no choice but to convict Trump.

Schiff has no idea what Bolton will say. He is crazy to wait until the Senate trial to find out. And as I said, Schiff needs to unload how the Republicans are going to present Bolton, if at all in the Senate Trial.

Schiff does not have enough information out to the public. The documents and witnesses will do that. There is no hurry to get the impeachment done. Every day the impeachment inquiry makes Trump more and more crazy.

Trump must be removed from office. Schiff needs to know everything before he throws some half baked impeachment to the Senate.

By June the writing is going to be on the wall as to which way various elections are going to go.

Right now Schiff is in total control. When he sends the impeachment to the Senate, he will have no control. Schiff needs to bring in the Bidens. He needs to deflate that conspiracy lie. He cannot let that play out in the Senate. Schiff needs to empty the Senate arguments and put them in a place where they have not choice but to convict.

Trump is not going to play by any rules. Schiff needs to remember that Trump has no honor at all. He is an Anarchist and Traitor and only cares about Trump. He is nothing like Nixon and Clinton who are not anarchist or traitors.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 191122
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