Saturday, November 23, 2019

Friends, have no doubt that the Democrats are as vicious and unDemocratic as the Republicans. I am speaking from experience in the 2002 Texas Governor's race. The Democrats did all they could to keep me out of site and marginalized. They were trying to run Tony Sanchez a crook who was throwing down $65 million to try to buy the Governorship. The Democrats on all levels were eager to suck up as much money as they could. Sanchez made money on the S&L bailout and was being investigated for laundering $25 million of Mexican Mafia money through his S&L. Sanchez was a Bush Pioneer in that he had contributed $500,000 to George Bush's governor campaigns. On the last day of registration, the Democrats pushed Dan Morales to run for governor. Dan Morales had been successful as Attorney General in suing the tobacco companies and got a billion dollar settlement of which he tried to steal $250 million. He went to jail for 5 years, should have been 25 years. In addition, Morales had married a stripper and there was no way Texans were going to make an ex Stripper First Lady in Texas.
The idea was to have an all Hispanic ticket for governor. It was a nasty battle between me and the Democratic Party. I told them if they tried to cram a Hispanic governor down the throats of Texans it would kill the Democratic Party in Texas.
Of the $65 million, 8 times what had been spent in a governor's race, Sanchez only got 40% of the vote and Rick Perry became governor and the Democratic died in Texas. I always believed that the mastermind behind that fiasco was Karl Rove.
I picked up 20,000 votes in the Primary using only robo-calls and attending about 20 rallies. Telemundo had an all Hispanic debate which barred me and Bill Lyon, who died in 2003, from participating in the debate because we were White. I sued and lost due to a corrupt Judge Lynn Huges who did the bidding of Vinson Elkins the largest law firm in Texas. Lynn Hughes did not like the way I talked to him in that corrupt hearing and got himself illegally put on my contempt case and gave me a year in jail. I had a plea deal which he tried to void and give me about 10 years in jails. God was not going to let that happen.
After the election the Democratic Party pushed the State Bar to take my license and eventually put me in jail for a year as a political prisoner. The suit for disbarment did not plead for disbarment. So it is a void judgment and when the time is right I will have it overturned. Since the judge had no jurisdiction the judgment is void on its face. I had been practicing law for 20 years and was not going back to practicing law. So overturning my disbarrment just has not been a priority.
I am 100% with the Democrats to get rid of Trump but I am an Independent candidate for president and have a platform that is both Republican and Democrat. Only an Independent President is going to end the hatred and gridlock in Washington.
You know friends you grow up learning the theory of American Democracy in school but when you make a run for office, especially high office you see just how corrupt the system really is.
My experience and research have given me the firm belief that no matter what political system you look at the same kind of person goes to the top.
I am the most qualified candidate to run for President.
Andrew Yang is experiencing the reality of politics. 37% of Americans are now independents. 7% are true Independents and the other 30% lean to the Democrats or Republicans.
My take on the debates was MSN abused Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer and Bernie Sanders with the blessing of the Democratic party. Biden, Warren and Buttigieg have the blessing of the Democratic party and everyone else is being patronized and marginalized.
The Democrats are going to try to keep me out of the mix. And Trump has already been told not to tweak me at all. He did one time back in January 2017 and his tweet was removed before I could copy it. The Republicans know when I get traction Trump is gone. The Democrats know the same from experience. I am the only candidate who could go head to head in a debate with Trump and end his push for a second term. I know all Trump's tricks and I am fearless: not stupid.
all the players in both parties are hoping they can keep me off the grid. They cannot.
I can assure you I will be a factor in the presidential election. I think one possibility is that all the candidates who do not win the nomination will support me when they take the time to evaluate who I am and what I am doing and how they were screwed by the Democratic Party.
Stay Tuned.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191122
The Independent Write-in Maverick Candidate for President 2020

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