Saturday, November 23, 2019

Friends the talk seems to be that the Democrats have moved to drafting the Articles of Impeachment and are essentially finished with the hearings. This is a gigantic mistake.
Pelosi and Schiff do not understand Trump. He is a total wildcard and he has the Republican party behind him due to a no limits intimidate strategy. I said two days ago that all the Democratic candidates for President are weak sisters. Now I am saying Pelosi and Schiff are naive.
And let me remind you I am not a Democratic Candidate for President but an Independent Candidate but I am more in line the Democrats than the Republicans. I am absolutely with and ahead of the Democrats in my belief that Trump must not win a second term.
The Democrats have an almost perfect case against Trump but they have not moved any Republican Senators to dump Trump. Here is what must be done. My plan for the Democrats is the only plan that stands a chance of Impeaching and Convicting Trump.
1) The Democrats must stop the Impeachment process and go to the Supreme Court to force Pompeo, Googliani (yes I know I am spelling his name wrong), Pence, Bolton, Mulvaney, and others to appear for questioning in the Impeachment hearings. The Supreme Court must rule that Congress has the power under the Constitution to subpoena anyone and any documents it wants.
2) The Democrats must get all the documents Trump is blocking. They must get a Supreme Court Ruling otherwise the Republicans are going to justify their refusal to give up the documents in the Impeachment trial and at the same time say the Democrats did not allow witnesses.
3) Waiting on the Supreme Court will put the Impeachment hearing on hold until June when the Supreme Court will rule on subpoenas of documents and people. They are locked in to preserving the House's right to both. The Constitution leaves no doubt about this.
4) This allows the Democrats to proceed with their nomination process and does not allow the Senate to take several Democratic Candidates off the campaign trail.
5) With a Supreme Court ruling in their pocket, it will blow the entire Republican dialogue that the hearings are frivolous and a sham. The Supreme Court will certify the Impeachment hearings are valid.
6) What is more important than the Supreme Court ruling is to allow the witnesses the Republicans want AFTER they produce the documents and witnesses. The Republicans are saying they are going to have a kangaroo court and trial and they have told the Democrats exactly how they are going to attack the Impeachment. Number One they are going after the Bidens. Well, the House needs to bring in the Bidens and control the questioning of the Biden's and take all the control away from the Republicans. The House brings in the witnesses that the Republicans want and neutralize their testimony and give the Republicans nothing to talk about in their trial. The public will have heard it all. They will not be able to repeat it again in the Senate because it will be old news.
What I am talking about here is functionally the Democrats take the trial away from the Senate.
7) By going to the Supreme Court, the Democrats will deny the Republicans a Convention. Think about this, the House will get the documents and testimony they want from Pompeo, Pence, Mulvaney, Rick Perry, Googliani, and others and the Republicans are going to realize that Trump is dead meat. They will have to impeach him. And they will not have an alternate candidate except Pence who cannot beat any of the Democratic Candidates.
8) Now here is the best game plan of all. After the Democrats give the Republicans their documents and witness they can recess until after the election at any point they want. In other words they can add some more testimony and then shut down until after the election in November. If the Democrats take the Senate and keep the House, it will be perfect insurance to enable them to impeach and convict Trump if he wins the November election. In other words, my plan allows the Democrats full control of the Impeachment game from now forward. They will shut out the Republicans and beat Trump in the election or lose to him and Impeach and convict him within a week after the inauguration.
Friends let me tell you to beat Trump and drive him from office you cannot play politics as usual because Trump is an anarchist and traitor whose primary desire is being a dictator. You cannot proceed with politics as usual and you cannot play Trump's game. The Democrats must take charge and push the edges of the law and beat Trump at his own game of chaos and anarchy and Lies, lies, lies all of which his Republican base believe because they do not have the brain pans to realize that Trump is about to significantly deconstruct American Democracy.
9) There is one more aspect of this game and that is the Christians, Veterans and farmers. I intend to shame with logic the Christians out of backing Trump with 3 books I will have published in January on Christianity I am a vet and Trump has slandered every General and patriot like John McCain and for a veteran to vote for Trump is to spit on the graves and wounds of every American patriot.
Without the Christians and Vets, or even 10% of them, Trump cannot win. This reduction will overcome whatever Trump has already cooked up with the Russians and Chinese and the North Koreans and who knows who else to manipulate the 2020 election.
If the Democrats send the Impeachment to the Senate before the above is accomplished the Democrats will be dead meat and I Dr John WorldPeace JD the Independent Maverick Write-in Candidate and only true follower of Jesus will be the last line of defense against another term for Trump who will by his win declare himself dictator and as he has already said, serve 3 or 4 terms. It is hard to believe he said that. It was not a joke. One thing Trump does not do is joke.
So there it is. I have been the Trump Nemesis for 3 years and I am the only Trump Antidote. It is time for all Americans to wake up to the Anarchy and Traitorism of Donald Trump.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191123
The Independent Write-in Maverick Candidate for President 2020
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A group of senators and White House officials met privately Thursday to begin mapping out a potential strategy for a Senate trial if Democrats in the House vote to impeach Trump.

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