Sunday, November 3, 2019

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Friends, it seems that Donald Trump believes he is above the law. He feels he is not required to answer anything in regards to the impeachment hearings and he has instilled fear in the Republicans with his ruthless attacks on anyone who crosses him. This is exactly what I have been saying for 3 years on my site Hilter was elected then through his thugs Borman, Himler, Hess, Goering and a personal army of Brown Shirts he took over the government. Trump has been well schooled by Roy Cohen on how Hitler did it. Donald Trump believes he can become a dictator. He owns the Supreme Court thanks to McConnell. All he has to do now is beat down the House.
The House has got to get tougher. They have to bring in the Mueller material and pick up where Mueller left off saying he had no authority to prosecute Trump and only the House could do that. The House cannot afford to keep the impeachment only on the Ukraine. They have to put everything in the mix. Even if the Senate refuses to convict enough has to be put on the table that the voters will vote Trump out.
If Trump backs down the House, then you can bet that Trump will pull out all the stops to manipulate the vote. Nothing much has been done to protect the vote. Trump has refused to let the Republicans proceed.
It is obvious to the majority of Americans that the Republicans know if all these witnesses testify, Trump is finished. If they believed their position was valid, they would push these witnesses to testify. The Republicans wanted open hearing and the House gave it to them. Now we see that was just an excuse to creat problems because now that that tactic did not work they are going to put max pressure on the witnesses not to testify.
And guess what these witnesses are part of the Trump deep state. They are all Republican Partisans.
What is also obvious is that Trump is going to do whatever is necessary to win in 2020. And the reality is that the Democrats have no one on his level. Only Joe Biden has a chance to beat him. Warren and Sanders are just another George McGovern 1972 disaster in the making. Warren is just Trump lite. Another liar and showman. And her plan to strip the rich of their wealth has already alienated the rich Democrats. They have already said they will not support her. She is a pariah. She is a Democratic dream that will never come true.
There is only one person who can go head to head with Trump and that is me, Dr John WorldPeace JD. You look at my website and my main website and you will see I can take him on and beat him. I have the experience and credentials and I am tougher and way smarter than Trump.
Americans want an older White Christian independent who can work with both Republicans and Democrats. That is who I am. Mark my words that is going to become obvious by the first of February. I refuse to be owned by Democrats or Republicans. I was screwed by the Democrats in the 2002 Democratic Primary in Texas. They are every bit as vicious as the Republicans. Just a bit more liberal.
The American Democracy is just a 240 year old experiment. The Republicans have shown their true colors to destroy American to stay in power. Who would have ever thought America would come to this crossroads. Is there anyone who thinks Trump and the Republicans will be unstoppable if Trump wins in 2020. He could care less about America. He only cares about being dictator or die trying. He is all in. None of the Democrats are all in.
I am the only true independent and I am definitely all in.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191103
The Maverick Independent Write-In Candidate for President USA 2020.

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