Thursday, August 8, 2019


Election Security: Mueller, McConnell, Trump, & Republicans

Regarding the Article: Washington Post: What Do Republicans Have Against Secure Elections?

Friends the acts and decisions of Mitch McConnell and Trump to not try to increase election security is a traitorous act. This is especially so after Mueller stated that the Russian interference in 2016 was significant and that that work by the Russians has been ongoing. There have been other articles that state that the Iranians and the Chinese are also following the Russian assault on American Democracy through voting and voter manipulation. We even had Trump requesting the Russians to help with the Hillary emails. When Mueller said that Russians are interfering and Trump and McConnell refused to put max effort to stop it, that seems to be a conspiracy between the Russians, Trump and McConnell. That undeniably makes Trump and McConnell traitors and if evidence comes out that the Russians have made a significant manipulation of the vote in 2020, then Trump and McConnell need to be charged and brought to trial as traitors with the potential penalty being the death penalty. There could be no doubt they were openly conspiring with the Russians There is another voting issue that is not new. Trump and McConnell fully understand the manipulation of the vote to keep the Blacks in the South marginalized as well as other areas of the US.. The fact that there are electronic voting machines without a paper backup is undeniable evidence that the vote is being manipulated. Recounts are virtually impossible without a paper trail. Any electronic voting machine can be hacked. There is nothing that cannot be hacked. We need to use these machine to speed up the counting of votes. We cannot go back to paper ballots and get rid of the electronic machines. But the Electronic machines with the paper ballot for a backup in a perfect system. The voting machines can render a fast tally and it if looks off the paper ballots are there as an auditing tool. There must be a federal voting system put in place. If states want to use other machines for the state and local votes they can do that. But the Federal vote must be standardized. I think everyone is astounded at how vulnerable American democracy is when you have a President that acts like a dictator. The amount of democratic deconstruction that has taken place with Trump as president in mind boggling. The structure of American Democracy is far more fragile than anyone ever thought. One final point, there are fewer Republicans than Democrats. Yet the Republicans stay in power through the Electoral College, gerrymandering, incredible money spent to manipulate opinions and the ownership of the News by rich Republicans not to mention the undermining of public education by the Republicans and the packing of the court with Republican judges. All these things are necessary because on a level playing field the Democratic majority of voters would actually achieve equal rights and the racism of the Republicans would be severely undermined. The problems now confronting American Democracy after 240 years is very worrisome. 2020 will be a watershed moment for American Democracy. If Trump wins he will mount a full-on attack. In the last year, Trump has allowed his racism to show with little concern about it costing him any votes from his core of Republicans voters. America is under siege by its president and Mitch McConnell. And the rest of the Republican Party. No true American can deny that.

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