Wednesday, August 14, 2019



Senator Elizabeth Warren has a plan for every government program but they are all half-baked ideas. Patty-Cake half-baked ideas.
The Second Amendment is untouchable for me. There is no way that anyone is going to root out these insane people who carry out mass murder. There are 10,000 people a year killed in America by drunk drivers. That number put the mass murder numbers in perspective. I would make murder by automobile with an intoxicated driver behind the wheel a capital offense. Yes, the death penalty. With regards to gun control, after seeing Donald Trump elected president, I have significant concerns about an attempted coup in America. The chances of a coup are greatly reduced when every citizen has a gun and bullets to go into it. I believe in mandatory registration of all gun on the first retail sale. After that, no registration. I have seen nothing to indicate that any gun legislation can prevent any American from buying an assault weapon. What is interesting to me is that I am not aware of any FULL AUTOMATIC assault rifles being used in a mass murder. That means the insane people who commit mass murder are not really serious about killing the max number of people possible. A mass murderer with 4 automatic pistols with large magazines can kill about 70 people at a super crowded event. And probably injure another 150. And the chances of access to such an event is much greater with a pistol that can be concealed as opposed to an assault rifle.
I want to know what can be done about someone like Timothy McVeigh who killed 250 __ people in Oklahoma with a car bomb made from fertilizer.

The majority of recent mass murders have been motivated by White Racist language coming out of the mouth of the President of the United States Donald Trump. That red MAGA campaign hat he sells represents the blood of all the people who have died from mass murders since he has been in office. If you want to cut down on mass murders, start with voting Trump out of office November 3, 2020. I know of no mass murderer who has not been caught and jailed or kill on the scene of the crime. Most of these insane people expect to be killed. When someone expects to be killed in a mass murder attempt, there is no way you are going to stop him or her. Gun control is not going to stop insane mass murderers. It is a knee jerk reaction. There are other issues with the NRA. I am not speaking to those NRA issues. Many of those other issues are the same issues that relate to corporate greed in many major corporation in America. America is a violent society. There is an addiction to bloody computer games and bloody movies. I suppose that since America loves wars on foreign lands we need to get our youth preset to go into the military and kill innocent people all around the world.
In America, murder by automobile by drunk drivers is accepted at about 10,000 people a year. We need to put energy into stopping those murderous crimes. Mass murders do not go unpunished. Drunk drivers who murder do go unpunished. You can’t stop Americans from executing mass murder and you cannot stop Americans from driving drunk.
We have the 2 nd Amendment to protect our political freedom. The collateral damage is insane people committing mass murder.
If Elizabeth Warren wants to do something about mass murder let her try to repeal the 2 nd Amendment. Of course that is not going to happen. On this issue, go back to sleep Elizabeth.
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