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New York court system sets aside 45 judges to deal solely with new child sex abuse lawsuits
By Eric Levenson, CNN
Updated 2:44 PM ET, Wed August 14, 2019

Friends this New Your Child Victims Acts are going to cause a global change in the world human society. 

American Law and corrupt Republican judges have severely limited the application of Class Action Lawsuits. The purpose was to protect big corporate entities and Churches from paying a just compensation.  

Now these lawsuits are going to bankrupt The Boy Scouts and probably the Catholic Church. Without class action lawsuits these organizations and Churches are not going to be able to stay out of bankruptcy.

The size and scope of the number of pedophile crimes has been hidden by making it almost impossible to prosecute. So no one really knows the scope of how many lawsuits are going to be filed.  Mainly we are talking about boys and men but that is going to expand out to little girls and men and priests. And if the nuns in the Catholic church begin to open up, I don’t think the Catholic Church will survive.

This legislation is going to catch fire in the world human society and there will be man suicides, many bankruptcies and on the positive side many many healing of abused victims will gain some relief just being able to tell their story.

In my opinion the #MeToo movement with be shown to be the cause of whatever comes of this legislation. I think as these child victims come forward, more women will jump on the #meToo wagon and demand similar legislation for a window to file claims not matter how how.  The number of people affected by that potential pandora’s box will rip through the whole world human society like wildfire. Marriages will end. Careers will be ended. Companies will go broke. Families will be destroyed and innocent children will have to confront the dark side of their fathers and grandfathers.

Cynacism with take hold and shake the institution of marriage to its core.

The sins of these pedophiles are great. Great in the sense that so many pedophones have been protected for decades. 

There is going to be uncontrolled outrage at some of the pedophiles having harmed hundred of innocent children. The numbers will overwhelm the innocence and ignorance of the reality of this abomination. 

Trust for many will take a forever holiday because people will become stuck down with the thought that their most trusted counselors were in truth monsters.

Great social change will come. For instance the Catholic Church is going to come to the realization that celibacy is unworkable philosophy. The only way to stop pedophiles and a culture of homosexuality in the church will be opening up the Catholic church to equal opportunities for women through out the Catholic Church as the only way to significantly reduce homosexuality among the clergy as well as child abuse.

The whole world human society  is about to transition to a higher level of consciousness and science and technology will expand far beyond the average person’s ability to comprehend what is happening. 

There is going to be a simplification of life and that means a reduction in consumerism and that is going to bring on a depression of global proportions.

The evil that is Donald Trump is going to be the one event that set the world on fire. I have always maintained that the election of Donald Trump was to wake up Americans and the rest of the world as to just how corrupt money and power is in the world human society.  All the dirty laundry will be exposed. People are going to be stunned and lost as they lose trust in just about everything.

This anti-pedophile movement linked up with the #MeToo movement will shake the foundation of the world human society to its core. But in the end we will move toward a more sane and just world human society.

Dr John WorldPeace JD

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