Thursday, August 8, 2019


Forget Impeachment of President Donald Trump

Regarding the Article: The Guardian: 2020 Democratic Candidates Renew Calls for Impeachment After Mueller Testimony

Friends, today we listened to Mr. Mueller put some flesh and blood in a bland report that he authored. He quietly, indirectly said that the President is a liar, a corruptor, a divider, an ancarchist, a greed driven ego maniac who considered himself above the law. Mr. Mueller silently said the word “Traitor”. Mr. Mueller did not stand up and say, this is my personal opinion. I did my job, I followed the law, I moved forward with my hands tied behind my back, and delivered the official report. He is a conservative man. An honorable man. But he is not a patriot that we read about with regards to the founding fathers. The Democratic Candidates for President are now jumping on Trump. But for the last three years they have been silent. They all did nothing, said nothing against Trump. Now like a pack of dogs they are jumping cautiously on the anti-Trump bandwagon. They are all cowards. Again, not patriots. None can be imagined saying “Give me liberty, or give me death.” And none have stood up for the Squad. Weak sisters (a weak, ineffectual, or unreliable member of a group) everyone. I, on the other hand, have been viciously attacking the Creature Trump for 3 years. Hundreds of articles posted to Facebook and my websites. I wrote so much that about 4 months ago there was nothing left to say. In regards, to Trump, it became SSDD. Same stuff, different day. I am fearless but not foolish. I am an advocate for peace and the American way. I am not a pacifist. I served my country. Those closest to my mindset and passion are the congresswomen known as the Squad. These four accomplished congresswomen who are now in the sites of Trump. He told them to go home. Well they are home. Trump, they are home. These four women are more patriots than Trump will ever be. They know right and they are doing it. They are fearless. I pray the Lord sends more just like them to Washington next year.

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