Wednesday, August 14, 2019



1) Global Warming. The last five years have been the hottest years on the planet. 2019 is going to come in as the third hottest. We have an ignorant sociopathic president who denies climate change for one basic reason – it will hurt fossil fuel revenue. 2) Israel. Israel is an apartheid state with Jews as first class citizens and Palestinians and Muslims as second class citizens. Israel has since before it founding ethnically cleansed Palestine of Palestinians. There are 58 Palestinian refugee camps in the Middle East. Israel maintains a concentration camp in Gaza for over 2 million Palestinians. Isreal is annexing the occupied territories which is against international law. All these acts by the Zionist are anathema to American Democracy. Palestinians are the number one root of all Muslim contempt for the rest of the world. And rightly so. The immediate solution is BDS. Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel. And let me give my standard declaration. “I am against Neo-Nazis but not Germans. The KKK but not Southern Americans. ISIS and the Taliban but not Muslims. Zionists but not Jews. 3) Abortion. I believe in women’s ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO CHOICE. What is the solution. If abortion is to be banned by law then every anti-abortion law must have a welfare entitlement attached to support all the unwanted children. Very simple solution. If Christians want to force the birth of unwanted children they need to write a check to support them. Additionally, I believe that birth control of all forms should be provided by the government. The investment in free contraception is far cheaper than supporting unwanted children. I would tax any church that supported anti-abortion legislation to pay for these unwanted children. 4) We need to return to Obamacare and make the changes that were coming online when Trump became President. Trump promised the greatest and cheapest health care of all time. He has done nothing but end health care for millions of Americans and replaced it with nothing. Turn the clock back to Obamacare then annually tweak the system to improve it. I believe in some combination of government and corporate healthcare. With a 7 year career selling insurance and a CLU and CPCU certificates I know the foundation of Health Care for all is a mandatory enrollment for all Americans. Without it, no health care plan will work. 5) The Electoral College must end. The Electoral College skews the foundation of American Democracy of “one person, one vote”. The Electoral College produces minority Presidents. If Trump was not the minority president we not have the chaos of a minority president foisting a minority agenda on the majority of Americans. As a preview, I will lay out the following second 5 of the top 10 critical issues facing America. 6) Take politics out of the courts by requiring two extra years of judicial training for those lawyers want a career path in the judiciary and a prohibition for any judge to ever join or support a political party. Once a prospective judge joins a law firm he becomes ineligible to become a judge at any time in the future. 7) No child welfare or entitlements for mothers who do not identify the father of their child. If we know the father the government can recoup the money it pays out for child support. 8) Immigration. I would end naturalized citizenship for any child born on US soil of non-American citizens. I would give green cards liberally and revoke them if the holder did not have a job with a verification every 12 months. Illegal aliens would be treated for their medical emergencies for free then discharged to immigration to be returned to their home country. 9) A balanced budget would be mandatory. If the budget is increased, taxes must be adjusted accordingly. We do not have the right to mortgage our children’s future. 10) A federal voting act that applies to all Federal Offices. A paper ballot required as backup for all electronic voting machines. Automatic voter registration for all citizens when they become old enough to vote. Dr John WorldPeace JD 190809

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