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Regarding the Article: Washington Post: Trump Is Leading Our Country to Destruction

Friends, we have a disease in America named the Trump disease. It is a disease of un-American and un-Christian mindsets of racism, more specifically White racism. America was founded on equal opportunity (labeled equality) and equal justice for all. For 240 years America has struggled to create a fully working all-inclusive government. We fought a devastating and violent Civil War based on a fa├žade of states rights with it determination to keep slavery alive and well in the South. And we have made a lot of progress in the 60’s.

Now we have a disease of open White-racism coming from the White House in the from a man with a very dark soul. Not by any imagination a Christian. Not in any way an American except by birth on American soil to racists parents. The Trump is an antagonistic racist.

How did this happen? The Electoral College is the core reason Trump is in the White House. The Electoral College placed a Creature with a minority of American’s support in the White House. And he used his election by the minority of the people as a mandate to force the minority agenda on all Americans. Without the Electoral College, the foundation American principle of “one person,
one vote” could not have been circumvented.

But what is interested is that the Democrats are not supporting the end of The Electoral College. The Democrats, the party of all inclusive democratic government do not attack the Electoral College which skews all inclusive democracy.

So friends I am running as an Independent Maverick Candidate for President of the United States because it is obvious that when it comes down to a democratic America, the Democratic Party is not on board.

When you look at all the Democratic candidates who are running for president you find that their challenge to the anti-America anti-Christian pro White racism is luke warn. None are on fire against the racism agenda of Donald Trump that has not been reduced at all.

Trump has made his official non-racist remarks but has continued with his racist
agenda as usual.

The Democratic candidates are all weaker than Trump. And without a super-strong radical anti-racism platform, no one is going to beat Trump. He has supported the racist agenda, and let me assure you that that agenda has no future. It had no future in the 1860’s and it has not future in the 21 st century. If nothing else the White racist vote consists of Baby-boomers who are beginning to
die off like flies.

The 1960’s integrated American society and it sowed the seeds of anti-racism as American children saw first hand that non-Whites were not evil, not anarchist. And those seeds have grown and they outnumber the White racist. I will say the White racist Christians who sent and continue to send their children to White racists Christian schools are anti_American and Christians in name only. Let me add, that the nature of this Universe and everything in it is changing. In my Book of Peace I said, and still stand by, “ When one tries to raise children in the ways of the past, one attempts to deny them their inheritance of the future. Our way of life dies as we live it each day and trying to confine our children to the past creates an unpeaceful disorientation for everyone…Change is so much a part of
the universe that any attempt to halt it on any level creates conflict and disharmony.”

I said 30 years ago in my Book of Peace, that “No generalizations can be made about race except that different races have different skin colors and physical attritubes. Intelligence, goodness and badness know no racial boundaries. There is absolutely no combination of human traits that does not exist in every other race. Every person of every race has a counterpart in every other race.” The White racists in America put Donald Trump in the White House. White racism was the underlying unspoken agenda of the Republican Party. And White racism, any racism, is anti-American.

America is the melting pot of all races, all religions, all nations, all genders. It is a county unique in the world where these core distinctions are given equality under the law and as a result there are not ongoing day-to-day rioting in the streets. America is proof that all races, all religions, all nationalities, all genders can live in peace due to a higher alligence to American Democratic law over race, religion, nationality and gender.

The Electoral College the foundation flaw in American democracy had skewed the will of the majority of people and put a racist creature in the White House to the detriment of all Americans.

All Republicans are flawed with racism because they have put forth and through Gerry mandering, and huge amounts of advertising and help for the Russian government put an undeniable America traitor in the White House. To be a Republican is to be unAmerican if not a traitor to American Democracy. Democracy is a new political theory in the world human society. There is not God
blessed king or queen in democracy. Democracy is the will of the people. What does that mean. It means that God did not ordain the creature Trump as president. American Democracy did that. Jesus said, what ever you do to others you do to me. And if you are a Christian you believe that doing harm to other human beings is condemned and connected to damnation. So when the elected President does racists acts that harm others, and denies health care to others that cause pain and suffering every American owns those Christ’s condemned acts. But those who actually voted for Trump and continue to support Trump own his racists acts. There is in American Democracy no insulation from those who voted for Trump and the anit-social acts of Trump. God did not appoint Trump so we cannot say to Jesus, you put Trump in place, we have not associated guilt with his evil acts. Americans voted Trump in through the American system of Democracy and everyone owns his evil. But those who voted for him, Republicans, have an increased shared in ownership of his evil.

This is the reality of Third Millennium Christianity. Democracy have significantly increased the level of peace in the world but the price taken on is a Christian responsibility and liability for the Acts of Corrupt and evil elected officials who alligence is to the money that put them in office and not to God or Jesus. You can see why we are dealing with mass murder.

Donald Trump has spewed racism from almost every speech he has made before and after being elected. The problem is not guns. The problem is an White racist American President. Americans have enabled and Republicans have openly supported the racism of Donald Trump. And as a result every person who has been murdered by a racist, are laid at the feet of Donald Trump as surely as the Holocaust was laid at the feet of Hitler.

I know most of you do not know what I am talking about because it is new. You also know that the Democratic candidates are lost and weak because they have no cosmology that is inclusive of Politics and the demands and warning of Jesus. The evil of Donald Trump has to be countered with truth. No just in words but in action. He is a vile and evil man who has broken 9 of the 10 commandments and
all Christians who have voted for him and supported him own those vile and evil acts. You absolutely cannot be a follower of Jesus and a supporter of Donald Trump who is the Prince of Lies, the spiritual son of Satan who Jesus labeled the Father of Lies because there is not truth in him. All Americans, and more so Republican Americans own every single death the racism of the President of the United States has unleashed and even after the latest two mass murders still does not back away from his racism and his vision of a racist America. The America that Trump envisions is an apartheid state when White skins rules and non white skin serves.

In regards to gun control. I do not support it under any circumstances. WHY? Because I have more concern about the dictator desires of Donald Trump and the need for citizens to be armed to prevent an American Coup than I am about a few psychos motivated by the racists rhetoric of Donald Trump to motivate them to act on their insanity.

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