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I have a law degree, 1984 Doctor of Jurisprudence, from the University of Houston, and 20 years of practicing law. I have military service in the US Army 1970-1972 as an infantry sergeant. I also have a Mensa Certificate showing that I qualified in 1978 when I was 30. A Mensa certification proves you have an IQ in the top 2%. I doubt any other candidate has this certification. If they did, it would be on their website.
Regarding law degrees. The job of president is almost 100% about the law. Nothing goes forward in American government without enacting laws and regulations under the law. Donald Trump is ignorant of the law due to having no law degree and he constantly makes a fool of himself not knowing or understanding even the basics of American laws and jurisprudence. He has dreams of being the first American dictator. So he has not need to know the law. Correct?
We cannot afford anymore presidents without law degrees. My cousin one time told me that since he had acquired rich guy status, if he needed a lawyer or accountant he would buy one. That is an ignorant comment from and not degreed person. There are a lot of really smart people who have no degrees. But to claim you can know highly technical professions without formal education is foolish talk. Rich people have legal and accounting degrees or have relatives who do. That is how the rich stay rich. And it is the reason that the less than rich are less than rich.
Regarding military service. America is a violent war mongering nation and has been since its founding. In fact, it was an American war of Independence that threw off British rule. I have a belief that what begins in violence grows in violence. This applies to the Christian religion. The violent death of Jesus created the most violent religion in the world human society. Islam violence does not match the history of Christian violence. We need a president who has a foundation in the way the military works. And we need presidents who will never back stab veterans who have medical needs that were promised with enlistment. Those promises need to be inviolate. Joe Biden who was a high school football and baseball athlete but he obtained a draft deferment during Vietnam due to asthma. Donald Trump had bone spurs in his foot and was also given a medical deferment during Vietnam.
Bogus draft deferments are reason enough for me to not vote for such a candidate. I did not vote for Trump and I will not vote for Joe Biden. The presidencies of Clinton and Obama have reinforced my belief that Presidents must have military experience. Regarding being super smart. Donald Trump always praises himself for being super smart. There is an old saying, “We thought he was a fool until he opened his mouth and proved it.” There is a lot of people who have advanced degrees and are stupid. You know these people. They cannot pour urine out of a boot with the directions on the heel. You see in order to be admitted into advanced degree programs you have to be a conformist. You know what I mean. Do exactly what the teacher says and do not color outside the box.
A Mensa certificate means you can think outside the box. But know that there are a lot of stupid people with a Mensa certification. The problem these people have is they think too far outside the box. Mensa certifies that your IQ is in the top 2% . I also was a member of In Intertel which is another high IQ society with a top 1% IQ requirement.
I mention super intelligence because Trump has made intelligence an issue. He has no Mensa certificate and I can tell you is 3 rd grade repetitive vocabulary would not allow him to pass the Mensa Test. Dr John WorldPeace JD 190813

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