Thursday, August 8, 2019


Majority of Voters Say 'Send Her Back' Chant Was Racist

Regarding the Article: Politico: Poll - Voters Say 'Send Her Back' Was Racist

Friends, let us all be real. Trump is a racist. Racism should have been his middle name. It is disgusting. He is the president of the United States, the president of all the people, in name. But in reality he is a divisive force in America. He attacks all kinds of non White sub-groups. Sadly he does it because 42% of Americans are just as racists as he is. That is the most bothersome problem. After the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement 42% of the population is ready to take arms and go after the minorities. They are not sorry about slavery. They are not sorry Native American Genocide. Fortunately the majority of Americans are not racists. And if it were not for the corruption of American Democracy, The Electoral College, I would have no doubt that Trump would be gone in 2020. If we had one person one vote in America there would be justice. All of the chaos that has gone on for three years has to do with Trump being the minority president and he is using all the powers of the office of President to do the minority’s will. Think about that. Trump was elected by the minority of Americans and he caters to those Americans and attacks and has contempt for the majority of true Americans. Racists may be official cards carrying Americans but their racism means they are not on the American bandwagon. Trump loves the chanting. The louder the better. The more racist the better.

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