Thursday, August 8, 2019


Epstein Suicide?

Regarding the Article: Reuters: Billionaire Financier Jeffery Epstein Found Injured in Jail Cell

Friends it seems that the jailor put Epstein in the general population which is an absolute death sentence for a child molester. Child molesters are a red flag to the other inmates that this inmate is to be killed. Epstein also left a little black book with all the high ranking names of his pedophile clients. Epstein has two chances in prison, slim and none. I think someone tried to kill him and when Epstein relaxed he assailant thought he was dead. But he was not quite dead. Now there is a problem because he is a marked man and the assassination was botched. The Warden is not going to get a second chance to put him back in the general population. The judge may have to move him. But the truth is that Epstein is a dead man walking. The good news is that there is a little black book with a lot of high powered names in it in police custody. But my guess is that it will disappear shortly. These rich guys saw each other at Epsteins little playhouse and they will contact each other. So I think every name in that book has already been contacted and I think there is little chance that Epstein has much longer to live.

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