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This commentary is directed toward Christians not for converting anyone to Christianity.
1) I am the ONLY Global Advocate for Peace and WorldPeace and have been officially so since April 1, 1988, when I changed my name to John WorldPeace. 31 years ago.
2) I am the Advocate for Jesus Christ
3) I am the Independent Maverick write-in Candidate for President USA 2020
4) I am a polymath.
I have a flagship website, among about 15 websites, at There are over
14,000 pages on this website dealing with Spirituality, Religion, Politics, the Courts and Business. No one has been able to begin to wrap their head around who I am and what I am doing. I have much to edit, much more to say. It is a life's calling since my birth. I has taken me 71 years to learn what I am doing and how to proceed. I was born with Jesus and God and have never lost my faith. I am not a Born Again Christian.
5) 2020 will be a watershed year, a global awakening for the entire world human society and most especially Americans.
6) in 1964, at a Billy Graham revival in Houston, Texas, even though I had been a Christian all my life at that point, I still answered the call of Billy Graham to come down at the end of his Sermon because he reminded everyone that Jesus said that if you did not acknowledge him he may now acknowledge you.
7) Presently, I define my self as a follower of Jesus and only generically a Christian. A Christian for me is a card-carrying member of the man-made Christian Religion. I quit all memberships when I changed my name. The reason is because every single organization of any kind by its nature has an exclusive elitist mindset and is contrary to the all-inclusive Democracy necessary to increase the level of peace in the world human society. How can we increase the peace in the world if we do not include everyone, all races, all nationalities, all religions, all genders in our vision of peace? ANSWER. We cannot.
8) The core teachings of Jesus as regards to existing in this earthly dreamscape are 3 in number. 1) Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. 2) If you have the faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Nothing will be impossible for you. 3) If you believe in me you will do the works I do and greater works than these will you do. Because I go to the father. Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it.
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means that we individually and as a part of many groups script our lives and this reality. We are the product of all the choices we have made in life at this moment. We are living the life we chose to live.
9) The Book of Revelation is false and those who advocate it are false preachers. God said in Genesis he would not again destroy mankind. The Book of Revelation says he will but no one knows who wrote this book. Probably John the Elder a disciple of the Apostle John on the isle of Patmos about 100 CE. The vision of Jesus coming out of the sky with a million angles was wrong 2000 years ago and it is wrong now. There is not going to be a Second Coming because Jesus said he would always be present. If two are gathered in his name he is present. How can Jesus return if he never left? THE SECOND COMING was the resurrection. If you believe Jesus is not present then on Sunday in your church stand up and proclaim that Jesus is not present. SEE WHAT THAT GETS YOU. The false preachers and sellers of Billion Dollar Jesus shows are all false preachers. Jesus said over and over that his kingdom is not of this earth. The selling of a kingdom of heaven on earth and Jesus as a heavenly king on earth is a lie.
10) Book of Revelation is an abominable lie to Jesus and God. Jesus (above) said we script our own lives and therefore the Book of Revelation and its doom and gloom scenario set in stone is a lie and should be ripped from the Christian Bible and trashed or burned as the lie that it is. The preachers of doom and gloom are a conspiracy among Christian bureaucrats to enslave the world human society for the accumulation of wealth that Jesus flat out rejected as a way blocking a person from heaven. This being said, there are some few words in Revelation that do parallel what is happening in the world human society at this moment. Like the Quatrains of Nostradamus, the Book of Revelation has some things that seem to be true. But basically it a false book that no one can interpret.
9) In addition, Hebrews 8:10 says that Jesus brought a new covenant with God where he had written his laws on the hearts and minds of all humans and to know the truth of Jesus and God all a person had to do was to look inside in prayer and meditation.
10) DEMOCRACY: In the time of Jesus and before in Judaism, God appointed and anointed kings through his prophets. Therefore GOD OWNED all the acts bad and good of the king. But in Democracy the people elect their kings and therefore the people own the bad acts of their kings. Every American owns the abominable acts of Donald Trump. Donald Trump has broken and continues to break 9 of the 10 commandments. John the Baptist said this was making the way of the Lord crooked not straight. These false preachers worship at the feet of Donald Trump because they like him are attached to wealth and power. Jesus never had a single good word to say about Jewish bureaucrats (priests). And as it was with the Jewish Bureaucrats so it is with the Christian bureaucrats. So here is the reality. Donald Trump denies Americans health care, well Americans, Christian Americans, own that pain and suffering. Every single American Christian will answer to God and Jesus for the evil acts of Donald Trump. That is the truth in regards to Democracy. That is the reality of Democracy.
11) The nature of human beings. The human body and mind are just a vehicle. When it dies it rots. It is finite and mortal. The soul is infinite and immortal. The soul is incarnate in the human body as a human being is incarnate in an automobile.
Now here is the reality about souls. God has no beginning or end. All that is and was and ever will be is of God. Therefore, God has always existed and souls have always existed. This is something human beings cannot fully embrace because the nature of this dreamscape is that all tangible things are manifested out of the Infinite Potential and all things disintegrate back into the Infinite Potential.
When asked about whose wife a woman who had been married 7 times would be. Jesus said spiritual bodies are like angels meaning no sexual dualism. Meaning souls are without gender. Gender is only necessary in this Dreamscape to produce bodies in which souls can experience this dimension of Infinity.
Human beings can kill a human body and mind but NOT THE SOUL.
Further, it is extreme arrogance for human beings to believe that by having sex they can force God to create a soul. That is total supreme arrogance. It is unbounded arrogance. More false preaching for control manipulation and wealth accumulation by enslaving human beings through religion.
Now here is the kicker about religion. If you as a Christian demand that unwanted babies be born then you own the lifetime welfare of that baby. That is right you own it. If you want unwanted fetuses to be born then you either adopt that child or you demand that every abortion bill have attached a welfare bill to support that child until adulthood. And if you do not do one of these two things, you own every bit of pain and suffering endured by that child. And you will answer to Jesus for it. Therefore it is best to leave abortion to the woman, her doctor and God and Jesus. Otherwise, at the end of your life you will be held accountable for all the things that happened to that child. THIS IS THE REALITY OF ABORTION, Jesus said you will be held accountable for every thought. Abortion laws are much more than thoughts.
12) My goals is to cut the Christian support for Donald Trump for the above reasons and more. Any Christian who voted for Trump thinking God and Jesus would have voted for Trump are absolutely out of their minds. God needs no son of Satan for anything. Jesus said a house cannot be divided. To vote for Trump and his breaking of 9 commandments is to reject Christianity. And to reject Christianity and Jesus is to divide the House of God and Jesus.
13) DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THESE FALSE PREACHERS HAVE SOLD A LIE. Do you understand that those false preachers are as big a liars as Trump?
14) It is time for the Book of Revelation to be terminated. It is time for the money making doom and gloom lie of the false preachers to come to an end. So as Elijah called out the 400 false prophets of Baal, I am calling out the infinite number of false preachers to produce the Jesus from the sky by November 1, 2020. It is time to bring on that Second Coming or close that book. I am the Advocate for Jesus Christ and the truth I have related above is the truth as written in the Bible but with a different interpretation than that of false preachers for the last 2000 years.
15) In 2020, the human race will step up to a more sane and just world or it will begin a rapid descent into a dystopian hell on earth. There is going to be a Second Coming of sorts but it is going to be scripted by human beings and not under the Template of the False doom and gloom set in stone lie in the Book of Revelation.
16) The Evangelicals and Fundaments must awaken and own the false teaching that has infested Christianity for 2000 years.
17) I have found no preacher who has been able to refute what I have said above. Most will not even respond. They know they have been promoting empty lies about Jesus all their lives.
18) Jesus said you can look at the skies and see what is coming. Nothing is more true. It is the destruction of the Garden of Eden for greed that you see in the skies. It is a mindset that has no future. I ask: do you love your children more than fossil fuels? Do you love God's Garden of Eden more than fossil fuels.
19) I repeat what Jesus said. If he had not come and told people what was going to happen, they could argue innocence to avoid hell. I repeat that same thought if I were not telling you the above, and there is more to tell, much is on my web pages, you could try to make excuses for your support of Donald Trump.
20) Lastly, if you claimed to be saved and continue to do wrong or evil on any level - YOU ARE NOT SAVED. Yes we are all unworthy. So what is the solution? Be saved and confess your bad acts and ask for forgiveness every night and pray for strength every morning.
21) has most of my Christian writings but they are not complete. As Martin Luther wrote the first Reformation of Christianity I have begun writing The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity. Martin Luther left much undone mostly due to his not living in the Third Millennium and its times and half times.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191220
President Trump on Friday went after Christianity Today after it published an editorial calling for his removal fr

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