Sunday, December 1, 2019


It is Wednesday
            November 27, 2019
                        the day before
                                    the American holiday

As I began my 5 day marathon
            of intense writing and editing
                        a dozen books
                                    to be published
                                                in January 2020

I was confronted
            with a Dark Vision
                        of the United States
                                    and the world

There is within
            the World Human Society
                        a virus of apathy
                                    and hatred for
                                                other humans
and all living things upon the earth
                                    and the blessed earth itself

Our powerful telescopes
            incomprehensively see deep
                        into our universe

            and nowhere to be yet found
                        a Garden of Eden
                                    planet earth

Barren desolation
                                    moon and Mars
                                                Mercury Venus
                                                            Neptune Pluto

I have been Dr John WorldPeace JD
            officially for 31 years
                        committed to this Garden of Eden
                                    and increasing the peace
                                                on earth within the
                                                            world human society
                                                since before I came
                                    into this earth dreamscape

What I have found
            in my experience
                        in my WorldPeace Advocacy
                                    is that human beings
                                                hate peace and more so
                                                            anyone who advocates it

Science has shown
            that for 200,000 years
                        when homo sapiens
                                    came out of Africa
                                                30+ other species
                                                            of human beings
                                                have gone extinct

            And now homo sapiens
                        who I classify as a virus
                                    have begun to turn
                                                within the world human society
                                                            with intolerance
                                                between races,
nationalities, religions and genders

            There is insatiable greed
                        among all factions of the
                                    world human society
                                                that drives
                                                            the intolerance
                                                                        of others
                                    - an elitist exclusionary
                                                mindset permeating
                                                            every level and faction
                                                of the world human society
            There is one
                        overriding metric
                                    with regards to all
                                                human beings
                                                            and that is net worth.
                                                It is the gold standard
                                                            of insanity

It is the gold standard
            of predatory corporations
                        and the insanity of
                                    the military industrial complex

            such that even as I write
                        is poisoning the planet
                                    with the toxic metals
                                                under the guise of
                                                            climate control
                                    as the ultimate
                                                weapon first
                                                            and also as
                                                a planetary cooling tool
                                    to counter act
                        the insanity of fossil fuel
                                    dependence and worship
I see all over social media
                        parents and grandparents
                                    claiming total love of
                                                their offsprings

                        while they destroy
                                    the good sacred earth
                                                The God given Garden of Eden
                                    and doom
their same children

            America the undeniable
                        God chosen Christian nation
                                    has degenerated into
                                                an unparalleled nation
                                                            and Anti- God Jesus
                                                Christian abomination

                        America’s insanity
                                    is obvious in the election and support
                                                of the darkest soul
                                    to sit in the highest position
                        in America which is
the premier nation of the world

            Americans and especially
                        Christian Americans
                                    a melting pot
                                                of every nation
                                                            every race, every religion

                        has under Donald Trump
                                    begun to close its borders
                                                and turned off the
                                                            light of Lady Liberty
                                                in New York harbor

All non-Native Americans
            came to America
                        from other nations
                                    and now these
                                                Christian Americans spit
                                                            upon that
                                                                        global heritage

            Americas deny their lineage
                        from all the nations of
                                    the world from which
                                                their ancestors migrated
to America

            All the people of the earth
                        are blood kin of all Americans

I am Dr John WorldPeace JD
            the only Global Advocate of WorldPeace
                        the Advocate for Jesus Christ
                                    and the
                        Independent Maverick write-in Candidate
                                    to replace Donald Trump       
                                                as President of the United States

            I am not like any of
                        the other candidates for president
                                    I have insignificant assets
                                                I live a minimalist life
                                    I chose celibacy 4 years ago
                                                after 45 years of committed

            I have more education and significant
                        life experiences than any other
                                    candidate of either party
                        I am the most qualified candidate
                                    for every matric
                                                for a presidential candidate

I am a globalist
            because all human beings
                        live in a global economic community
                                    as I have said
                                                all but Native Americans
                                    came from the global community
                        and even the Native Americans
                                    10,000 years ago migrated
from that same global community

            American Christians
                        only give lip service
                                    to the teachings of Jesus
                                                and are some of the most
judgmental predatory humans on the earth

                        of all the miracles
                                    that Jesus did for innumeral people
                        HE WENT TO THE CROSS ALONE
Think about that

            If I am a minority of one
                        the truth is still the truth

Jesus said:.
“Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter…” Matt 7: 7
“If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains, nothing will be impossible for you….” Matt 17: 20
“Truly I say to you if you believe in me you will do the works I do and greater works than I do because I go to the Father. Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it.” John 14: 12

            This means we are scripting out futures
                        and the future we are scripting
                                    is represented by Donald Trump
                                                the Anti-American
                                                            anarchist, liar
                                                whore monger
                                    worshiper of gold above God

                        He is the undeniable
                                    opposite of Jesus Christ
                                                and he is endorsed by
                                    90% of all Christian Americans

            The Book of Revelation is a False Book
                        - nothing is set in stone per Jesus
I have quoted the above
                                    Jesus did not write the
Book of Revelation
                                                            no one knows who did

            I reject every single act and aspect of
                        Donald Trump. I am not perfect but I am
                                    as far opposite of Donald Trump
                                                as is humanly possible

            So as you gather tomorrow
                        for Thanksgiving in America
                        I ask you to consider the above
                                    and make a renewed
                                                covenant with each other
                                                            and God and Jesus

            to turn America around
                        reject Donald Trump’s            
                                    anarchy and dark vision
                                                for America and the world

                        and turn America back
                                    to the God inspired and blessed
                                                Vision of America
                                                            embodied in the
                                    1776 Declaration of Independence
                        1788 Constitution
            and the teachings of Jesus
                        in the 4 gospels                       
                                    and reject every false preacher
who seeks money and power and preach the False Message of
                                                future doom and gloom in the
                                    False Book of Revelation

            I encourage every American tomorrow
                        to read out loud with you family and friends

            The Pledge of Allegiance “I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”
The Gettesberg Address
and then read in the New Testament
                        Hebrews 8: 10

                        If you do these three things

America will heal and
                        immediately exit the Darkness
                                    that has increasingly possessed it since
                                                the end of WWII

                                    and for the last 3 years
                                                has increased beyond
                                                            what any American
                                                ever thought possible
America must reverse course
            turn on its light
                        and embrace and lead the world again
                                    in Love and Light
                                                or we are all doomed


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