Sunday, December 1, 2019


These are unique
            and deadly times
                        the world human population
                                    headed for decimation
                                                in the near future
                                                            10 years

            The end of our global civilization
                        in 50

Who knows the resolution
            who knows the calendar
                        who knows the fatal
                                    tipping point

            The Headless Parrot knows    
                        he knows all

Who knows when
            the economic lies
                        will collapse implode

Who knows when
            the Big Three
                        China Russia and the USA
                                    will confess and acknowledge
                                                the chem-trail poisoning
                                    the geo-engineering of earth
                        to support the fossil fuel global dependence
            with toxic nano aluminum aerosol sprays

Who knows when
            the bloodsucking religions
                        will go from darkness
                                    to lights out

Who knows when
            the global ice will melt
                        and global communities
                                    will migrate
                                                or drown

Who knows when
            the ETs will breed out
                        the pure human race

            The Headless Parrot knows
                        he knows all

Global societies
            are about to cascade
                        in stepping down
                                    one by one
                                                they will disburse
                                                            and then die out

Overpopulation is burning the Amazon
            evil men hunting endangered species
                        to extinction
fishing out
            then acidifying the oceans

When will the national populations
            see death coming and begin
                        to attack the powerful
                                    and super rich with a cry:

                        “Them first
                                    our killers
                                                are first to die.”

            The Headless Parrot knows
                        he knows all

The entire world human population
            had a choice to come together as one
                        for the survival of all
                        they refused

The most powerful
            nation - the USA
                        becomes an impossible desert
                                    no food would grow

The chemical spraying
            had a cumulative effect
                        the average man
                                    becoming a defective man
                                                the fatal nano aluminum
                                                            being absorbed by
                                    human fetuses

When will no one be able
            to comprehend the
                        super technical


The Headless Parrot knows
                        he knows all

The end of it all
            comes not from some
                        judgmental religious god
                                    It comes from defective
                                                human beings
                                                            from First Man DNA

            Greed and power
                        the constant path
                                    until the world
                                                population implodes

            and infinite immortal souls
                        longed for the
                                    Garden of Eden earth
                                                they destroyed

The parallel universes
            do exist
                        in time their fate
                                    to be the same

The Headless Parrot knows
            - the Headless Parrot saw
                        when his head
                                    was removed
                                                in the 21st century

            The voice of WorldPeace
                        never gained a hold
                                    the voice of greed
                                                and doom and gloom
                                                            was never
                                                a viable hope
The light switch has been offtd
            The darkness migrates everywhere
                        The Headless Parrot has died


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