Thursday, December 12, 2019

President Trump
is a hateful man
an egocentric
jealous liar
who attacks
a child
Greta Thunberg
and stomps on
her vision
of a sustainable planet -
a peace and harmony oasis
He is a greedy dog
with no inner peace
- Like attracts like
I am sickened and repulsed
by all he is
I am dedicated
to increasing the level
of peace in the world human society
I am a poet artist warrior
he is a puss pocket
of infinite jealous venom
for everyone
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191212
Dr John WorldPeace JD the Maverick Independent candidate for President 2020
Trump attacked environmental activist Greta Thunberg for winning Time magazine's 'Person of the Year,' which the president won after his election win.

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