Tuesday, December 17, 2019

1) I can feel the tension building in Washington and I am now predicting Trump will be gone by Christmas and the following are the factors that lead to my saying that.
2) The Trump letter to Pelosi was an act of desperation and the act of a cornered Rat. It is a tweet on steroids. And just as out of touch with reality as everything else Trump has ever tweeted. What I think brought on that letter is that Trump had a come to Jesus moment when McConnell and Graham and a few others who told Trump in a secret meeting that if the House actually impeached him his odds of surviving the coming storm in the Senate were such that it would take a miracle to save his Presidency. No matter what they said in public. The Republicans tried to bluff out Pelosi and gang and it did not work. So Trump sent the letter to try to head off Impeachment. The move of a cornered Rat losing his mind.
3) At this point, considering the energy I am feeling, I no longer advise Pelosi to table the Impeachment after the vote. The energy has changed. Everything has gotten real. Very real. The seriousness of the moment is weighing down on the Republicans.
4) Nunes and Jim Jordan have not been heard from. That tells me they did their best to run interference and they were not successful. It also tells me the failure to let the House have the witnesses and documents was a mistake. The Trial in the Senate will now have deadly surprises. No attorney in his right mind goes to trial without depositions of the witnesses and a good look at how the cards are stacked. The main witness will be forced to testify in the Senate because if they do not, the trial will look like a sham. And no one has any idea what these big dogs will say when the reality of the moment hits them and they are sitting in the witness seat. The Republicans have been calling for witnesses knowing they would have their chance in the Senate not matter what the House did. It was a lot of nonsense yelling about nothing.
5) The big question for all Republicans is do I support the Constitution or support the POS that is Donald Trump.
6) Here is another big reality. If the Republicans cover Trump then they will not be able to control him at all. He will really believe that he can shoot someone on main street and go get some hamburgers, French fries and a coke on the House.
And what that means is that every Republican is going to be unable to sleep between now and November worrying about what Trump is going to do next. It is time for tough love. When you have a really bad kid that cannot be controlled you literally have to decide to withdraw support or deal with him maybe killing someone. A bad kid that could not be controlled and you finally realize you have done all you can to keep him from coming to a bad end. And you can do no more. What Trump has made big strides in killing is the United States Constitution.
7) The Republicans when they step back will see if they stick together convicting Trump, the Trump base will believe it was necessary. And here is what is on the other side of that fence. Peace comes between the Republicans and Democrats because the instigator of chaos is off the playing board.
And this is a big factor. If they get rid of Trump they will not be bullied and demeaned and threatened by Trump any more.
And then there is the reality that if Trump is gone, they still have Pence as President and a year to the elections to work to hold on to the Presidency.
8) No real American can any longer support Trump. He is off the rails. He is anti-American Democracy which he only give lips service to. He is a traitor to American values. He gives the Christians what they want but he is the devil who the Christians sold their souls to.
9) After the Impeachment passes Trump has to make a decision. The Impeachment tomorrow will be a strong dose of reality. And that means he could also be convicted in the Senate. Trump knows McConnell and Graham do not give a damn about him except that he won. But he is not a winner now. And McConnell and Graham are nothing without their jobs.
So Trump is impeached and Trial in the Senate is a month away.
10) Trump's whole life is on the line. Impeachment will be a heavy hit. People may begin to boycott his property and Golf Courses and since he is highly leveraged he will go bankrupt and this he will not survive.
Trump's life is that of an astute gambler. Losing the Presidency will mean to him that his whole life turns from Winner who won the presidency to the Biggest Loser. Losing the Presidency is losing the greatest trophy in the world. Gamble big and you win big or lose everything.
11) The way they catch monkeys is to cut a hole in a coconut big enough for a monkey to get his hand in. They put rice in the coconut. When the monkey reaches in and gets a handful of rice, he will not let it go.And if he does not let go he is screwed. So the trappers come and pick them up. They see the trapper coming but they will not let go of the rice. So they are doomed. Trump gambling on everything going perfect and he walks on the conviction is a big gamble with everything on the table.
I have said for over three years now if Trump took the oath and became President he would lose everything and would be cursed in the streets by his base.
12) With a big ego about to be run over by a freight train and no way out, Trump may commit suicide. No Kennedy conspiracy. Just an undeniable suicide. Trump cannot face the world with Loser stamped on his forehead. He cannot be held in contempt by everyone he meets. He may wait until he is convicted to do himself in.
What happens after the conviction has no history. So the FBI could be waiting with Trump with orders if there is a conviction to immediately seize him and remove him from the White House and lock him up under guard and on suicide watch. No Jeffery Epstein hung himself lie..
13) Trump is weighing all this. At this point the House is going to defecate on Trumps presidency tomorrow. They will paint him with feces. He will never get that stink off.
Summing up. The biggest factor with the Republicans is dealing with a completely out of control President who will declare himself King and listen to no one if he is acquitted; no one will be safe. He will have no appreciation for those who saved his ass. He will be King owing to no one.
This is what is going to get him convicted in the Senate. The Senators will have to put Trump before the Constitution and then they will have to deal with an uncontrollable President they promoted to King. Every time he does something wrong all Americans will look at the Republican Senators.
TRUMP WILL BE GONE BY CHRISTMAS ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. and Christmas is just a week away.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 191217
Dr John WorldPeace JD the Independent write-in Maverick Candidate for President 2020.
Friends if you look at my Impeachment site with hundreds of comments by me for three years you will realize the truth that no one else attacked Trump without let up. Never gave Trump a break on anything. I declared him a rotten egg and held fast to it. And I was the Lone Ranger the whole time. All weak sister Democrats who are running for President refused to follow my lead.
In response, Democrats must show their love of the rule of law, the sanctity of elections and democracy itself.

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