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CNN  Sorry Rick Perry, Trump is not the 'chosen one'
By Jay Parini
Updated 6:17 PM ET, Wed November 27, 2019

Dr Parini, I respect your credentials and accomplishments. I have had a different trajectory in life than you but we have a lot of parallels in our lives. In a nutshell, I am the only global WorldPeace Advocate, Advocate for Jesus, Independent Maverick write-in Candidate for President USA, 2020.

I have about 12,000 pages on my flagship website at

For me there are 3 entities responsible for increasing the level of peace in the world human society. Governments, Religions, the courts of law. I have recently begun to add the global corporations to this list. In all these areas I have the education, some in depth self-study, and the experience. I remember the short time before being born into this dreamscape. I tell people I came in with God and Jesus and have never lost the faith in 71 years. I always knew I had a global agenda the hub of which is my WorldPeace Advocacy. It has been a lifetime of searching study experience to define exactly what I am trying to do and how to do it. The job I have defined for myself is one that required 71 years of effort to be prepared to have something to contribute to increasing the level of peace in the world human society at this time in history.

More specifically at this time, I am within a month of mounting a serious campaign of disconnecting the Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christians from supporting Donald Trump which will have the effect of terminating his presidency. Most of my Christian confrontation is going to be in my book The Third Millennium Second Reformation of Christianity. Paul established the church on the existing models of religions of his day, all of which were defective. So Paul’s church incorporated defective elements that 2000 years later plague Christianity. Martin Luther cleaned up some of the mess but he could not purge all the Catholic out of his philosophy, cosmology. So here I am cleaning up the rest of the defects in the Christian Religion. I am not a Christian within the Christianity corporate entity. I am an absolute follower of Jesus; not the church of men.

I am an absolute believer in the most important teaching of Jesus. My Christian spirituality is grounded in Hebrews 8; 10-12. Most people need the rites and rituals of formal religion, I never have but I have logged in several decades of every Sunday church attendance during my life. In the last year, I have tried to attend two Evangelical churches here in Albuquerque: Calvary and Believers. I was forced out of both by the church Gestapo. These are Joel Osteen wannabes. Skip Heitzig of Calvary actually said from the pulpit that he did not trust people who say they came into this life with Jesus and who did not need a Born Again experience to connect with Jesus. He refused to talk to me personally. He is a lost soul. I see myself as an Elijah, John the Baptist personality. I challenge all the False Preachers to manifest their vision of Jesus coming out of the sky with millions of vengeful angels on November 2, 2020. Same kind of thing as Elijah challenged the 400 priests of Baal. The False Preachers have made enough money off the False Book of Revelation. Jesus is present because he said he would never leave. Jesus said his kingdom is not of this world. The Book of Revelation says Jesus will set up a throne on earth. NOT.

Below is the core foundational teaching of Jesus. You either believe it or you don’t. If you don’t believe it then your life is going to be difficult. The biggest problem for human beings is that they are confused in believing that this finite mortal reality is the true reality and the infinite immortal spiritual reality is the true reality.

Jesus said:.
“Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter…” Matt 7: 7
“If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains, nothing will be impossible for you….” Matt 17: 20
“Truly I say to you if you believe in me you will do the works I do and greater works than I do because I go to the Father. Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it.” John 14: 12

            This means we are scripting out futures
                        and the future we are scripting
                                    is represented by Donald Trump
                                                the Anti-American
                                                            anarchist, liar,
                                                whore monger
                                    worshiper of gold above God

                        He is the undeniable
                                    opposite of Jesus Christ
                                                and he is endorsed by
                                    90% of all Christian Americans

            The Book of Revelation is a False Book
                        - nothing is set in stone per the above sayings of Jesus
                        Jesus did not write the
Book of Revelation
                                                no one knows who did.
                                    The words actually said by Jesus are the highest authority in the Bible

I just published all my poems 1970-2019 on Amazon. About 3000 poems. I have an extensive page for my poems at About 30% of the poems are on this website. I will publish my 2019 poems and A Second 1000 Petal Zen Lotus I began in July 2019 I will also publish in January. There are two relevant poems I, in the last week, posted on my Blog:  MY DARK VISION and THE HEADLESS PARROT. They are also posted on my Facebook timeline (   but are relevant to this response to your commentary.

(NOTE: I have many things published on my main website that are rough drafts. When the books are finished I publish part on my website and the full book of on Amazon. It will take me a years to get all the books I am working on edited and published. In some cases, I just put my cursive original online. In 50 years of writing poetry I only tried to publish (other than on my websites) a handful of poems.


Your said: There is a deep mystery here that precludes the arrogance implied in Rick Perry's stance. We just don't know what the Divine has in mind.

Jwp: We have absolutely been informed by the Bible as to what God has in mind. I have lived my life by it and have a book of Miracles to be published in January as to exactly how to live in this world in line with God and Jesus and the secular reality.

There is another website I have on Christianity There are about 10 websites linked from this site.

We know about answered prayers, of course: Thanksgiving, for example, is about this knowledge. But the painful reality of unanswered prayers remains.

Jwp: There are no unanswered prayers. No answer from God is definitely an answer and that signals a person that he or she is on the wrong track or asking the wrong question or praying for the wrong thing.

 Was God not listening above the Nazi concentration camps as Hitler brought death and disaster?

Jwp: The Zionists (I am against Nazis not Germans, White Racists but not American Southerners, Zionist but not Jews, ISIS and the Taliban but not Muslims) killed Jesus, the veil in front of the Holy of Holies was torn in two signifying God abandoning the archaic Jews at the time of Jesus death on the cross. He allowed the Romans to level Jerusalem and the Temple, He allowed the Romans to disburse the Jews, He rose up Mohammed the progeny of the first born of Abraham, Ishmael, and gave the Muslims the land of the Jews and what is alleged to be the Temple mount and allowed the Nazis to further show his wrath and abandonment of the Jews in the Holocaust. IN truth it seems that America is on the wrong side of God with regards to the Zionists.

Even still the Jews did not wake up after the Holocaust. The Jews were to take their Nazi experience and become global radical civil rights advocates for all people. Instead they used the Nazi Template to ethnically cleanse Palestine of the Palestinians, cause 58 refugee camps to be built, created a concentration camp in Gaza. So you could say God is still not happy with the Jews.  Jesus was born a Jew, raised a Jew, taught as a Jew, died as a Jew. It is through Jesus that the main branch of Judaism became the Christian Jews, eventually just Christians. The Christians became the Chosen people of God and the Ancient Archiac Jews a still defiant cult of Judaism; the dead branch. America became the new Jerusalem. No one can deny that America is the most blessed nation in history. But under Trump, Christian America is trying to hand their covenant with God back to the Jews. Jesus was all inclusive and democratic and so is America. The archaic Jews are elitist and exclusionary and still deny Jesus.

How about above the prison camps where hundreds of thousands of Uighurs are being held in China today?

Jwp. China was a backward country without the harsh imposition of Communism and now they rival the USA. They cannot afford to allow a Muslim insurrection. So the Muslims need to be smart and follow secular communism and quietly worship as they please. As Jesus said give to Caesar what he demands. The Chinese are capable of huge religious atrocities. Look at the Tibetans. 6000 priests killed. Many monasteries destroyed. The Uighurs are a secular matter of social order. I would prefer the Chinese just carve out of China the land occupied by these people and set them free. But that is not the nature of Global politics. Justice is not even given lip service. Same same with the Turks and Kurds among others.

 Does God turn away from the cancer wards each day?

Jwp:No. Souls incarnate for a purpose. They each have a personal agenda. They can change that agenda but it takes faith, prayer and meditation. I pray for people but I do not try to heal them. Only God knows the true agenda for any individual. This is what I know. The Infinite Immortal Soul inhabits a mortal finite body. Everyone dies. Jesus healed thousands and went to the Cross alone. Think about that. People have to look deep for the cause of their pain and suffering and not expect a quick fix from God or Jesus both of which know the ungratefulness of the vast majority of those healed.

Was God not paying attention in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria, where hundreds of thousands of civilians have died violently in recent years?
Jwp: Global colonialism among other things. Get this. Everyone dies. Some have a few more years than others. But in the scope of infinity life in this dreamscape is less than a nano second compared to infinity even if you live to be 100.

It is presumptuous to imagine a God who picks favorites and sometimes punishes people for no good reason.
Jwp: Agreed

God is, as the theologian Paul Tillich put it nicely, "the ground of being." He is before and after, all around us, our sustainer.
Jwp: Ok

 We came into being because of God, who is love, who is the Word (as in logos, the marvelous Greek word used at the beginning of the Gospel of John, where it means something like "complete understanding").

Jwp: infinite immortal souls come into this dreamscape to experience the intensity of it and for many other reasons. God and everything had no beginning and has/have no end. This is the great mystery to finite mortal human vehicles. Think about this. God always knew he was going to create souls. So all souls have always been same as God. There is no time and space with God. So if God was ever going to create a soul he always knew it. This is part of the insanity of Christians. Christians think they can have sex and force God to create a soul. Not. Humans create humans but humans cannot create souls and they cannot demand God create a soul. Children are of your body but not necessarily of your soul clan. All this is hard for finite mortal humans to comprehend. Actually impossible. Consider this. Any definition of God is false because all definitions of God limit God who is the Infinite Potential from which all things manifest and all things disintegrate back into. This very expansive definition of God is also limiting.

In my experience, a deep relationship with God is the most important thing in life, and prayer is the heightened activity of the heart and mind in deep listening mode.
Jwp: I have always been moment to moment aware of my spiritual soul driving my human vehicle. When the soul leaves, the body rots. Go above to the core teaching of Jesus. Every single human life at any point in time is the sum total of all the decisions that human has made to date. Each human has scripted his or her reality and are exactly where they should be based on their life decisions to date. And know this no one is saved as that is presently defined. If a person sins after saying they were saved, THEY WERE NOT SAVED. Saved means from the moment you were saved you live moment to moment and quit living in darkness. If you can live moment to moment spirituality you have the best chance of being saved.

And this has nothing whatsoever to do with picking the occupant of the White House -- unless, in the case of Mr. Trump -- God is testing us for reasons we can't really understand.

Jwp. Look in the Old Testament God chose kings and so God owned their behavior. Now we have something non-existent 2000 years ago. Democracy. Americans made Trump president, so Americans own all the bad acts of Trump not God. So all the pain and suffering Trump creates, like denying health care, all Americans own that and according to Jesus will have to own it when judgment comes. Now that is scary. That all these Christians who claim to be saved realize God is going to remind them of the pain they enabled through their agent, Donald Trump.

As the Jews demanded a king. God gave them Saul.

John the Baptist said make the way of the Lord straight. In other words, follow the 10 commandments. Trump has ignored 9 of the 10 commandments. Evangelicals and Fundamentalist enable this with Trump. Stupid.

Jesus said a house divided cannot stand. God nor Jesus endorsed or sanctified Trump. Trump is an abomination to God and Jesus. God and Jesus do not own the darkness of Trump. Americans own Trump. American Christians own the acts of Trump. So Trump is writing the check that all Christian Americans are going to have to cash. This is a pretty straight forward reality.

And let me just go ahead and throw the abortion issue into the mix. Christians demand unwanted children to be born, but they refuse to adopt those children and they refuse to accompany abortion bills with welfare bills. Guess what, all those abuses those unwanted children endure is owned by those who demanded they be born. That is the reality. Best that abortion stay between God, the mother and the soul wanting to enter this dreamscape. That is the reality of Jesus and he even so stated, everyone is hell bound.

You know what peace looks like. Jesus turns everyone to stone. No interactions between humans. Perfect peace. No other way to accomplish perfect peace the Christians talk about. As far as souls and peace, the False Book of Revelations says there is a constant rebellion going on in heaven. So there is no perfect peace in Heaven either.

And there will be no Second Coming. Jesus never left. The Book of Revelation is a lie written on the isle of Patmos, probably by  a disciple of John the Apostle, known as John the Elder, after visiting the oracle on Patmos that administered the sacred mushroom high of visions.

And there is the issue of the beast being known by his number 666. Well that would be Jared Kushner who is known by his flagship building 666 5th Avenue New York but no Evangelical Preacher is talking about that. They have been preaching and making money for decades telling people to look out for 666. Well pretty clearly he is Trump’s son-in-law. The whole Book of Revelation is False. And those who preach it are false preachers. How do you tell the false preachers? Any preacher who makes more than the average church member is a false preacher. The king of all the Billion dollar Jesus shows is Kenneth Copeland who brags about being a billionaire. Like Osteen he inherited his ministry from his father.

Jesus said that Satan was the Father of lies because there is no truth in him. If Trump is known for any one thing it is his lies. He like Satan is an abomination to the Lord.

Rick Perry’s cosmology makes about as much sense as Batman’s Joker. When the blind follow the blind they both fall in the ditch.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 191201
The Independent Write-in Maverick Candidate for President 2020

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